Please watch the whole video because you wont really know what to do unless you have, and you especially wont know what were giving away here. This is not like ive done in the past its similar, but its going to require a little bit more effort and therefore, with more effort were going to kind of increase the prize that each person would get uh if they were to be chosen. Its its going to be random, still im not going to go through and pick people myself before we get too deep in this video. Do not message me if you get one of those spam comments, saying youve won down in the comment section thats, not how this is going to work. You will not receive a comment from me telling me telling you excuse me that youve won. That just wont happen. So if it looks like any of these here on the screen, those are not valid comments. Those are from the scammer. The spammer, please dont message me dont, send me an email, dont, uh facebook message me dont instagram message me im still getting too many of those uh. I think it has helped a little bit, especially. It helps when you report it thats. The one thing you should do is you should report it right down in the comment to the youtube platform, so they know that its a spammer again active. So please dont message me remember my comments. All look like this.

Its very clear that its me and im leaving a comment, its not just a swiped logo, got ta pay attention to the type word as well. I know sometimes what i say can get lost in translation. Excuse me translation, especially when i dont speak well, but please, but please dont message me about that: okay, so uh down in the comments section wont get you into the giveaway either. So we can have a conversation about anything in this video down in the comment section. So we dont have to worry about that. How do you get involved in the giveaway? There is a form down in the video description that takes you to a google form. Google form is very straightforward, but what requires more effort of you is im requesting that you send me a dvr from a flight video im asking for dvr to have the osd element for the pilot name included in it, so that i know that its not someone Who just went out on youtube or somewhere and downloaded someone elses dvr file, so make sure its got your name or at the very least, if youve got a super long youtube name, you know some letters that resemble your name in them. Most people have relatively short pilot names, but if you dont have a pilot name, which i suspect is probably about half, you know, if you just use your name on youtube, then thats fine, but maybe just put the first part, maybe the first four characters in your Osd element for the craft name, i believe, is what its called in the osd and then any flight im not asking you to do some sort of special trick or impress me or anything like that.

I wont be featuring them here on the channel. So no worry about – and you know being embarrassed being just your first days into fpv and not being as good as you need to be to be posting that its thats, not what this is about its not about judgment its just about trying to make sure that This stuff goes to people who are actually going to be flying, and why did we get to this point? Well, i tried twice to give the mobile away and neither winner came back, so they obviously theyre not getting it. So somebody else is going to get it. Somebody else whos interested in fbv and who can submit a dvr file. There is a limit on the dvr file of a 100 megabytes, so that should cover just about any flight you might have, so you should be able to just pluck it off your sd card and throw it right in the upload form should need to be edited Down you can edit, if you want to you, can make it fun and interesting if youd like to i wouldnt shy. You away from that. Therell also be a question down there and it will collect email addresses and your email address is how youll find out that youre a winner or you watch the results. Video in the case of when i use an email address, i try to time the results. Video and sending out the winners emails about the same time.

So if you missed it, you know you dont have to sit there and wait. Youve got an email waiting for me. So if you didnt get an email, you didnt win. Okay, so dont message me also uh at the end, when you submit it will give you confirmation that it has been submitted, youll also get an email that tells you you have submitted your entry. So again, you dont need to message me, as is there anything else? I need to do please dont, send me those emails. I understand your excitement, but it gets overwhelming the number of messages like that that i get i try to make sure my attention goes to the messages of people that are needing advice or needing some help, or you know something along those lines. Okay, all right so uh. What were gon na do is weve got um. I think its 11 ive got a little pad out. Oh, i should miss my shirt boy. Have you lost your mind because i helped you find it its my stanley, the office t shirt. Ive also got a dunder mifflin coffee cup here worlds best boss. I need to take this to work. I havent gotten my old work stuff back at my new desk. Ive also got and youve probably seen them my boom roasted and i have another notepad. I sit over here because sometimes i work from home as well, so i think its 11 and ill keep track of my notepad.

So therell be a bunch of jump cuts in this video as to what were giving away and to start off the giveaway to kind of create a bang because its creating more effort for you. I understand that so im going to increase the prize here. Just a touch and were going to start off with numero uno and yeah its a set of fat chart goggles, not just fat shark goggles, not just any old fat shark goggles, no, its, not the walk, snail new avatar stuff: it is the hd02 goggles. You can see it over there on the far side right over here: hd02 goggles, no receiver, no antennas, no batteries matter of fact. I wont be sending batteries with anything because of a shipping issue there, but uh yeah. You know when these were new boy, were they like 4.99, or something like that. These have been lightly used. I used those with the hd0 or sharkbite vrx when it first came out, and i have since switched over to skyzone 04x. They work fine. As far as my use goes, but because i have two sets of the skyzones and i have two sets of the orcas and i have dji goggles, this is something that could go of use you. Can you pass it on? As with anything here, you can use it for parts if youve got a pair of goggles and you need something out of it. Save yourself some money there if you want to but uh yeah fat shark, hd02 goggles prize number one by the way, if you really like office pins, i have recently found these energel pens.

This is a happens to be 0.7, but it also comes in a 0.5. Really nice pens really smooth riders uh. I ran into one of these by mistakes, someone left it on my desk and then they came calling for it and i asked them for a picture of it, so i could get some of my own. So if you have a fetish for office, pens that write nice because i still ride a lot, even though i work in i.t uh yeah, you might give these a a shot. Okay package number two is going to be the mo beetle six uh, both frames, the indoor outdoor frame um and i tapped on the box, but i meant to include this. This is uh a redshifters frame, its a 75 millimeter. I want to include a 75 millimeter uh 40 millimeter, prop along with the 65 millimeter stuff there. So this one has uh its a little bit older, but i think the crown jewel outside of it just being a 2s whoop from redshifters, is it has the original runcam nano 3 lens on it? I had forgotten this had the original lens. This is uh. Pretty rare these days, you might just want to pluck that camera out for your favorite whoop might. But so these two are package number two uh number three is going to be a custom whoop uh. This is uh fr sky d8 mode on this one, and then this is the original mobile that came out with the first uh expresso rs, all in one.

I forget the name of this. One has the really high kv motors. You probably want to swap out those motors uh to pump up your flight time. It flies fine, its just the kv of the motors means really short flight time. High demand on your battery. So if your battery health, isnt very good lights, arent going to last very long at all, so these two whoops a custom whoop and whatever this one was called with those red. Like 26 000 kv 02 0702 motors uh thats package number three gon na shift gears here. A little bit were going with a vista bass, quad yeah dji. This is the gap rc smart 35. So its a three and a half millimeter propped uh quad with the vista inside of it and its got the nebula uh nano camera in it. I think this is v2, maybe even v3, so the image isnt terrible but its not as good as the nebula pro camera. So you might want to swap that out just a quad i havent flown much really. All of these are quads. I just havent flown much. You know once you get kind of an affinity for certain things. The things you used to have an affinity for you. Just dont fly them as much so yep rc. Smart 35 is package number three nope its number four and number five is the hglrc motor whoop 90.. This again this is dji. This is nebula uh, but not the pro.

This is the nano um actually kind of a fun little whoop type quad. I just dont think these ducks were gon na make it through really hard crashes. Its gon na you know take tumbles in the grass and stuff like that. Probably pretty fine, but if you hit something hard where theres no cushioning its probably going to break the box, does have one or two extra prop guards in it, though so number five is the hdlrc motor woop, 90. and while were on the motowoop 90 were going To go with the inverted version as well for package number: six youll notice, the dj quads theyre, just one quad, the larger quads are just going to be one because im trying to keep the boxes small but yeah. This is essentially the same, but theyve inverted it. So if you like to fly inverted style, you have that as an option. Obviously its got a gopro mount up here and a gopro pigtail for a naked gopro and i believe in the review. I did flat with my naked gopro, so the inverted moto woop 90 from hdlrc is number six package. Number seven is uh two custom quads here: uh kind of an indoor outdoor situation, uh another uh redshifters frame here its got the special filament they use to print that stuff, as well as a run cam nano 3 with the original lens id forgotten about both of Those having the original lens so kind of uh, if you dont know the original lens, was far better than the lenses that have come after it, and you could tell because its perfectly round, as you can see there thats the original lens.

This has got some tiny whoop motors in it theyre relatively low kv, so i went with quad bladed props and this is going to be fr sky d8 mode as well, and then weve got the gnarly fpv subatomic here kind of get this in front of my Face so you can see it a little bit come on camera there we go tiny little quad hard to get it to focus on the quad, not my face. This is 2s and pretty fun, but its really compact uh. This has also got an fr sky xm receiver. In it the receiver will stay, but that is a d8 receiver as well. So if you need to replace that, you probably need to go with something like the express lrs, because its real tight in there, so youre gon na need a really tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny little receiver, because theres not much room. So this is package number seven and for winner number, eight weve got the uh synrace 20.. This ones got the led kit on it and its its not only made for that slow, smooth filming and you may even want to use it inside. This is analog by the way, but you can fly this much more aggressively check their website for a new pid tune. I do know uh that we changed it to props out. I think that helped some of the small flight flaws, but they might have a new pid tuned too thats in my brain thats, not a hundred percent, it might not uh, be a new pitoon.

I might be confusing quads, but package or quad for winner number. Eight is the synrace 20, with the led kit and ive got a spare box of prop protection as well. That will go with it as to well no reason for me to keep those and for winner number, nine weve got the avant quads of vo 3.5. At least. I believe this is 3.5 inch. Ive had a number of avant quads on the channel and i like i like how they build all their quads and they always fly pretty well uh. But again, once you get so many. How many do you really need? Not that many so im going to pass quality quads as well as quads that you know you might not think are awesome, but at least you got parts you can use to repair and get yourself in the air, but i think youll enjoy this. This has an effort sky, xm, plus receiver. In it this is analog uh. This is again the avio 3.5 from vaughn quads, and that is for winner number. Nine and winner number 10 well get the avo4 again. This is analog with the xm plus in it, and it spins four inch props a little big for my space. I believe the video for this one i put the should have come from with a warning yeah. This is the powerhouse youre gon na want more space for this. So keep that in mind when youre doing that maiden flight.

So winner number 10, you are getting the avant quads of vo4 winner number 11. This is the gep rc thinking p16. This is a vista based, ive got cobwebs on this things. Poor thing has been sitting on my shelf, not being flown, so this is another vista. This has, i think, its the original nebula nano that has that strong halo effect and bright sun around trees and vegetation. So you probably want to change that camera out, but maybe youre just going to use it for parts too. So theres theres a number of parts in here that can come in handy for you. So for winter number, 11 weve got the gep rc p16 and last but not least, number one in your heart, but number 11. In your program, the tom fpv, oh unicorn. I almost forgot what this is called: hom fpv unicorn uh. This is well. This is actually missing. Some screws from the frame bottom so ill try to find some screws before i package this back up tonight to secure that uh back down. You know it vibrated too much it kind of came apart. I wasnt necessarily thrilled with how this one flew, but again youve got a number of different components and parts that you could take out of this and put it in something else, just as you could with any of these, if you dont like how they fly or You dont want to fly them in their current form, use the parts use them.

However, you want. I just want this stuff to be used enjoyed by others, thats it so weve got 11 winners and all 11 winners. You need to make sure your osd element for the pilot name or craft name. It shows in there that its got some portion of your name that correlates to your youtube name, so that we can make sure that the dvr files that are submitted are actually yours and not just downloaded or from someone else. There will be a results, video and again, as i said earlier in the video, i try to time the emails that are going to go out to the winners with that results, video so uh in order to give everybody appropriate number time, because this is were going To require more effort on the winners parts or even those that dont win if youre going to get involved its going to take more time im going to let this contest so to speak, or the submission timeline run for a full week, probably eight days and then On the ninth day, ill stop submissions and then ill start to get everything together so that i can make a results. Video get the emails together after results, video ive done that ive done the random draws. Well, do the random integer generator so itll. Just if pick numbers from the spreadsheet uh, so itll all be randomized again im paying for shipping uh. All this stuff should come well under the 35, even if youre a long ways away – and i have had the question to do – i ship internationally – i do uh if it gets above 35 dollars is kind of my cutoff point.

I think two giveaways ago i had to cut off point at 25 and i didnt bump up against that, but because we have one four inch quad and that package size tends to get a little bit bigger. We have also got two 3.5 inch. Quads uh those package sizes tend to get a bit bigger so that the cost of shipping can go up a little bit so im giving ourselves a little bit of leeway by going up to 35 dollars. If it comes in over 35, then ill ask you to cover the remainder. Typically, when it comes to custom form, i put a very low dollar dollar amount. I think putting zero uh is kind of trying to skirt the laws a little bit. So i put like 10 or 15 or 12 dollars in there, and i do mark them as gift and in the description i put in a remote control, toy or remote control, toy helicopter or remote control toy quadcopter. I usually put something of that variety and most of the packages over the course of the last so many years of doing this do get to where they need to be, but unfortunately, if it doesnt get to you and it gets sent back to me, i only Send it once so, then it goes into a different giveaway after that happens, and it usually takes like six months before it comes back to me. Unfortunately, in a giveaway, not that long ago we had someones package, it eventually came back after a number of months, not getting to where it was supposed to be, and i dont know why uh the the information that i got from the sender, not the the person, But the shipping company said duplicate and i looked in my stamps.

com account and it was not duplicate. So i dont know what that means, and i reached out to try to acquire to get more information and ive heard buckets. So, okay, so were going to have 11 winners from this form. The dvr form giveaway, and i hope everybody is that you know has that ability can, even if you have to screen record in order to get some dvr file. Thats fine im not asking you to have goggles that have a dvr in them. If you need, if youve got a screen that you use, if you can set up some sort of recording and just do some sort of simple flight, it doesnt have to be fancy. It doesnt have to be a full flight. It doesnt have to be, you know, mind blowing or anything im, just looking for a dvr file, im looking for people who are actually involved in fpv to give them more quads so that they can have some more fun and they can ease their budgets a little Bit now for those people who dont have quads currently youre, probably a little bit sad and you probably havent even watched all the way through the end. But if you have ill go, do ill. Do those giveaways again where its just open for everyone um, because of probably my frustration a little bit of trying to give the mo beetle away twice? I decided im gon na do a little bit more of a targeted giveaway.

Dont worry well go back to giveaways that are just freely open to everyone, but i wanted to do a targeted one here to get some of this stuff moved out, because the shelves are stacking up, as you probably can tell okay, so click that link down in The video description it takes you over to a google form, it will collect your email address, theres one simple question and you upload your file and youll again. It will confirm that youve submitted it will send you an email to the email address that youve got logged in to the google form itll. Send you an email address, confirming your submission. Do not send me messages about the scammer. The spammer report them right here on the youtube platform uh and also do not send me questions about you know what else do i need to do in a giveaway, please i dont like to do all these do nots. I feel like im, wagging my finger and being a mini buckets thats thats, something i dont like to do, but unfortunately it does get very overwhelming when you get a lot of those messages and youre kind of like. I hope i dont miss anybody who needs some help, their message. Okay, so get down there and uh dont forget therell, be a results. Video. This will run for at least a full seven days. I probably wont even cut off the submissions until the end of the eighth day uh.

In order to give everybody whos got, you know work family, just like i do. Give you plenty of time, change that osd to have some portion of your your youtube name in it and go for some quick flight and upload that dvr.