Lets check it out. The dyur1 is very much an urban bike its for getting around in the city, not for long leisurely, weekend cruises, but as a folding e bike, thats pretty standard. These things are designed as convenient little urban runabouts now its not a typical folding e bike, as in the frame doesnt fold in the middle instead, the handlebars fold down just to make it shorter. This way you can fit it in the backseat of a car or under a desk at work. The seatpost also comes out which removes the battery with it, since the battery is actually built into the seatpost theres, a neat little lock. That allows you to leave your seat on the bike while its parked outside and not have to worry about someone jacking your battery. The design is neat, but it also means the battery capacity is limited since theres, just not that much space in the c tube for a battery. The pack is rated at 36 volts and just 5 amp hours, meaning about 180 watt hours. That translates to around 25 kilometers or 15 miles of range in real world riding, not huge, but probably enough for local urban aaron running 25 kilometers is also the top speed, as in 25 kilometers per hour or 15 miles an hour again. This is an urban bike. Its meant for sticking to the bike lane not racing cars in the street, so dont expect crazy performance from the diy ur1, its not going to give it to you, but what it will give you is good performance within its envelope.

A built in torque sensor provides really comfortable pedal assist as in it comes on and applies power. Nearly the instant you apply pressure to the pedals for a 999 dollar e bike. I was pretty surprised to see a torque sensor based pedal assist, and i was even more surprised at how well it worked its just a very comfortable pedaler im also glad to see other features included at this price too. Theyre included fenders, which is great for those of us that have to deal with rain or puddles along our commute in the real world outside of sunny southern california. Rain is a thing theres also a rear rack, though i would have preferred if it had open rails to make it easier to hook bungee straps, to one feature. I also really liked were the lights in the rear, the tail lights and the brake lights are built right into the dropouts, so theyre frame integrated its a pretty snazzy look and it invokes design styling. We normally see on much more expensive e bikes like the serial one electric bikes from harley davidson. The front gets a more basic headlight than those cool tail lights, but at least lights are included at all many sub 1000 e bikes, cheap out and dont. Give you any lights all in all id say that the dyur1 is a fairly low performance e bike, but that it offers good bang for your buck in its class. If youre looking for a fast or powerful electric bike look elsewhere, you just cant expect a 250 watt e bike to do that for you.

But if you want a slick, little urban e bike, the dyur1 delivers its a small and fairly lightweight package at just 20 kilos or 45 pounds. Yet it offers good build quality and a pretty high load capacity too, at up to 150 kilos or 330 pounds. So its well made it looks good and its priced affordably. I still ding it for low power and low battery capacity that limits the range, but i appreciate all the other things that it brings to the table thanks for watching everyone, we hope you enjoyed that review of the dyur1 e bike. If you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle.