Jm was first to say first in one of my recent videos and thus was just shot at so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of a neat new drone, the e88 pro. What is the e88 pro well looking at this right now, let me tell you right away. This thing runs about 35 four dollars to 40, depending on the version you bought. So this is not a top of the line drone folks. This is a beginner’s learn to fly drone and again, you know the quadcopter 101 channel is dedicated to helping beginners enter the lobby and i’m just looking at this, because i think this might be a nice drone for beginners to learn to fly, to learn the basics With and the price is right and it has a camera and it can also do fpv video, so you know all within a 140 price range. You know that’s pretty darn good in my opinion, so let’s talk about the e88 pro again it’s cheap. It runs 34 for the 720p version up to 40 for their 4k version. You are not going to get a real 4k drone for 40 dollars. Folks, okay, keep in mind that’s interpolated, 4k and it’s, not even the video, the video it’s, the still photos, that’s interpolated at the 4k resolution, but um again a cheap beginner’s learning flight drone let’s take a look at it again. It has a camera on the front that takes 1080p video.

Actually it sends it to your phone 1080p, but at 20 frames per second okay, so expect you know it’s going to be somewhat choppy the video on top of that, depending which version you get. I got the dual camera version that has a belly camera also that looks directly below the the drone to take video uh below the drone, so you can switch back and forth between this camera and this camera taking video. This is not an optical flow sensor. Folks, okay, let me say that again: this is not an optical flow sensor. Okay, this this does not have that capability to auto hover. You are going to manually need to fly this drone and that’s. Why i kind of like it: okay, there’s too many drones out there, that you know just too easy to fly. You need to to learn the basic flight skills, especially if you’re planning to eventually transition one day to like fbd flying with fpv racers. You got ta, learn the basic flying skulls. This one might be able to teach you, although it does have um altitude hold, it does have altitude hold so it’s, not true, truly a 100 manual flying uh, but it has. You know most of what you need to learn to fly with: okay, let’s talk about the rest of the the structure itself, it’s folding, as i mentioned, it, weighs below 250 grams. This does not require registration in most countries, although there are some countries that will require because of the camera, but most countries will not require registration of this very lightweight drone.

It comes with brushed motors you’re going not going to get brushless motors in the under 40 price range. These are 816 brushed motors. It is also powered by a 3.7 volt, 1s 1800 milliamp per hour battery uh. That supposedly gives us up to 15 minutes flight time. We’Ll see when we take it out in the field to fly it but uh. It is charged by a micro usb port right there and it comes with a micro, usb cable. So you can charge this in your wall charger for your phone there’s a little green light that comes on when this is fully charged, it’s red when it’s charging and the light changes to green when it is fully charged. It supposedly has a control range of up to 100 meters, but uh this is uh. You know i mentioned this. Has wi fi that wi fi is 2.4 gigahertz. The good thing about 2.4 gigahertz is everybody? Has it on their phone just about everybody? Has 2.4 gigahertz scene and will be able to use this phone or this drone with their phone? However, 2.4 gigahertz also happens to operate on the same frequency as the controller and they will tend to interfere with with each other causing reduced distances. So i would expect to see fpv video range in this about 30 to 40 meters and pro probably true, control range of up to about 70 meters with the controller so i’m, not sure if that 100 meters is actually correct.

Um now i mentioned fpv video. It sends fpv video to your smartphone using the uh. What was the name of that app? The wi fi cam app. I believe here yeah wi, fi, cam app and that app is available in google play and the app store. So you will be able to find that that app relatively easily. It also comes with a user manual. Now that user manual is both in english on one side and chinese on the other, so don’t get it. You know i had a hard time finding the side that had the english, but then i eventually found it, so it does come with a full instruction manual telling you how to use this drone and how to fly it um. Additionally, it comes with a spare set of propellers a propeller screw assembly screw and a charging cable, a micro, usb charging cable for the battery. You can buy one two or three spare batteries. If you’re interested in this drone, i recommend buying the batteries at the time of purchase. If you want to keep flying because you’re going to have a hard time buying spare batteries after you purchase it, because the way they get around the shipping restrictions of lipo batteries is they’ll bundle it with the drone at the time of purchase of the drone and Buying them separately later can be a problem. Let’S look at the controller over this. This is a basic controller. Oh, it does have a nice um phone holder that actually holds my phone.

You know a lot of phone holders i’ve been working with these days, aren’t big enough. This one actually holds my armor 6e phone, so that’s cool about that let’s go over the buttons that you get on this controller. It does have trim, control, right and left trim, control and forward and back trim control here for pitch or for roll and pitch for smoothing that out has automatic takeoff and automatic landing on off button here and on the top. We have rates button here along with headless mode and one key return button. Now the one key return is not true returned home folks. All that does is is causes the drone to fly the exact opposite direction. It was pointed at take off so, if you’re off to the right or left of that of your your position, it actually might be fly. It might fly away from you, so don’t depend on that to bring it home to you folks. Additionally, this button here will calibrate the uh gyros on the drone, while it’s on a flat level surface, and it also has a flip button. Although i think the flip button has been deactivated and the reason that they would deactivate, it is flips burnout brush motors, you don’t really want to do flips too much on a brushed motor drum, and finally, it does come with a set of prop guards. Now this drone is small enough that you could actually fly in a house, but if you do, i recommend that you put on these prop guards indoors.

Okay, outdoors, you don’t need them but indoors. It might be a good idea to include them with this drone, so that is the e88 pro let’s take her for a flight and see how it flies. Um, i’m. Thinking of going out, we just had another foot of snow here in erie, so i’m gon na have a hard time finding an outdoor place, but if i can, i will fly it outdoors, so here we go folks good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of The e88 pro out i can’t, get to my normal flight test facility because of all the snow, so we’re gon na fly in my front yard, and this little drone should be appropriate for flying folks about front yards and backyards because of its size, height or size. And weight it’s a beginner’s learn to fly drone. Let me just make sure that the motors are working properly. We’Ll take off from my driveway here now. Let me start recording before we do take off and that video record button is actually i’m gon na think we need to use that. Okay, video has started, recording and let’s. Take the air i’m just gon na give it up. Unlike on the throttle that starts the motors and take off and probably gon na need to go to a higher rate, there’s a little bit of a wind today, let’s fly it around the area, let’s bring it on in closely now the camera on.

This is not a good camera. Okay, you’re not going to get a good camera in a 35 drone. Trust me folks, you’re, not especially when they advertise 40. What is a 4k camera for 35 dollars? That’S, probably not true, but actually this does fly nicely. So you can get actually a nice flying drone for 35 dollars, it’s just that the camera is not going to be very good now. This is intended as a learn to fly drone and i think for that purpose, it’s it’s, appropriate. It actually flies kind of nicely. What i’m feeling right now going overhead, so beginners learn to fly. Yeah um! You don’t, want to spend a lot of money. Yeah let’s fly over my yard. Try to steal my yard! Now! We’Ll go over the snow. My front yard here bye do a pire over that tree, so i don’t hit it coming around. My lights are blinking a bit kind of early for the battery to be going i’m checking going up higher too. So i can see the snow remember if i want to do that, check out the snow let’s, bring it in and see if there’s like okay, they stopped blinking here, probably because i gave it a little bit too much throttle there. So it’s behaving kind of nicely up there now let’s see. If this flip button actually works, oh yeah, no, okay, they disabled it. You hit it it beeps beeps, but it wouldn’t do anything.

No, the button is not working and even if it was, i would not recommend you do flips with this drone that will burn out the motors so flying well. So i always get asked you know: what’s a good drone under 50 bucks under 70 bucks you’re not going to get a good camera drone under 50 bucks under 70 bucks. You got to understand that folks, but you will can get a good learn to fly drone in that price range, and so is this one. Now i just flew another one, just a little bit earlier here and this one’s, just as appropriate as the other one for learning the basics of flight let’s, bring it in and uh. The other thing you’ve got to understand is a 50 drone and uh, even under under the hundred dollar range you’re, not going to be able to truly fly fpv. You know, looking at the screen, um you’re just going to get a lot of lag. A lot of breakup and you’re not going to be able to fly distance, especially a 2.4 gigahertz drone, so don’t depend on the screen being able to fly by the screen you’re just not going to be able to do it in this price range. So i understand that, okay, when we’re done, we haven’t let’s try taking a picture with it. Coming down closer, the wind is blowing it back. The picture’s just gon na be. Is this just a screen grab of the video so it’s not really worth trying, but now you’re, probably seeing a lot of um? We caught not not only lag but frame skipping frame dropping because it breaks into wi fi, especially as you maneuver that’s another issue of not having a drone that records the sd card.

When you record via wi fi, you will lose signal every once in a while. When you do, you lose the video. So keep that in mind going up higher into that wind there’s some wind today, showing the area and coming back down again from up there. It is beautiful, but cold morning here in area now those lights are starting to blink, so i’m, going to bring it down lower because i don’t know what this is going to do when the battery finally goes but let’s bring in a closer look. So you can see that look on the front of the drone and you’ll see a blink blink blink blink on its eyes, that’s your low battery warning folks, when you see that so when you see that get close bring it up, close don’t go too far away Because that drone’s either going to drop or it’s going to land itself, wherever it’s at fighting the wind come back over here. Well, i just flew another little learn to fly drone about 10 minutes ago. Here i landed in the snow to my right had to go walking in there and find it. It was buried about two feet of snow over there. Blink blink, blink blink, so my thoughts overall, you know yeah. This is a good learn to fly. Beginners learn to fly drone and the price is right, so keep that in mind too, especially for younger folks. Now you are going to want to go outside with this.

I wouldn’t recommend flying this indoors, especially as a beginner. You are, if you fly this indoors, you’re going to be breaking propellers even with the prop guards, but if you do fly indoors, put out definitely put on the prop guards outdoors, you don’t def, you don’t need prop guards as much alright i’m trying to okay there. We go battery is gone, so it lands itself when the battery is depleted. So let me stop the video recording if it was recording at that point. I don’t think oh yeah, it was there we go so that is the flight of the e88 pro, not a bad little beginner’s drone, especially for the price, so hope you enjoyed this flight it’s quadcopter101 signing out hi quadcopter101 here again, hey! If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it’s real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first, shout out, so give it a try.