Sheen e19 quadcopter. Now this is a variant of the v 2 osprey. Now this is going to be a quick review, guys. To be honest, because um, although this drone looks really cool, it is absolutely rubbish. I would not recommend this to anybody. To be honest, if you want a cool looking drone that just sits on a nice stand like this um ill quickly show you that it will just literally sit on this stand. Just like so and look cool then yeah get this drone, but for what you actually pay youre going to be paying around 25 to 30 pound for this drone. It is really not worth that kind of money and im gon na tell you why! So what im gon na do? I will actually show you this thing in action as well. Flying around my front room, um and it flew okay. It was a bit twitchy its not very well balanced. It is very rear heavy uh, because the props are so close together as well. It doesnt give it really good flight characteristics um, but one of the worst things about this is the propellers. They are so brittle literally as soon as you fly it and bump it into something. These propellers snap clean off um and you only get one replacement propeller for each uh type of prop and youve got an a b c and d prop, and you only get one replacement. So ive crashed this thing already and ive had to glue um the props back on, because basically i broke more than one of the same prop and then basically, you cant no longer fly unless you glue the props back on you, cant buy replacement props for it Either, all in all guys, this is just a definitely not a drone worth getting to be honest, but im going to go over the specifications and how it works and stuff like that anyway, uh underneath here youve got a little fpv 720p camera.

So you have also in your bag a bit youve got a phone mount that you literally uh clip onto your controller on the back of it like so, and then you can put your mobile phone in there and basically do a bit of fpv, but the latency On here is basically unusual as well its just a really poor quality drone in all ways to be honest bit disappointed because i do like eachine as a brand uh, you got a little usb charger which charges up your battery here and your battery is there you Go straight away will just come off um a battery um in here its extremely tight fit, as you can see, but yeah its got a little connector. You plug that into there plug your usb uh socket into a usb port and charge it up. It only takes around half an hour to charge up so thats, not too bad um and youre gon na get around five to eight minutes flight time, but uh like i say this thing is just not worth it. In my opinion, its just awful youve also got uh side led lights on the on the ring here and then youve also got a rear, led light. As you can see, youve got dual uh propellers on both wings to feel it doesnt feel too bad. It actually feels like a quite a nice solid plastic, but unfortunately the propellers are made of the same material.

Just super solid and ill show you that now guys i dont care, because obviously this thing can no longer fly anyway, but these things just snap straight away. They bend reasonably well when theyre like this, but when theyre actually flying they just snap, as you can see, broken two broken props there. This thing, literally, it just shatters if you bump into something and thats no good for a beginner quadcopter. You dont want something thats going to just break instantly as soon as you bump it into a wall or object, because people will bump these into things, especially when youre flying them indoors. The controller nice and small good its like even for me with uh, reasonably small hands. It does feel okay im not gon na lie, it does feel okay, you have got um a power button automatic takeoff and landing youve got your trim button up here. Youve got your 360 button, youve got um two speeds and youve also got headless mode. Um the best thing about this helicopter, though guys, is the stand. It really is so as far as im concerned. If you want this helicopter or this drone to do that, get one, and i will leave a link in the description below but guys like. I say i really cant emphasize enough only by this. If you want to look at it, dont buy it. If you really want something to fly around your house, because theres so much better drones for your money than this thing, thats for sure im going to leave a video, so you can actually see it flying and even in that uh i think i filmed it when I crashed it as well um and obviously it broke and stuff like that.

So yeah, like i say guys, just a quick video with this ive, got plenty more drone, videos and helicopter videos, as well as obviously ground vehicles coming up so keep an eye out because im going to be recommended to much better helicopters and drones than this irishing E19 stay clear, guys, dont bother with this, save your money, okay, so thats it for me guys enjoy the flight video happy hour, seeing take care, bye, bye, okay, lets lets quickly. Do an indoor test flight of the ear sheen e19. So what we do were going to do a quick ground test first, although this vehicle or drone should, i say, does have a ground vehicle mode im not expecting too much at the end of the day. This is a drone, and the ground function is basically a gimmick, but were going to try it anyway. So lets turn the drone on get it on the ground and then well test the ground movement. Okay, drone is on lets, turn the transmitter on and bind it just like. So lets do gyro calibration and then we are ready to go. What were going to do were going to switch it to ground mode vehicle, so that should have done it there. So lets quickly see what happens yeah as you can see yeah. So, as you can see, it works but lets be honest, guys, thats a gimmick, its rubbish as a ground vehicle, so lets put it back into drone form just like so one thing i do really like is the led lights on the actual drone itself, but lets Quickly, take it up into the air and see how well it flies as a drone, so theres two ways of starting it.

You can either press the automatic takeoff button or i can arm the motors and take off manually and thats what im going to try now. So both sticks out that will arm the motors and then were ready to take it up: Music, Music, my Music, oh Music, okay, so thats, okay, that didnt go too bad. So what were gon na do now were gon na try an automatic take takeoff and landing. So what were going to do were going to press this button that will automatically take the drone up into the air. Now i have locked my dog upstairs with left because she attacks the actual drones or any rc stuff. So shes upstairs my cats a little bit interested but im going to move her in a minute and she just settled down but yeah what we do. We will do an automatic takeoff. Take it up in the air, see how well it flies now. It is a little twitchy to be honest, like i say this is a fun little toy, but it is a toy and what i am noticing straight away: im not expecting it to fly great outside. I wont particularly fly this outside. This is definitely an indoor drone. I think um my front room is very, very small, around 10 foot squared so im flying it in a very confined area, but it seems to be doing well lets just quickly. Take it off and hope we dont attack the cat with it.

So lets press the button its going to go up Music and, as you just saw it just crash landed and literally these propellers are so brittle.