This is the one for two and a half inch props and the motors are inverted on this one. So you get um it’s gon na be hard to see here. It’S. 1404. 5000 kb motors yeah difficult to see uh these new five bladed gem fan props, with t mounting so uh a little bit different from the the sound is a little bit different from the three bleeded it’s, not quite as annoying but it’s still pretty loud. Now you see, the motors are inverted. You got these plastic prop guards that actually mount the motors. You’Ve got an f7 flight controller in there it’s, actually an eachine branded whoop style, f722 flight controller and a 25 amp uh 32 bit esc, so it’s a pretty nice. All in one flight controller down there so 25 amps f7 plenty of uarts. This analog, of course, uh comes with an asian nano v3 video transmitter. I think it goes to 400 ml watts and then you have a run cam nano v2 for the fpv camera um got a uh antenna in the back here for the video transmitter with sma adapter and it’s gon na be holding a pretty long crashes here. With this tpu parts so no worries there. My version is the one with the crossfire, uh nano receiver, so it’s got the antenna here in the back and the 3d printer part does uh hold the in the antenna in place like this. These little pieces here are already attached or already inserted um.

I actually should have removed them because there’s no antenna that goes through these, but this is for, like other types of 2.4 gigahertz antennas like xm, plus something like that, but you can obviously remove that later. If you want and that’s pretty much it for all the specs and the parts and everything um in terms of what else you get, you do get an extra prop card with the foam bumper in case you break one, get some instructions here and does have a Wiring diagram for a variety of other receivers, as you can see, so if you um get the plug and play version, and you want to you – know wire up some different receivers, i’ll show you what to do to wire this up and then it also explains how To connect up like a vista or some sort of dji system because it is dji compatible, so you should be able to do a conversion to dji if you want to later and here’s. Actually, the diagram for the catex vista, wiring and uh it’s actually included in the instructions it’s pretty easy to convert. If you want, you do get a spare set of the five bladed propellers and you get a spare battery strap as well. Okay. So this is how much it weighs with the little gopro the naked gopro mount that i put on here, and this is without a battery and it’s about 193.7 grams. And then i flew with the snakey gopro here with my little power set up here and putting that on.

That brings the weight up to brings the way up to 226.6 grams, and then i flow with the 4s 850 lipo and all together, we’re coming in at 321 grams, and i also did fly with the full size hero eights, which you can you know see here. The cube gopros have the little uh finger mounting pieces that come down like this and that will fit into the included knot, that’s included in the package. However, if you fly it like this, with the full size uh here away, gopro plus the 450 uh, the 4s 850 lipo, the weight’s going to be like 421 grams, i believe so it’s significantly heavier and also reduces your flight time. Also doesn’t fly nearly as good as as well, because i think it’s overweight, so you get like three minutes of flight time with the hero8 and if you’re, flying with a naked gopro you’re gon na get closer to four minutes of flight time on the uh. Fourth. 850., so, as i mentioned, it is pretty loud and you’ll hear that in the flight demo at the end, but um, i think if you take these little foam bumpers out, if you’re flying them outdoors instead of indoors, they do come out pretty pretty easily. You can see like this it’s just friction fit uh that’ll, probably allow more airflow through here and we’ll reduce the sound a little bit, but i think it’s still going to be pretty loud and the heavier.

It is the louder it’s going to be. But if you’re worried about noise, just take these little foam bumpers off outside and it should be less noisy than with the foam bumpers on now. Of course, you guys are probably wondering this looks really similar to the die tone. Take can c25 and it’s virtually identical. It even has like the same top plate thing here where you can actually remove these four screws and this battery strap part will come off and you can get access to the video transmitter and the flight controller. That way, that is, on the daitone model as well, and then the way the bottom is also pretty similar. I think the diatom comes with a 20 by 20 stack, if i’m not mistaken, instead of a whoop style board, make sure that’s the one difference here is this: this that’s, not a whiff style board. The diaton just come with little carbon pieces on the on the top and bottom to sort of give the frame stiffness and hold the prop guards in place, and then the this whole thing, plus the prop guards being screwed into the top plate and the bottom plate. Give the whole thing stiffness, even though these are just some plastic prop guards, and the motors are actually held on here with some screws and carbon plates, because it is just plastic here. So you don’t strip out that this plastic piece here and then also on the bottom.

You can see there’s not going to be well it’s, going to be hard to see there’s, also a carbon piece uh, where the motor is sitting on the other side as well. So that um, it just gives it a little bit more rigidity, but you can see it still fluxes a bit here, um, because these are a little bit different design from the diet. The daitone pop cards seem to be a lot tougher. This one’s uh the ones on the issue and seem to be a little more flexy. So, as is uh usual, they didn’t do any tuning on this, and i just flew with the way it came. I think they just slapped a bunch of parts together in this model and did not tune it at all. They just put like a basic uh default tune on there. I didn’t see anything special um, so it’s uh quite loose in terms of like controllability. It just kind of drifted around a lot and actually drifted around even more when it was heavier on with the hero 8. So i think that just means that the pigs need to go up quite a bit if you’re going to be carrying around a lot of extra weight if because it’s fairly heavy, but on the um nick one on the naked heroes or the naked gopro setup. It flew a fair amount better. It was still kind of drifting around a little bit you’re not going to see that in the real, steady go footage because that just kind of hides all that.

So if you want to see the raw fpv flights, i’ll link them down in the description as separate videos, you can check those out if you want. I know a lot of you guys are interested in that, but not everyone so i’ll make those a separate videos. Um but you’ll see what i mean on the difference between the the uh uh naked gopro weight versus the hero, 8 weight being a lot heavier kind of just drifts around doesn’t feel like it’s, pointing or going straight it’s kind of bouncing around, and some of this Due to wind and because it was a little bit windy when i was flying with the hero8 but uh, even when it was it wasn’t, windy and here on the naked gopro setup, it was kind of drifting around anyway um to go and show you the flight Footage, just you know, let me obviously stabilize the real steady go so it’s going to look amazing but uh just telling you that if you want to see what the fpv footage looks like check out those other videos down in the description all right. So this thing’s super loud i’m gon na try and fly this a little further away. So i don’t blow out the audio yeah flies a lot better now, with the naked gopro, much less weight. It’S, not drifting around all over the place should have much longer flight time as well. This definitely needs better platooning. You can still see it drifting around a little bit.

This is really loud, it’s kind of far away, and i can hear it really easily. Not a lot of camera angle so not going to be going too fast, i’m sure the gopro footage is perfectly stable. Looking because i’ll be running it through real steady, go of course. So all these little pid issues that i’m, seeing there it’s all in the fpv feed yeah it’s, definitely bouncing up and down a little bit here and there’s, no wind right now so it’s all because of the uh fittoon eachine. Uh really needs to send these out with some sort of picture, instead of just like uh slapping parts together and putting on a default flash there’s like sometimes they, some some of their products do come up with a tune, and some of them don’t come on anything. So it’s strange, you must have different teams working on different products, so i’m running a force 850.. You can see some people over there, probably like wondering what what the hell is that loud, sound. The analog video is not bad a whole lot of breakup so about three minutes of flight at 14.4 volts holding steady Music. Oh then, we have a low battery warning 13.