The dwi daolin d10, now im to tell you right off the bat. This thing is way bigger than i thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be this little. You know one of these little little quadcopters, but this thing once i opened up this pretty cool case. You know its got the same material as like the the mavic mini case, um little canvas like the anafi and mavic mini, but anyway, its way bigger than i thought it was going to be so lets open it up and check it out and there it is. It looks like a martian theres, a little light in the front. It dont have a camera, thank god theres the quadcopter itself, so theres going to be no wi fi or none of that mumbo jumbo and then theres an on and off switch on. The bottom lets. Uh, take this part out. I mean its pretty nice dont get me wrong. Its got two batteries and they are dont know they have a little bit of weight to it. Maybe theyll say it in the manual im, not sure if i find out what they are, what size they are ill put it in there. I think its written in here, but its in chinese, so im not going to be able to read that for you, because i dont know chinese not yet anyway. Here comes a controller, very uh, simple stuff: it says rates, speed and flips.

Basically, thats. Probably all you need to know theres the light that little light that i was showing you heres a little bit of a headless deal here. This looks like it take off and land, and this looks like the trim, so i mean hey, they got it all laid out for you since you dont have no camera to worry about. You dont have to mess around with all that finicky, wi, fi and all that crap, and they give you two charging cables and all it uses those little pin the little pin charger thing. You know the little needle the needle charger, not a usb so and then they give you a little spare stuff here. Some props and a screwdriver yeah not a lot to it. Um. Let me uh pop the battery in so heres. The the contact points for the battery so yeah that would be just go in there like that, and just snap in there like that, yeah wow, pretty easy stuff. So to pop it out you just press in that little latch and pull up on it. Yeah thats pretty simple im turning it on there and then the lights will come on. So why dont? We just take it off in here and uh, see what its uh see, how it acts lets check it out. Im curious how the dowelling is gon na fly. I do like the case it was even has a little handle on there wow very impressive, build of the dowling turn on the dowelling okay.

So to do the level calibration you go down into the right now lets see how the okay heres that top button to take off and land button all right lets try a flip wow. I think it seems to fly pretty cool. To be honest with you, wow im impressed okay, so you know what we ought to do. We ought to take it outside and see how it is in the real world there it is pretty nice. My cat was sleeping on the floor. He didnt like it too much, but hell survive it yeah, pretty nice im. Digging that thing all right, guys lets go fly it outside right, guys, im out here with the dwi dowling im going to turn the lights off because its not dark. So i want to just fly it around and test out the battery see how long the battery lasts so lets just take off now the wind has kicked up a little bit so im a little concerned about that, as i just got done, flying the s5c and Boy wow that things flying great lets: uh turn the rate up on the dowel and it seems to be walking a little bit forward. Lets come back with the okay theres, the trim didnt take many hits to get that straightened out. Yeah. This thing is pretty cool. Actually, oh yeah, look at it the doll and, i think its, the d10. Oh yeah. Oh, you flies great wow.

Wow boy. Does that thing handle great theres a flip theres another one. Look at that thing. Wow this thing is cool another great toy without gps. Okay, so my phones blowing up oh its ronnie. I think he must be feeling better im, hoping he does. He wouldnt got his booster shot, so lets hope, rons feeling a little bit better. I guess he was feeling a little sluggish after that all right. Look at this thing go guys. I mean really look how cool this would be. A great uh training, drone right here right. You train somebody to fly with this. I had to back out there im just trying to give you some up close and personal shots of it here. Oh this thing is great man hey. I might have to actually keep this thing. Okay, usually i dont keep any of these things. None of them. Usually i send all of the stuff out, but i might actually keep this thing because this thing is freaking awesome plus it has an extra battery. Oh yeah, this would be a great trainer because its so uh, you know its so battle proof. You know its got. The big sides on the on the dock – you know its got this big theyre pretty thick, so its going to be hard to crack it up any and the range i dont know what the range is, but im gon na guess its probably probably 80 feet or So you could probably take this out.

I wouldnt try it any more than that. You know not really designed for that kind of stuff, but its going good enough right in here. You know i mean right there well that right there thats like 50 feet, so i mean how much further you need to go with this thing. You dont have a camera, so youre not going to be shooting any video youre just flying for fun yeah. Oh, this thing is definitely cool, okay, so im really liking. This thing this is gon na, be a keeper just like that. One that ron sent me that little bumblebee thing that uh hasaki bee thing he sent me. I still have that. I never gave that away. Oh yeah, this thing is great. I will put the flight time in the video ill put the little clock in there like i always do. Oh this thing is so cool wow. Does this thing fly great man d w i dont know im waiting for some kind of light warning here or something to go off to. Let me know that its crapping out, but so far, and i never did figure out how much uh, how big the batteries were. Maybe i should go back to the amazon page i bought it. Maybe itll show in there ill put a link in the description um for you. If you want to take a look at it, i dont remember how much it cost i probably around 29.

I would say i mean it does have that really nice case, so maybe its even maybe its even like 34 or something you know, but uh yeah its cool as hell, oh yeah, any any 10 year old, would love this. For christmas. Has a nice little case with the extra battery yeah great stuff: whoop wait a minute now, okay, so the battery is uh, the flips are still working. So that means the batterys still good thats. How you test that right, huh youre, not sure about the battery. Just do a flip if the flip dont work, the batterys running out the doll and yeah really nice, guys really nice, okay, thats it. The flips are done. Okay, the flips are flipped theyre flipped out. Oh there, it goes there. It is. It landed great man, wow, fantastic, absolutely, fantastic, okay, so that lights, flashing on the front there, you see that or you dont. I dont know that thing flew good too man. That thing was great right there, all right guys. Let me see how long the video lasted. The video went for eight minutes and 37 seconds, so the battery probably lasted like seven and a half minutes. I think i got it started pretty quick after i started the camera.