This for this model, theyve gone back to the 400 millimeter wingspan, which is the same as the p51, the corsair and the t28. So should pretty much fly the same as those guys. Obviously you know we got the scale details of the bf 109 pretty nice. I think in the second generation here of these uh newer eachine models. They are using a little bit better foam and the quality does seem slightly improved uh breakaway props. Now so three bladed breakaway prop still one s, of course, uh still the same volantix 7, the v761 protocol and ill be using the jumper tea light for this video uh. Since it seems like most of you guys want to see this flying with the multi protocol. Module so lets get this up in the air and see how this does all right. So not a lot of wind today should fly pretty good. You can see the driver going and looks like im in beginner mode lets see how this does now hands off. Take off as usual, really quiet. This one is not as noisy as the p47. This is actually exceptionally quiet and yeah using the jumper. It uh definitely has more precision. This does seem like it needs a little more air speed, so it doesnt stall out. You can hear how quiet that is, if you put too much rudder, aileron together, looks like it will, try and stall on you. You got ta, maintain your speed, but yeah its uh, pretty nice, it looks like the cg is okay, and this one looks maybe a little tad tail heavy and definitely uh way faster than the p 47.

Of course, i dont have that wind going to sort of give me that floaty flight characteristic im going up pretty high here yeah this uh, smaller 400 millimeter size is a little harder to see in the air. Oh yeah a little bit of wind behind me yeah. This one does, i definitely need to keep the airspeed up, but if it does crash, you have the the breakaway prop so should survive the gyro working pretty well Music, try and bring it by for some closer shots here. How low the ground? I am wow! Theyre really low Music. If you get a little bit of a breeze, it just kind of floats, but today is not a lot of wind Music, so there you can see that a little bit of a stall tendency to try and slow it down there. So you got to keep that air speed going. Oh, how low the ground i am there. Oh man, Music. It is kind of fun flying a super low to the ground like this. It is a challenge, but with a little more precision on this controller, you can definitely do it. I am, i am pretty impressed how quiet this is. It was definitely compared to the p47 that was way noisier, ah im, blinded by the sun there. Oh, i was so low to the ground – Music Applause – Music, Music, theres. No, there it goes it wants to stall Music. I go if i go too slow, it wants to stall out.

So i got ta keep flying it fast. If you guys, like slower planes, you probably want some of the other ones, ive reviewed yeah, some of that might have to do with the cg, but the gyro its possible. The way i the dryer actually im going to land it yeah its possible since, like the way i plugged the battery in you know, um, it was a little nose up, so the gyro has a tendency to nose up. That could be a two. So let me land it here and start over. Oh, i think the prop popped off. That was a rough landing, not a big deal designed to pop off, but i think what im going to do is im going to plug the battery in so its level. Instead of like sitting on its wheels, because when you plug it in thats when it initializes the gyro so lets do that all right, so im gon na try this hold it level like that and then plug it in and then lets see. If that changes, the flight characteristics at all, lets try to make these battery compartments super tight Music, see if i notice any difference here, i fly slower tending the nose up. Who knows maybe a little bit less lets make a few more passes up to slow down. Here, yeah, oh yeah, i think that makes a difference so yeah when you plug it in wow that thats thats, the wind is popping up.

There awesome the wind picked up and when you plug it in make sure its level yeah, i think it still has it. The i think its the airframe, you want to keep the airspeed up, so they dont stall. It still has a tendency to stall when you slow it down too much. You can see that i was coming straight at me. It was. It was like kind of waffling there, because i wasnt going too fast or wasnt going fast enough, Music and with the wind picking up coming up from behind me, see us pushing the plane yep stalled again. So the winds coming from behind me like this and its pushing the plane, and so you, when you make those uh sharp, turns like that with a lot of aileron and rudder uh its going to stall out on you like that. But you know putting the prop back on is not going to be a problem, its a bit muddy here, yep we got a little bit of mud on here. Its been uh raining like crazy lately, oh the wind is starting to get worse. All of a sudden. I kind of out of nowhere, so you get a spare prop in the box in case you do break this. This one seems fine. Just got got some dirt on here: Music, clean, totally fine. So these are good for beginners. I think, because uh you can crash and not be too worried that your planes gon na be wrecked.

Just got ta get the prop back on here. I kind of wish it would be out a little bit further from the front its a little hard to pop on that prop, but theyre trying to make it nice and scale so our scale looking because its foam or glued into foam like that, its its um Music, it is uh kind of flush with the fuselage and it looks like its not quite all the way propped on. Oh, my battery door is open not to land it again. This one seems to be kind of tricky to land. Oh im, trying to pop the prop off again: hey they designed these battery doors or the yeah. The battery compartments are so tight. The getting the battery in there with the wire and everything is difficult and we got some dirt in here, and i see what the problem is: the battery door, the latch it looks like its damaged here, uh its cracked. I think well probably glue it together with some ca, but thats not gon na keep the uh thats, not gon na keep the battery in all right. So im gon na go ahead and call it a day. Yeah. This one is pretty similarly to the uh other eugene models no surprises there, and i do like the fact that they are including these breakaway props now um yeah. So when you crash like, like you, saw here youre, you shouldnt have any problem getting back up in the air, but yeah this battery door is a little bit of an issue.

Um, hopefully theyll uh address that in a future revision. But i like the way it looks: it flies nice. Just you got ta fly a little faster than some of the other ones um. I think theres another one. Coming soon the spitfire. I think a lot of people are interested in that one so ill have a video on that one.