Drones thought it’d, be a cool indoor flyer also be a nice like night flyer might turn the lights off in and in here do a night flight or simulate a night flight with it anyways but um the weather’s been terrible here lately guys, especially all week all Week, we’re going to have terrible weather uh as you notice. If you check out that video earlier today, i flew the mini from inside the car. It was just so cold guys so um a lot of uh. The videos you’re, probably gon na, be seeing here on our channel lately and coming up are probably going to be a lot of indoor flying a little mini style. Drones like this, you might feel see a few rc cars in the mix there too um. I got a couple gps drones lined up for you guys, but that’s, only being weather permitted guys when it’s hard to fly the big stuff outdoors when it’s so cold and to test everything like the waypoints and the functions, and all that i already have a few Gps drones lined up already ready for you guys some good ones – man, some really nice ones, lined up for a good price that i think you guys are going to really enjoy, but that’s that’s. Only when the weather is is right and all week the weather is going to be terrible, so just bear with me, but until then i really enjoy these little guys like this.

These little cool little indoor flyers that you can just sit on the couch man and just fly, fly there and you can. You know i’m saying i was watching the game earlier, watching the basketball game earlier and i was just the commercial came on and the halftime break came. I just popped one of my little minis in the air and flew it man. The next thing you know the game was right back on, so these guys are perfect for um, just popping something in the air man when you got a little bit extra time on your hands man and when it’s too cold outside to go out and fly. Your big stuff, i know i like i like to fly all the time and whenever i can and when it’s too cold outside i like to keep me a good indoor flyer, especially something cool. So hopefully, this is cool enough to where i’ll be able to keep this one in my collection and fly as well. I have something similar to that. I believe i had a d6 before, but we’ll see what this guy does man. This is dwi duelling, d6 max flight time. It says, is seven minutes on this guy. All right has three speeds: headless mode, flips and stunts flashing led lights, 2.4 gigahertz one key return, auto hovering, so uh yeah man, yeah man, has a couple different versions. I got the blue version. Y’All know blue is my favorite color, but they have a red, they have a green, they have blue and they have black and they have the colors marked off that you got so you know me man.

I went with the blue man. That’S, my favorite color man, so this is the dwi. The welding d6 man let’s go ahead and get the unboxing knife out i’m kind of excited to fly these, like i said i like these little guys man, sometimes these little guys. You get a lot but more excitement with the little guys than you do with the bigger guys, because you have less worry about really crashing. So you can just really just get some good enjoyment out of these little guys so open this guy up and see what we got in the box here. Oh nice, nice! Look at that yeah! This looks familiar. I had one of these before check that out, though, look at that nice, so the goodie bag already popped out. I don’t have anything that the boxes are already empty check it out. The box is empty, so we’re just going to leave a box leave the box to the to the side like that. Like that dwight there you go i’m, a dwi fanboy now and now i’m just playing check it out so here’s the goodie bag that popped out underneath. So we might take a look at this looks like we got um charger in here screwdriver. A couple extra props here’s our charger uh common battery with the common connector. So i think we get two batteries. I think it should be one inside the quad here’s, our battery micro, low c connector, so common battery um 3.

7, 550 milliamp hour battery, so that’s a nice size battery for this little guy should get a decent flight time in seven minutes. I think we should get that with this battery. You know this is usually the size of a battery you get with like a sema, a x5. You know decent sized battery, so we get this guy on a charger we got. Four extra props got a little proper moving tool in there and we got a phillips screwdriver included with the chargers. You know the basics. With this guy man, we also look like we have a instruction booklet underneath here instruction booklet. So if you want to read that guys, you guys go ahead and uh read this instruction booklet, but you know me: i don’t really care about that. So we pop that off bam here is the drone man check it out now on and off switch underneath it’s like we have some foam, rubber, footies or landing gear will be on this guy. She should be able to stick the landing pretty good. With this guy check it out check it out, it looks like a um looks like a little jet. Plane is what it looks like with some bumper guards around it. So this is gon na be easy to fly for kids and beginners. You should be able to just crash into the walls and bump off things, no problem, um on and off switch here, underneath so um let’s go ahead and just see if we can just push down and pop this battery back up open there we go so.

Yes, we do have an extra battery in there check that out, another 550. They gave us two batteries, but the on and off switch underneath really excited to see what color these lights are. I think it’s blue and green lights i’m, not really sure, but i believe it’s, blue and green. It has a cockpit in the front that’s nice for orientation for beginners, really not too much else to be said: single bladed, props or dual bladed problems. Sorry so yeah check that out. Then we have the transmitter in here. The transmitter is nice and labeled. Look at that has a little card here. Labeling everything your speeds, your 3d flips everything you need to know your one key takeoff and one key landing, and all that good stuff check that out man. Everything is labeled. You know headless mode all that stuff, so i don’t even have to go over it. For you guys, because it’s all labeled on and off switch yeah man, i believe it’s gon na be like three triple a batteries for the back of this guy we’ll find that out when we get this guy out for a flight or in here for a flight. It’S too cold to go outside, so let me charge this guy up man. This is the dwi dwelling d6 guys charge this guy up and we’ll go for a flight with this guy we’ll be back all right guys. I decided to pop out real quick with this dwi dewell and d6.

I was gon na do an indoor flight with it, but i decided to go ahead and pop out. Even though we’re super cold uh let’s see how this guy does man it’s a dwi, the welding d6 guys so up and down, binds us um just gon na see if we can just take off oops, what did i just do oops? This is our first rate, as you can see not too much pitch in the first rate, i’m, getting blown away already, i’m, full four second right now now: i’m, in a second rate, all right i’m, just gon na stay in this third rate right now, not really That much wind but running a whoop style drone. So hey it’s, not really great outdoor flyer, there’s a flip with it. So another flip with it another clip with it. So it does do all directional flips supposed to fly for seven minutes guys but it’s like five degrees out here with the windshield of like negative 10. So i don’t imagine we’re going to get that seven minutes the other day guys, but it does look cool. We got green leds in the front, we got blue in the rear and the green leds up front looks to be a little bit more brighter than the blue in the rear, which is kind of nice for orientation. Let me get a close look of it. You also got that cockpit in front like a little jet plane to help.

You know where the front is the front of the quad is as well, so you got a lot of things to help you with orientation. Another thing i like you got the motor wrong. The little foam or rubber footie underneath you see that that’s going to help you stick a landing, especially for kids and beginners who’s, not used to landing that’s going to help you guys, stick them in there really good with this guy. This is the v6 man, as you can see, the sun has begin to set, so i thought it’d be kind of cool just to pop out real quick for a little low light flight with this guy being that is the led fire look at that. We have we’ve already exhausted that battery, like i said, it’s cold out here guys, so i do have another battery on a charger. Maybe i might pop in indoors and turn off the lights and do a quick indoor fight with the lights out for you guys but yeah. I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t judge the flight time on this guy being that it’s so cold, but it does look cool guys, check it so out flying to lvc. So you got. You got a good amount of lvc warning with this guy good amount of time. All right, let’s bring this guy in we’ll pop indoors and i’ll just shut the lights off real quick indoor flight, guys don’t forget to like and subscribe and catch thanks for, watching guys stay tuned for the quick indoor flight.