This is the eachine e110 and i am dead serious when i say that i have never flown an rc helicopter in my life, i feel like a lot of people get into drones or fpv because they flew remote control helicopters like this one. At some point me personally, i just got a phantom when they first came out, because i could mount a gopro to it and thats how i got into drones. I honestly have no idea how similar flying a remote control helicopter is to flying a drone. But in this video were going to be testing this out and seeing how easy it is to fly so lets. Do a quick, unboxing see whats inside and then well go outside and do a test flight all right right off the bat you got the user manual all right, so heres the helicopter got a nice little camera on the front, theres a little protector on it. So make sure you take that off. It comes with two batteries. We have a battery here and then we have another battery right here got the antenna in the back and we have optical flow on this drone. So this is gon na help. It kind of stay in one spot, so thats cool its a little smaller than i thought it would be, but it does look pretty cool. It comes with a controller, so thats nice youll, probably need batteries for it. So you need four double a batteries for this.

You get a usb, so thats to charge. The battery extra sets of props looks like a little screwdriver, and underneath this you actually have a phone mount. So you can mount your phone right in this and through the app you can actually see what the camera sees. Im not sure on the latency and all that stuff, but thats something well test outside, but you can see what the camera sees while youre flying. So the app that you want to download is, i dont see a name for it, so to get the app it includes little qr links so just scan. Those and itll bring you to the app store and you can download the app so like. I said this helicopter does have optical flow on the bottom here, so thats, just kind of going to scan the ground and help keep the helicopter in one spot. The camera thats on this is capable of 720p make sure you take the little protector thats on there off. Otherwise, your footage will probably look a little blurry um. The camera rotates you can either have it flat like this or you can push it down like that. The battery this is the two battery version like i mentioned the battery just kind of slides onto the bottom here, and it charges via this usb port right here, and we should be getting about 15 minutes of flight time. With this, the helicopter has a couple different speed modes.

You have low speed, medium speed and high speed, so ill test, those out when im out flying, but that is pretty much the helicopter so lets. Take this thing outside see how it flies check out some footage, and i give you guys my final all right, so i got these batteries all charged up. Im gon na test them both um lets see how this thing flies. Im gon na try it first without the phone im gon na put these out all right, so drones on put the controller on, and i think like that, and then this button right here is to take off. Oh so, im not doing any stick commands right now, its not really that windy. Hopefully you guys can hear me: okay, um its not really windy out, but its kind of staying in place pretty nice. So now, im gon na try and control it a little okay. So, im not really getting any yaw uh back, maybe its the wind im gon na put it in a different speed mode. So thats uh right here, so you can kind of see the different speeds so im gon na put it in top speed. Oh there we go ah thats, pretty good thats, actually pretty cool that actually flies, really well thats, pretty sick whoa. So, like i said this is uh. This is my first time flying one of these helicopters flying a remote control helicopter at all, and it is very similar to a drone.

I think that for 80 bucks this is a pretty solid little thing. Its got. Some good speed definitely has some good speed and its pretty quiet. This is pretty cool tilt this up, so you guys can see it so its the exact same uh controls as a drone. So when i do this its gon na yaw, this is the throttle like. I said this is the uh mode, two version, so you can get it so throttles on this side and then this is just pitch. This is pretty cool, so now im going to throw my phone on here and well see what the fpv view looks like uh. Well record video, alright, so its recording well launch all right, so i dont think its really flyable through the fpv video mode, but well just see what the video feed looks like. I think it records right to the phone so well see whoa so thats. What the video looks like lets take a couple pictures, because why not so take it up? I feel like the battery is sagging a little bit. It doesnt really have as much power as it did so theres a picture. It is hovering there. You guys cant see it but cool all right, final thoughts on the eachine e110 honestly, i cant really complain for 80 bucks. Obviously youre not going to have a 4k camera on here on a gimbal. This camera records 720p. It takes pictures it swivels.

It has a stream back to your phone, the video stream back to your phone isnt, anything that i would be able to fully control the helicopter. Just looking at that, i was flying this purely line of sight. I tried flying it like that and its way too choppy to fly it just using that, so youll have to fly this line of sight, but otherwise the camera does take. Pictures does do video. I was getting about 15 minutes of flight on one battery, which is exactly what it advertises. The optical flow seemed to work. Okay, i was flying in a little bit of wind, so it was drifting a little bit, but it was kind of staying in one area. So it clearly was working. I was mainly flying it in the top speed mode, but the low speed its nice to have the different speeds, especially if youre, just starting out so high speed, is where its at you get some good speed out of this thing and some good battery life. So thats pretty much it for this review.