That’S fun to fly so let’s get to it all right guys. Thanks for joining me and like i said this is a toy grade. Drone it’s, the eachine e520s links will be below in the description where you can pick this drone up for yourself and let’s. Go over a couple of things, real quick! This is again like i said, a toy grade drone now pairing is very easy. Comes with a remote control that does require four aaa batteries. These antennas are non functional, so it doesn’t really matter. If you do anything or not, you’ve got your phone that fits in here through the bottom of the controller, and it turns on with just one switch. If you notice here on the controller, you’ve got emergency, stop button it’s just going to land you’ve got one’s touch takeoff. One touch land you’ve got your return to home, which it will come back to your starting point, headless mode which any way you turn the drone and push the stick forward. It’S going to go even if the drone is pointing sideways and, of course, you’ve got your compass calibration here on the back here or on the top. I should say, on the left hand, side you’ve got movie or video and picture one touch, it’ll snap, a picture or start the video or stop it, and over here you’ve got a speed button which has three modes: you’ve got slow, medium and fast, and then right Here, of course, you’ve got one touch orbit, so it’ll just do an orbit for you.

So one thing to notice that this was already paired with the controller to link this up to your smartphone you’re. Going to in the instructions, you’ve got a qr code. You can scan that it’s going to take you to where you can download the app start, the app and then you’re going to put you’re going to turn this drone on by pushing this button. Until you see the flashing lights like so drone is on you’re, going to go to your smartphone and you’re, going to hit your settings you’re going to go into your gps or i’m. Sorry into your wi, fi and you’re going to find this drone and connect to it it’s. That simple, then turn your your controller on always drone. First, then, the controller and you’re ready to fly now. One important note i want to make to you and you’ll see it on the screen recorder here when you go into the app don’t, make the mistake that i did the first time. First time i went into the app you’ve got all these different models here, as you can see i’m scrolling through them. Now on the screen recorder right up here, don’t just hit go fly you want to scroll over. You can see in the right hand corner where it says: e020 keep scrolling until you find the e 520 s then hit flying otherwise you’re not going to have all the options and telemetry that you need for this particular drone.

All right so we’re prompted has it been calibrated? Yes, i’ve already calibrated the controller. Now you can see on the screen recorder here. We’Ve got virtual sticks, just click that green icon, where the controller is and that’ll take those away and you’re using the actual controller. You’Ve got some really function: telemetry you’ve got altitude, you’ve got distance, you’ve got speed both vertical and horizontal and you’ve even got your gps location. So let’s take this up and see what she does and, as you can see me showing mountains there. It means i’m not connected. So let’s go back into settings into wi, fi and there’s. The jone wi fi 720p gps 520 we’re gon na connect to that we’re. Gon na go back to the app and now we’ve got it we’re ready to go so let’s go ahead and take off we’ve got a 100 battery, so it is pretty windy, but it does seem to be holding down pretty well let’s go ahead and get it Up – and i want to show you guys we’ll – do the screen recorder where we can do some uh orbits all right, so orbit works fairly, well, it’s doing a perfect circle around and once you put it in the orbit mode, you have to actually hit the stick, Which way you want it to go like right now we are going counter clockwise. So if i stop – and i do it the other way now we’re orbiting in the opposite direction works fairly.

Well, all right! So now, i’m, going to attempt follow me so we’re going to see how well this does foreign so all right. So the follow me option works actually, surprisingly. Well so i’m going to attempt waypoints now and we’ll see what happens for this just watch the screen recorder. Music, all right so scratch the waypoints. The instructions for that on the screen were all in chinese and unfortunately, i don’t speak it so that’s gon na, be it for the special functions now we’ve been up quite a long time now and i’m still at 60 battery. So you’ve got quite a long lifetime here as far as flight times so let’s go ahead and take this out a little bit. Let’S get some altitude and some distance and see what it does: Music, Applause, Music, so Music, all right! So right there at about 120 meters, which is still going to put you perfectly legal everywhere, i’m, really having some problems with breakup and signal. So i would say your range on this is about 120 meters. It could be a lot more when you get in an open area rather than in a residential like this, but for the purpose of this review here, we’re going to say that the actual flying distance is about 120 meters, so right now, it’s just hovering out there. So i’m gon na go ahead and hit the return to home key we’re gon na see what happens i can see.

The drone is rising and it’s coming back and now she’s landing Music. As you can see right there, it didn’t do too bad for what this drone is. It actually landed probably about three feet away from where it took off, which you can’t complain at a price point like this is um, and i still have 40 percent battery left. 50 battery left, so you’ve got some serious flight time on this i’d say there’s, no problem with get you getting 15 minutes on this and uh having some fun plus the kit comes with two batteries, so you’re gon na have some good flight time. Guys, thanks for watching, if you’re new to this channel don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and i’ll have more drones.