Welcome to my channel well in this episode were going to take a look at the eachine e110, which is a mini spy helicopter. They call it a spy helicopter because theres a 720p camera in the front. Let me show you, so here is the little spy helicopter here and you see in the front. There is a camera and this camera i can well. If i want, i can move it down with my thumb. So when im flying high, it can look down, and if i want, i can have it look up as well. I dont really know why youd have it look up, but ill probably leave it forward for this video. You also have an optical flow rate here. So if youre flying indoors or outdoors low to the ground, the optical flow should work and keep it kind of stable in the air. It is very inexpensive, like i mean, really inexpensive its a way under a hundred dollars. So for that fact you have a brushed motor at the back and you have a brush motor here at the top. I have flown it indoors and it flies quite well im sure its perfect for beginners, because for me, its so simple to fly so someone whos, very new to flying anything comes with a controller should find it pretty easy to fly to. Obviously, only one set of blades up the top. You know like one motor, so its gon na drift with the little bits of winds it gets, but it doesnt drift that much and most beginners with these little controllers, you can control it.

So lets get back to that camera since it has a camera on it, wheres my phone, you take your phone and you download an app and you can see what the helicopter sees while youre flying and actually record the video or take photos, and, as i turn This way, this, your phone fits on your controller like that, so you fly like that. I find it very difficult to look down and look at this while im flying it. I guess i could, if i fly the helicopter way up in the air, but for the most part i sort of stare at the helicopter and fly then look at the video later now. The batteries for this are proprietary and theyre on the bottom. Here you see, they just slide up ill pull. It comes off like that. I did receive two with mine. I think when i look inside the box, i think you can get them with like four or five batteries. I dont know you get 15 minutes per battery, so you really only need two or even one youre fine. So what my plan is for this video is to fly it indoors to show you can flight indoors then ill? Take it out in my backyard here. Ill fly it around my backyard and then ill. Take it someplace, where i can go farther like way down my street and fly it down there and ill show you some video from the camera as well as just me, flying it so uh.

Here we go, all right were ready for the indoor flight, so i have everything laid out here. First thing we do is turn on the remote right here you see a little red light. Flashing means were all set next, take your helicopter and in the very front, theres a power button, press that, and you should see a bunch of blue lights, plus a flashing blue light up here, and it will flash really quickly were just going to hold that in This hand and im going to show you why it flashes quickly, because this and this are not connected theyre only connected when i move this joystick up and down it – should stop flashing. We are connected. All right were ready to fly now. If you want to use your phone, you have to connect to the wi fi of the helicopter and use an app. So lets do that now, all right! So you take your phone and you just have to find the wi fi that is shooting out from this, and if i look down, all you have to do is look for something called century 720p tap on that and there we are were connected next thing. You want to do is start up the app and the app. Let me find it over here, its called century and there it is over here century, so click on the or tap on the century. App. You have some settings over here. You can set up and you have your start button.

If i hit start, i should see what this sees and there we go. So as i move the helicopter, you can see the image on my phone is now moving. Next, if you take your controller, you have this big claw thing: open it up and put your cell phone in it. It will hold even large cell phones because mines quite large and then, when you hold it this way the image will flip and there we go. Okay, indoor flight im just going to spread out these props like that. Now you have a choice when you fly ill, just show you on the screen here you can click this button, but i would not suggest to click this button indoors because it means this helicopter is going to fly straight up in the air and it might hit Something above you like look what i have up here: a lap thats, not good, so im going to manually. Do it and the way you do that, is you pull both joysticks down and out so watch? What happens when i pull them down and out? Can you see the helicopter so ill hold it like this, so you can see it so down and out it spins up its not going to take off until this here left joystick goes up and i start moving it up higher and higher and higher, and then Shell go up, so let me just move back and lets fly all right.

Lets fly this around the house, so now im going to take this left joystick and lift it up and lets fly that up. The optical flow will work, so it doesnt go crazy on the ground and there we are were indoors. All right, so were all set to go down the hall. So you can see on my screen what it sees and lets go forward, and here we go going down the hall. Oh stay away from the wall, mr helicopter, sometimes the wind will cause it wanting to drift into the walls. So you have to be careful with that, so for me, ive been flying for a long time. So this is very simple for me to keep now. If your helicopter should drift all over the place like you can see, im just its hovering right there, its in a big area, so theres no wind off the walls, but if it should drift all over the place ill show you how to set the gyro. But let me go fly it to the rest of the distance and well land, it ill land it over where we took off, and then i will show you how to set the gyro all right so lets bring it over here coming over. This way bring it down. I want to make this a short video, not a 20 minute video, so there we go and then, when you land it just put it down, hold the left joystick down and that stops the props all right.

So if you have this lets, say you crash into walls or things the gyro is going to go off. This is how you set the gyro. You put it flat on your table. Take these two joysticks pull them both down and over to the left like this watch. Watch this light back here, okay down and to the left there we go thats the gyro setting when it stops. It is all level and ready to go and the next time you go up, it should stay perfectly centered. All right lets go flight out in the backyard its getting pretty windy back here. This should be an interesting flight. Okay, here we go now that were outside im going to use this button. I should also mention over on here. You have another button: thats your speed control, so im going to put it at a higher speed right now, full speed, just its not really going to go faster, but its going to respond faster and spin around when i needed to spin around if youre a beginner Leave it on the low speed, but for now im going to show you the take off button its just this one press that hit the spin and it should pop up there. We go its doing that by himself im, not even touching the joysticks, its hovering theres. Wind back here, but its staying quite still, you know like easy enough to control all right, so uh lets go and fly this okay.

So if youre wondering how is the camera on this thing there, i am im in the image you can see its 720p. Well, its not the greatest here, let me take it up there, we go ive got the camera sort of aiming straight, but let me go up a bit there. We go its higher on me now and there i am, you know, as the helicopter moves. The image moves as well, so this is the best youre gon na get, but for some people this is perfectly fine because its a spy helicopter and they want to go check things out its pretty cool for that all right. So let me come over here and ill get close to it. There you are little helicopter. It sits in the air nice, especially windy back here. Doing well lets go forward, so im going to take it over this way. Im just going to follow it here. See me following it, so i can keep it in frame because it isnt very large, so i put it on the high speed so heres the high speed showing you the difference come on over here. Watch this when i spin it around watch im gon na yaw. It so thats high speed. I can yaw it fast and if i go on the little thing here, ill go over to one now its on low speed. So let me try see it goes around slower, so beginners thats, the one you should use if youre a beginner or else its going to get out of get out of hand on you im really not doing it im just sitting here, letting it do its thing.

I could film it all day doing this, like i say its its made for beginners, so its simple to fly all right so flight around my backyard lets. Go this way ill just stand here and just have it go whip up and down in front of me. So going like this way going this way turn it around. Go this way its got. I think, like a oh whats, the range on this ill put below what the range is uh. I dont think its super far like maybe 50 meters, maybe 100 meters, not really sure but anyways. Let me see if i can land it in my hand. This probably could be very dangerous. Let me just try this land it in my hand. Okay, so i got the down arrow down ill, just catch it. Can i catch it yeah there you go. I just caught it hold the left joystick down and it will just stop now im out of my front yard, im going to put the speed on full because i want full control im going to whip it up and down this street here all the way down To the end, and the back well close to the end, anyways well see how it goes here. We go and uh lets go and take it over here. Thats full speed going down the street into the wind. There you go its coming back now. Full speed here comes whoa Applause. Go this way full speed there.

She goes ill turn it this time, its a lot of fun to fly when youre out here just buzzing around. I dont think the camera is of much use, but i dont know its up to you. Whatever you want to do with that camera, you could probably attach another one. A small one, instant 360 go camera on it, but for you know for flying it around. It flies really well ill. Give it that much its very, very, very true. In other words, when you point the nose straight, ive always got the right joystick on full speed, um thats, all im doing im just flying it around and im using the left joystick just to move the tail. So i go. If i want to go to the right or the left, or here im going to turn around nice there, we are come back. Go that way, thats it there you go and if i want to go up, take it away up and then ill bring it back towards me coming back now high up in here here and turn it around as it comes over here. So you can see it there, we are lets bring it on down. I think for a lot of people flying something like this, its going to give you the skills to fly like a real helicopter, because you know you got to use both joysticks, although im only using the left joystick here flying it, ive got the right joystick on Full speed, if i didnt put it on full speed, it would just hover and then i would just rotate around in a circle but yeah very easy to fly 15 minutes flight time is an awfully long time on something like this.

So what i want to show you now as im flying it here and hovering it around is what comes in the box so check this out. This is the box your helicopter comes in, and inside the box, youll find your helicopter remote batteries and accessories. The helicopter is impressive in design and the batteries for the helicopter are 580 milliamp hours and give you 15 minutes per battery. Batteries are charged using the included. Usb cable replacement parts include tail blades, rotor blades and, of course, you have a screwdriver and allen key to install takeoff. Weight of the helicopter is only 73 grams. The remote is a simple design and it even has trim buttons in case you want to trim the helicopter, it will take four double a batteries not included. Finally, you receive a manual for the helicopter and a manual for the app. So what do you think guys? This is something for you, you know it doesnt cost very much, and i think you could have a lot of fun with this thing, flying it around its simple for me to fly this its, like. You know its nothing im using like less than one brain cell to fly it for someone whos never operated joysticks before it might be a little bit daunting so flight indoors at first for those who can fly like camera drones, dji autel hops in anything like that. Youll find it so easy to fly its the same idea, its very simple to fly and uh yeah.

If you fly real helicopters, well, then its like its like super easy to fly all right. So what im gon na do now is, i will land it here. Grab it out of the air again and ill pull it down. As i get closer there, we go so uh youve already seen what comes in the box. So the next thing i can show you is basically the links to where you can find it on the banggood website. Theres, probably a discount code go check it out, not very expensive. Im sure youll have a blast with this. So with all that said, i say thanks for watching this video and ill catch you in the next one. Can you see my face in the shadow here? Sun is blocking everything there we go. I look like this so ill catch you in the next video.