He was first to say first in one of my recent videos, but to get the next shout out folks, listen up youre going to have to correctly answer. The question asked in this video in the following video: listen to the hints: they should help so good luck, folks, good morning, quadcopter 101 here and i have a neat little quadcopter for you today. This is the new eachine e19. Looking at the e19, it comes with a nice little stand for the 19 that you can hold it and display it, but what it is folks is its a little flying model of the v22 osprey. Now, unlike the v22 osprey, this is not a tilt rotor. Okay, these dont have any capability. The propellers, the prop rotors dont, have any capability going from uh vertical to horizontal, to fly forward and fly on these wings, no huh. This is just a pure quadcopter uh, with four engines um its one of these uh opposing and or uh polar pusher type setups with quadcopters ive reviewed these on toy drones. Before and by the way. This is a toy drone. Folks, okay, again, anything in the 50 range around that that price range is purely toy, and this is for fun flying but uh. The things that lets talk about it. It weighs 71 grams with a battery installed and thats well under the 250 gram minimum requirement for registration, so this does not require registration in most countries.

However, this does have a camera on it, so for those countries that do require camera drones to be registered, this will require registration in those countries, but in most countries this does not because its very lightweight uh drone. Now again, i mentioned its four motors, its a pusher puller type, puller pusher type arrangement on it. Um thing about it is brushed motors, though, in this aircraft these will fail eventually, hopefully theyll. Last long enough. You know that you break the drone before you break the engines, but it is possible. It has tribe light propellers to provide the lift to it, and that does provide plenty of lift on this uh particular drone when ive flown it and its its. Actually, a nice flyer, but uh thing about the motors and propellers: this has anti stuck protection. Its i dont know what that means, but im assuming what that means is, if you crash this and have power on the drone, itll automatically remove power from the drone. So you dont damage the engine: okay, thats, the auto stuck protection that theyre talking about hopefully thats true, because i havent crashed this drone yet to see. If that is true, but um, it is powered, lets take the battery out and show it to you to remove the battery. You got to pull this little lever back like so and then pull up in these clips to pull the plug out of the the drones receptor, the battery receptor plug there we go.

I just cut my fingernails folks and it was a little bit painful to do there, but i just did but uh. This particular battery is a 3.7 volt, 600 milliamp per hour battery with a little ph 2.0 connector on its proprietary shape. However, i have been able to fly this drone with fp my little micro micro, fpv drones. I have a little 650 milliamp hour, also with a ph2 connector that i was able to fit in to this belly and it flew this quite well. So you really dont need to buy this particular battery, but now, if you want additional batteries of this specific kind with uh this shape and the nose landing euro on it, they run about ten dollars each for the replacement batteries. So if you want to keep flying, you cant pay 10, but i think you can get by with a little fpv um batteries that ive used on this also so ill. Just let you know that now to put the battery back in, you got to pull this lever back again, put the the battery nose first in and then push it in until it snaps into the plug the receptor plug on this drum now. Um the flight time with that 3.7 volt battery is not very long, its only about seven minutes of flight time with this, but you know its more enough to have fun with this little drone and again, this little drone is a learn to fly toy drone, its Not meant for professional photography, even though it has a camera on it, but again its just a toy drone to learn to fly, to learn, to use the basics of the control, particularly throttle yaw pitch and roll commands uh using the drone.

Okay, other features that this drone has is altitude hold control, which means the drum will automatically maintain altitude. But you can let go of the throttle and it should maintain that altitude. Without you adjusting the throttle to maintain that particular altitude, it does have headless mode, which means the drone can fly in any direction. If you turn on the headless mode um, it makes it easier for beginner pilots to fly and ill demonstrate that when we go fly, this dont also has flip control and one for flip control. It can only do right or left flips. I do recommend you. Do those flips sparingly because they do produce extra stress on these motors and can cause premature motor failure so um if youre gon na do flips, do it, maybe once or twice a flight keep them to a minimum? Okay and finally, it does have one key. Take off and uh landing control, so you can press the button on the controller, an automatic takeoff and automatic landing. Now the camera lets talk about this camera. I mentioned this. Camera is a 720p hd resolution, which means its 1280 by 720 pixels. Both video and photos – um, the photos are at 20 frames per second, so they are rather jerky again. This is not meant for professional photography, its just a nice little g whiz to have, especially when you fly it outdoors, because this is notice. There is a slight downward pitch on the camera, so youre going to need to get a little bit of altitude to see things with this drone other than the ground.

So keep that in mind now i mentioned it has fpv control. This uh drone does not have an sd card in it, so you cant record sd, but what it does is it transmits the video and photos to your phone over 2.4 gigahertz wi fi um, that type of wi fi is available on most peoples, phones and tablets. So you dont have to worry about whether your phone is capable of receiving the video from it, because most phones can receive 2.4 gigahertz wi fi um other things about it, because of that 2.4 gigahertz. The downside of that is that 2.4 gigahertz happens to be on the same frequency as the controller, so there is some interference between the two so expect. Some jerky video, some frame, stutters and also possibly uh shortened ranges around im guessing around 60 meters, maximum for both fpv and control over the drone, so thats it uh lets talk about the controller lets put the drone down the little v22 down. This controller is a very basic controller, but it is kind of well labeled, except there are some features that werent labeled, that i have to put my little stickers on to show what they do lets go over these buttons uh. This button here is for trimming the drone um if its drifting right or left, you can adjust the trim by holding this button down and then bumping it in the opposite direction, that the drone is drifting and that will should correct the drift.

You can also see what else on we have here. We have this button here, which is for doing flips and headless mode. A quick press of this well put it into flips and a long press of this will put it into headless mode control, and this one here quick press of this will reset the trim turn off the trim and a long press actually activates the trim feature so That you can adjust it. You got to hold that button down while bumping these controls and again this is throttle yaw pitch and roll its a motor controller. You can also adjust the rates on the drone, which means the tilt rate on the drone, which actually affects the speed of the drone. So if you want to go higher speed, say youre at and its a little bit breezy day press this down and well put it into expert mode and increase the pitch on the drone. So you can fight that wind. So it goes from beginner to expert back to beginner again one by pressing that um this one here. This drone has a what they call ground uh capability, where it stutters around on the ground. I dont recommend flying it, but you can turn on that ground mode by pressing this button here and turning it off by pressing it again to get back into air mode where youre actually flying this thing flies. Well, it doesnt work very well on the ground as in ground mode, so keep that in mind ill.

Try to show that too, when we go flying um other things on the controller is um. We can adjust uh lets see you can do a gyro calibration by bringing both sticks down to the right and that will calibrate the gyros if the aircraft is on a flat level surface and you can also set the headless mode direction and again well talk about Headless mode when we go flying by bringing both sticks down and to the left so thats for doing headless mode. Other things on this controller. This button here is for automatic takeoff and automatic landing by a quick press, and if your drone ends up in a tree or crashed – and you want to turn off those motors, if you dont trust that automatic stop control on those motors, you can hold this button Here and do an auto stop on all the motors, and this button here is your power button. Now i mentioned fpv again with the app for this is ky fpv app its available on google play and itunes and again it gives you the video feature, the ability to view video on the drone through your phone. This is the the phone holder for the drone, and this i had a little bit problem figuring out, but to remove and install the phone holder, you got pull this button. Lets see inward down. No, i cant im having a hard time doing it again hold on folks. Okay, i figured it out.

You got ta, lift up on that button, pretty well these slide in okay. This is the what was installed on the controller originally this plate here. But when you want to install this, you have to lift this up and slide it out like so it slides backward, and you install this one in by going the opposite direction by sliding it in and that sets it so, okay, that is the eachine e19. The little v22 lets take it down into my uh indoor flight fist test facility see how it flies there and later if the weather improves ill. Take it outdoors and well do an outdoor flight with us so hold on folks hope you enjoy these flights good morning. Quadcopter 101 here and welcome to the quadcopter 101 indoor flight test facility. Okay, ive already turned on the drone, turned on the controller, moved the throttle full up and full down and connected the controller to the drone, and this is the kyf pv app and were going to hit start and we should see video and again, it has a 45 degree down look so its right now, seeing my launching pad down there on the ground, but lets get into the air. First thing we need to do is start the motors by down and out on both sticks and then giving or pressing the automatic takeoff button right there and there it is flying its actually holding its position nicely lets come over a little bit closer and bring it Over here lets try the flip button.

While we have power on it and to do the flip. We need to hit this right button here and then tell it which direction to flip so hitting it now and trying to left flip so thats a left, flip and lets come down lower so because that really flew up high right flip and we got a crash. Okay, so those flips they are, they take up quite a bit of real estate so and also, i recommend limiting yourself doing those flips, because they do stress the motors on this drone. Okay lets try the camera im going to hit recording right now on video and getting that 1280 by 720p video and starting the motors again, and this time were going to do a manual takeoff by giving throttle Music now now. What i want to do now is try the headless mode we havent set the headless mode. Have we lets do that right now lets we got ta land again. Remember this drone here you need to set the headless mode and the way to do that is put the drone on the ground and then move both sticks down and to the left, and that will set the headless mode in that direction there and that is set. So we should be good to go now that will always be forward. This will always be back in this direction, left and right, no matter which direction the drone is pointing once i put it into headless mode, so starting the motor up again giving a throttle and setting headless mode by holding down this button here.

How this mode is activated so that should be left. This should be right. Thats four – and this is back now lets turn the drone toward me back for it doesnt matter which direction this drone is pointed its always thats forward. This is back toward me, so its pretty cool, looking drone aint it in flight so lets pirouette. It forward back left it dont matter, dont matter what direction its pointed at its easy to fly and head in this boat, because of that, okay, so thats headless motors, come out of the headless boat. Now were back in a normal flight. Now. What i want to do is just see how it flies its actually quite maneuverable, very maneuverable, a little drum, not too bad. Okay. Now again i mentioned that ground and air button lets go down and land it again lets try ground mode. Let me go get back on the carpet a bit here and landing it right. There lets go into ground mode and see what that does pressing ground mode. Okay, it should be in ground mode. So lets start the motors watch that they dont start normally. Do they now lets, give it throttle and see what happens? Music doesnt care press the button again ground mode? I cant seem to get it to do anything in ground mode. Okay, maybe im wrong. Maybe i got ta hold it down, lets land it again. Okay, holding it down this time and starting motors take off mine.

Doesnt seem to do grinder error so that ground air button is kind of an operative on mine, so lets fly it around the flight test facility im getting lower to the ground here, because i want to leave it at about this altitude here and spin it around. All that banking turn going up higher now when you turn fast, it does seem to head to the ground, so you might need to give it a little throttle yep. You need to give it a lot of throttle because when it turns it does descend, i noticed that right away. Okay, coming back toward me, this looks it looks cool. It really does okay, im flying it right now it is kind of easy to fly. Heres me hi, there thats the video going back up again lets go around to pylon going around the pot whoa one too high there and bringing it back over. Oh now, the lights are already flashing, so i dont think you get a full seven minutes with this. Particular battery, or at least the battery that i got here, thats telling me the battery is getting low. Okay, let me stop the video recording right now make sure we get that video video recording has stopped and when i turn it its dropping, it drops quite readily when you give it a turn, so you got ta counter that with throttle Music, i think were out Of it were almost out of power, and that is the flight time.

Folks, with the 800, it says 850 milliampere hour on it, i believe, on the bottom of it uh, but i doubt that that is 850 milliamp hour, but thats the flight time you get out of it. Okay next lets, try it with a generic battery. I got a fpv or battery. I use with my little fpv micro erasers lets, try that out and see how that works so hold on folks swap batteries. Okay again, this is the stock battery that comes with it, and it says its 800 milliamp per hour at 3.7 volt and i had charged it at three as a 3.7 volt up to 420 milliamp per hour, and we flew it at that, and i used my Uh professional charger here using this uh uh charging port here i didnt use the stock charger to charge this. Maybe i should have maybe i shouldnt, but i brought it up to 4.2 volts in my good charger uh. This is the battery were going to try right here. This is a little 650 milliamp per hour, uh its a li hv battery, but i only charged it to 4.2 volts, not the 4.35 volts, so that we can have a comparison of 650 milliamp hour and 4.2 volts versus 800 milliamp per hour 4.2 volt. So lets put it in there and see how it flies so hold on folks. Okay, weve got this little gum pack battery in here heres how im holding in there just using a couple of rubber bands to hold it in there, but it should work its 650 milliamp hour lets see how much flight time we can get out of this.

Okay. Putting it on the ground and starting the app, and we have fpv video im going to get on my knees here, because it it works better for me to videotape this at this level, okay were going to start off by starting the motors or actually im going To start the video recording first and then starting the motors down and up and then doing auto takeoff Music, its going right through the ceiling there. Okay lets bring it over here, bringing it closer, and first thing i want to do is lets see it do flips with this type of battery in it, bringing it back or going up a little bit higher flip button left flip, bringing it back over flip button Right flip bringing it back over okay, so it does flips with that battery lets, bring it over again bring it up close showing it flying with that there it is okay, Music going for the ceiling or the wall there. So, okay, its flying around, lets, see it. Nice maneuverable with that battery still um one thing. Folks, i took this outdoors yesterday and you know, although it flies well indoors, even at higher rate. Let me go to high rate to show you that one high rate right now thats high rate, oh no thats, it cant be high rate. Maybe it is, i dont know hold on. I didnt hear two beeps, sir im pressing the wrong button. Thats. Why? Okay, thats high right there so lets see how fast it goes there.

It turns rapidly, but the pitch isnt that much greater it just turns much more rapidly in high rate. So keep that in mind. You know i again. I took this outdoors and i couldnt fly into the wind. Okay, even a little one night win do not win um, just whoa, just as too much for it. Let me go back out a high rate here and show you my shirt today. I dont think i showed you my shirt. I like my shirt today, folks by the way lets pull it back a bit who can uh for the first person who can identify the significance of my shirt and what the 84 means whens a shout out. Instead of the first person, whoever can identify the significance of this shirt, whats a shout out in the next video okay, just let you know that folks, just a little bit of hint for that person, whoevers going to try to win that um a little hint more Than meets the eyes, yeah im a Music geek, but you guys know that already so there. It is nice little flyer. With this 650 milliamp hour battery does actually does quite well with it 650. go around the pylon. I dont know if were going to get more flight time or not with it as compared to the stock battery, but well find out coming back toward us showing the shirt one more time. I think yeah yeah, okay, okay, so yeah its a nice little indoor flyer.

Folks, outdoors, not so much um again because it just doesnt fly into the wind. I tried it and you put in a higher rate and um. It doesnt increase the pitch, but the higher rate does increase the uh yaw turning were still in low rate right now. Let me go back to high rate. Look at that and higher rate bring it closer to that, go the other way: thats high rate yaw. Turning but again the pitch doesnt increase just the r rate and high rate, although its holding its position in the air, it was theres that auto stop feature. It saves the motor supposedly lets put it back on the deck here on the ground, take off again or actually stop that video and start the video recording again, because i want to make sure i got that video, okay starting the motors and for the remaining flights. Just bring it up close and show you it because i dont think that batterys going to last that long, maybe it will maybe it dont nice little v22 cute little v22 e19 for indoor flying only we got any more power for a flip lets, see more power For that flip, no, no, so that means the batterys probably getting low there. It hasnt started flashing, yet i dont see it flashing once that battery starts or that light starts flashing. It has about 10 more seconds of flight time and then its all over, but there it is itll be 22.

. I think no that was descending wasnt it as i did that turn doesnt seem to descend in high right, though oh theres lights are flashing. Let me give a throttle: thats, it aint normal, no more flight time, so thats the flight time you get with the uh 650 milliamp per hour battery uh. Again, you can get these just about anywhere. They run about just under 10 bucks about nine dollars. I guess so: okay, though so thats the ishid e19 neat little airplane, hope you enjoyed this airplane quadcopter hope you enjoyed this flight. This quadcopter wait. This is quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter101 here again, hey! If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel its real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.