937 Music were going to take the monster 937 to top speed today, because i cant find this information anywhere. Nobody seems to know what the top speed is were going to find it out and because we respect our boys in blue were going to be doing this in a completely controlled professional environment. On a dyno, which is far more accurate, as youre about to find out than your speedometer, were also going to do a comparison between what the speedometer says and what the dyno says to show you that margin of error here we go. Okay, so explain one more time what were looking at here and how to read it: okay, so what were going to do for top speed were going to simulate as if theres a load on the bike with the load, control of the dyno itself. Okay, so itll simulate as if youre actually riding down the road – and i imagine its going to be somewhere between 15 to 20 percent load at top speed. We have miles per hour, so this will show us and uh lets, give us air fuel, rpms, dyno, temp, humidity, temperature and our air pressure perfect all right here we go Music. So all right. So this is me taking the bike up to sixth gear. I know it looks super cool with my 360 camera on my back. That gives us this view right here, which kind of mixes things up for you guys a little bit kind of like a birds, eye view or a drone view Music im bringing my rpm down to around 3000 here before i take her up to top speed.

Youll see that in the top left hand corner there in miles per hour, we are approaching the rev limiter and theres a top speed of 160 miles an hour. So, as you can see, i hit 160 miles per hour or 257 kilometers per hour on the speedometer. All without the risk of a deer running out in front of me, thereby turning me into a human catapult but medieval references aside, theres. Another reason that you want to do your top speed runs on a dyno besides safety, because the dyno is far more accurate than your speedometer, which is actually set low, purposefully by manufacturers to err on the side of caution and to protect themselves from any potential litigation. Another reason is they want to help you out and make sure that youre, not wrongly ticketed by the boys in blue and lastly, so you can feel extra cool and have bragging rights, even though youre really driving like a granny but mostly because they dont want you To sue them, if you do get ticketed, but my speedometer, it was wrong. Man up, you were speeding, stop trying to sue people all the time. As you know, the united states is pretty much the most litigious society on the planet. You dont believe me sue me. Im just kidding im just kidding dont, be so serious all the time so lets take another look at what the actual speed was per the dino. I think youre going to be pretty surprised by the results like i was Music, Music, so 149 miles per hour or 240 kilometers per hour per the dyno, which is more accurate, so thats an 11 miles per hour or 17 kilometers per hour difference or a seven Percent drop in top speed compared to your speedo.

You heard me right. The speedometer overstated my speed by seven percent. This whole time, ive been going approximately seven percent slower than i thought. I dont know how i feel about that, because, knowing this im probably going to want to ride faster now to make sure that i dont get pulled over for going too slow in the fast lane, hey, i dont want to be a menace to society. Im. Just doing my part, all getting aside guys, dont stress out the boys in blue theyve got enough stuff to deal with. Most of them are car and bike guys. Just like us and like me, theyd, probably rather be sipping a coffee than chasing down a hooligan doing a wheelie on the highway in a tank top respect the authorities, Music, Music, so save the speed for the track or the dinos. Now there are some ways to calibrate your speedometer to make it more accurate and, if youre interested in a video on that, let me know in the comments below and now as a bonus for comedic purposes, my tuner. Actually, let me try to run my own horsepower. Dino enjoy so here my tuner. Let me attempt a dino run by myself, my first time to measure horsepower and torque on my own just for fun and, as you can see by the results i botched my first dyno run turns out. It actually takes skill and finesse with the throttle to generate the finest of horsepower and torque curves, but at the end of the day, while i didnt quite nail it, it was a fun experience that i will always cherish special shout out to my tuner.

You rock anyway, coming up next is a top speed run on my ducati dabble 1260s, so stay tuned for that. That should be fun and until then keep it locked into rated r cars and always remember the motto always be kinder than necessary, and i will see you in the next one and when i say always be kinder than necessary. I mean it and that takes strength to do next time when someones going 10 miles below the speed limit in front of you, try backing off and giving them some extra space. Maybe they just lost a loved one and theyre distraught or theyre, sick or theyre lost, which we all have been. None of us are free from mistakes, so cut them.