This is the case it’s a very nice case, so let’s take a look at this. It is about a 45 to 50. Drone looks like this. Now um it comes with let’s see it comes with a little bit of tape. There we go so let’s see it comes with some uh protectors so like they probably go like right here to protect uh these propellers um. We have a screwdriver because these are actually screwed in which is a very different design that i usually get um and we have extra propellers. Is there only one? But oh, no there’s, two extra propellers, three one, two: three? Okay, so we have a few extra propellers and here are the propellers they’re, very small. We got the charging thing, we got the charging cable and we got the instructions so um. If you can read chinese here, you go, but this is the english side and that’s the cue card qr code for the app and it’s how to use it, and we have the you guys can actually read this uh user manual, chinese um, yeah it’s, all in Chinese but there’s a little bit of english in here um, so we can put that aside. We have the drone right here, it’s, looking nice and there’s a i bought the 4k, or maybe the 120 1020k and um. So how to open this drone uh you’re gon na – want to do the front first because of this right here and you can’t open the back so you’re going to want to do the front and i’m going to do that, it’s, pretty big once you unfold, it Actually, oh, this is hard to get on the camera.

Okay, yeah it’s, pretty big. We have the power button right here, it’s not plugged in so uh. Actually you have a little cap right here that you’re gon na wan na flip, open and um the battery. This is the battery, so if we take a good look right here, what you want to do is like get the two pieces and plug whoops and plug them in don’t know how this would go. It’S, probably like so plug it in and after that, you can put the battery in in this little slot it’s a little hard to get in, though see if we can do this, okay, it’s in now and just shove, this stuff in and now i can close The lid, it looks like nothing happened so now it should be able to turn on yeah it’s on it should start blinking, but we aren’t gon na mess with that right now. So what we have here is the remote and so the drone’s gon na be right here. You want these cool little antennas to be facing the drone, so it should be like this uh this uses. This is you uh. This uses double a batteries uh three of them. I think yeah and it’s made in china, and i think you can yeah oh that’s hard wow, so yeah yeah there. It is okay, so uh you have three double a batteries. I don’t have any right now, but i’ll put it in later and uh.

This is missing the. What is that guys? So, oh there it is so this thing comes with that and they’re spring, so there’s springs, and i think this might need to glue it on because it’s not working right now, um these are for. If it’s going up right there, yes, i’m gon na – have to glue that on. But if uh your drone is going um up, you can press the down to make it go down, and this is the remote it’s very big remote. I think we have some of the flips and stuff over here. I’Ll have to figure this out eventually, but uh. I got i’ll oh yeah and right here we have the phone holder, which you have right here to just pull out and yeah i’ll um glue this on with hot glue, really fast and i’ll put batteries, and we can do a test flight, see ya, okay, guys! So i put the batteries in. It is all good to go so before when you see your lights, blinking right so uh, it won’t work until you turn this remote on and go forward forward and backwards to make sure the connection and uh once it stops. That means it’s connected and uh we’re gon na go. Take this out for a spin and uh we’ll, see you there, Music, Music, Music, hi, guys so um. It was a good flight it’s a little choppy on the phone, but it’s a pretty good drone.

I recommend it, it is not the best for windy, it was really windy here, so it wasn’t the best uh but yeah it will be in the link. It will be in the description below. It is only about 40 to 50 dollars.