So let’s open it. So the first thing you will see when you open it is: you will see the drone itself. Then you will see some batteries. It would usually come with three, but i only have i only have two and it will come with a transmitter. So i’ll tell you more about it, but for now let’s go to the drone itself. So what it does, is it folds out there’s a camera on the bottom and a camera right here. So what i do is you just fold it out i’m holding a camera, so i just have to do it with one hand and if you see this here, it’s just because um it uh it kind of fell because i hit um a wire. So this is what it looks like there’s, a button on the top to turn it on, and then the battery goes into here, there’s a little antenna and yeah so coming on to the controller. These are fake antennas they’re, i guess they’re just for cool. So when you turn it on you’ll hear two beeps and two sink it, you go, you you go up and down and just to go forward. I think you know all that here’s the trim forward, trim backwards, here’s trim’s side trim other side and then here’s, auto takeoff, autoland um. If you press this back button right here, this will actually do the camera speed and the other one right here. If you press this button, it will start beeping and if you press like down it’ll, actually do a backflip.

You can do side flips, but you can’t do a front flip. So i kind of don’t know what these do, but yeah so i’m not going to review flying it, but you you will. These are eachine e58 drone batteries, they’re 600 milliamp hour, they’re, 3.7, volts, so yeah. I will be showing flying this in another video and also you can. If you go into the app you scan the qr code on the on the instructions and it’ll bring you to um the app based on your phone model, so it could be wi, fi, uav or um. I forget the other one, but i think it’s um. I actually don’t know so um thanks for watching my video smash the subscribe button and hit that like button, if you, like my videos, make sure to turn on notifications. So you never miss one of my videos because i always post post tech anytime.