What lasagna explain bucket sharpie, Music Applause, so Music, hello. Everyone welcome back to my youtube channel i’m cyrus blanco and today we’re gon na unbox or unwrap our first ever drone that we bought from lasada’s drug drug sale. I bought it last december 12th and it arrives after four days of purchase and without any further ado. Let’S start our unboxing direct. Can you please send it over direct, very supportive, so we have here the package from lasada and it’s. Quite good don’t worry guys. We already sanitized it and it’s really important to sanitize all your packages or deliveries after you receive it, because we don’t know where it came from. It was delivered by intrigue, so good job to the delivery guys and i bought it for only 1514 it’s good. For all the beginners so that you can practice the maneuvers actually i’m, not into online shoppings, but i was clickbaited by this one. So i think we should uninstall the apps now for now and i was so excited when it arrives. So let us see if, if is it worth the money or our expectation is the reality so let’s find out, it was pick up by lex page from the seller and it was delivered to our doorstep by intrigue, so good job guys to the delivery. So we have to cut this. One here should be careful not to tear the box inside Applause. Oh so it was wrapped by another plastic, so good job to the seller.

What Music what’s up look at this one guys lasagna! I ordered it for the santa, but the plastic inside is sharpie, so here we are so we have the box quite not big enough, so just small box, so we have to sanitize it first we’re opening. So we have the box here, but this is not actually a box it’s only a casing and inside this case is the fpv 1858 drone with wide angle, camera and high resolution 1080p. But i thought it’s only a 720p, and this is only a clone to the dji mavic mini let’s, open it direct. Can we have a drum roll? Please okay, let’s open it, my god. So we have here our drone, the remote control, the manuals and whatsoever. So let’s start for the manual we have the manual Music, we have the app user guide, we have the spare battery, so we have two batteries for this one and spare propellers and cords, and we have to hear the propeller guides propeller guides and have screwdrivers small Screwdriver for the battery and we have the remote control and the drone itself, so here’s the comfort zone, okay, first things: first, we need to read carefully the manual instructions to avoid any accidents and damage during the operation of your drone. This is the user guide manual and it has english and chinese. So we’re gon na read the english first Music, Music Music. We just finished reading the manual, so we have the idea on how to use it and from title time we have to read it and we have here the spare battery.

So it has a usb cable charger or the usb port, and you can check the battery by pushing this one. So it indicates in the tree bar. So we have to charge it later on and we have here the Music before propeller guides, so we can install it later. Here are the four propeller guides. You have also here the four spear propellers in case your drone gon na crash or broke the propeller. You have four extra and we have the screwdriver, the cord or the charger, so we have to go through the remote control. So, as you can see here in the center, it has the on off switch position. It has an antenna, but it has no use. This is only for the design, so we have here at the upper left is the speed switching you can switch your drone from slow to fast and here in the right side is for 3d. If a version absorption 3d absorption – or you can flip your drone from 360 wrong, the 1k return mode, the other one is for the trim, one kill down or one k rise, and you can stop this drone by switching this one. You have the top bottom and we have here also the trims for your directionals, the sideway fine tuning, the back part trimming in the forward trimming so that’s it and for the battery. We have to use three double a batteries, so we have to buy battery later.

On so we have here our e chain e58 drone, so this one this is very lightweight drone. This is perfect gift for your loved ones. This christmas there’s a camera at the front, and i think it’s only 720p and two led lights. It has a fundable or adjustable propeller struts. You can adjust it at the forward first and the f propellers so that’s it and we have the battery at the belly. So you can insert the battery here. You can insert the battery and it does no sd card slot, so i think it’s a real time transmission for your phone and it’s good it’s lightweight. So this is it so we’re gon na check this out tomorrow morning, because it’s raining and you still have to download the app at the app store so see you tomorrow so good morning, after three days of raining, the weather is good. The low pressure is gone, although it’s a little bit windy, but we will try to test our drone today and we’re gon na find an open space or open ground to prevent our drone from crashing. So we’re gon na find an open space or open ground let’s find out Music. So we are now at the location and don’t worry we’re alone. So we don’t need to wear a mask and it’s a big space, so you can see in the background so we’re gon na set up our drone first, our tripod and our equipments Music, Music, so Music, so so we’re all set the battery is fully charged and We bought the batteries for the transmission and, by the way the app we’re using is the wi fi cam Music.

You can download it in google play or the app store. We just search the world wi fi cam. This is our first test light, so i hope it’s gon na be okay. We won’t gon na crash our drone again, my Music, so Music, our drone crashed and nothing happens. It’S, okay, still playable, Music, Music, so Music, our first battery is out and the drone is still fine. All in all my my rate for this one from one to ten is eight. This is good for christmas gift for your loved ones, their kids and, if you’re planning to buy expensive drones, i suggest first, you can buy these cheaper drones to practice your maneuvering skills and not to crash your expensive drones like dji’s. So, thank you so much for watching my video and i hope you enjoy my simple vlog, my unboxing vlog and see you next vlog see you next video and don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel. Follow me on instagram, facebook and twitter, so that’s it.