All you can eat barbecue buffet tonight, so thats still many hours away and uh got ta find some lunch, and this street near my hotel is just filled with fast food places and im just always curious what popular brands in the u.s taste like in other countries. So lets go check out. The local pizza hut ive been to a pizza hut in a long long time, theres a lot of pizzas here that seem really unique. Can we get the tandoori paneer? Oh sourdough yeah, oh interesting, handcrafted, sourdough, yeah, awesome, hutz, chicken kafta in a classic bojito, oh looks so good: paneer, pizza, handcrafted, sourdough, cheese, tomatoes, green peppers, some onions, some chilies crust, doesnt, look too thin and the other pizza is chicken kafta toasted cheese. On top the bottom looks nice and chicken coffee, the chicken skewers, easily foldable tons of ingredients. The ingredients looks nice and fresh toasty cheese. Almost like a thin crust pizza. I dont think the u.s has hand crafted sourdough. I dont havent been to pizza hut in a long time. Oh that smells so good. Oh you smell the sourdough. I dont eat pizza hot a lot. I usually prefer dominos thin crust or papa johns because they got that dipping sauce. Yes, pizza hut always tastes just good. First of all, all the ingredients are so nice. Tomatoes are plump and juicy the onions taste incredibly fresh. The cheese tastes like well cheese and the crust is crispy on the outside, beautifully light and airy.

This is amazing, pizza, doesnt taste like something you get from a chain. You get that nice sourness from a sourdough as well that kind of balances the cheese out. Try the chicken one. Oh, the chicken cough does so much flavor. It tastes literally like they just cooked it on the kebab before putting on a pizza which maybe they did i cant get over. How good this crush is so light so thin, incredibly chewy and airy. This tastes, like a good quality sourdough wow, were really really impressed by the pizza right here, if only they had some dipping sauce. This is like night and day better than the pizza hut, ive had in the us night and day, not even close im, really like pizza hut pizzas. I always remember this always sitting in a pool of grease. This is so light and its so fresh and borderline tastes. Good for you, ingredients seem high quality. It was a really good pizza, Music, really good. You guys, dont have dipping sauce. Do you you have some. Thank you so much wow. Thank you. Creamy ranch dressing and fiery piri piri sauce, oh creamy, smoky spicy ranch dressing to spit on my face ranch dressing, mmm smoky slightly sweet creamy and spicy. Oh, this is so good. Um lets try this rich chocolate cake, thats, a moist, rich gooey piece of cook wow. So is there no chains where the us version is better than what exists internationally like if pizza hut, tasted like this in the u.

s? I go all the time im gon na miss watching the bulls go by every single day. Well, thank you uae for the hospitality and the amazing food see you again soon, hopefully now back to the us Music, this hotel has such great views of dubai. Creek. Also, staff here are the nicest Music, so its just out of the cab um were flying out of abu dhabi, so right took about an hour and a half from dubai. Uh save a little money, though, coming to this airport going to be flying with turkish airlines. First lake to istanbul and then a couple hours, layover and then to new york. Music: do Music just got past security about an hour before boarding. This lounge is really nice, a lot of food, a lot of drinks and before food, a big thank you and shout out to surfsharkvpn for sponsoring this video and continuing to support this channel ive been using search vpn for years, especially now when people are traveling more Youre connected to a lot of different public hotspots, these are usually not secure and great opportunities for people to have access to your personal information and surf sharp vpn is something i use every single day. I use it on my phone. I use it on my laptop and a big reason is security. I hate it when i search for something or chat with my friends about something and all of a sudden ask for whatever i was searching for or anything related to whatever i was searching for start popping up everywhere.

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The food selection got some chicken korma rice, tons of spices, some raisins in here some nuts in here as well, also stewed, beef and white beans. Honestly, i feel lucky that theres food at all on this lounge, because right now its almost one oclock in the morning, i really didnt expect the snacks to be open, but theyre fully stocked with a salad bar hop bar. I got some yogurt as well. Ive never seen mango yogurt before hmm, oh, this is great. Does it mean where i just never had mango yogurt before wow? Oh, this yogurt is delicious im, not a big yogurt person, but this is spectacular. Yogurt, its not very tart super mild and the fruit is awesome. I dont want to eat too much because its a five hour trip to istanbul. If i remember correctly, the turkish lounge in istanbul is the best airport lounge in the world or one of the best. I think i was there uh several years ago. The food selection is astronomical. All right got ta hurry up and eat on the plane, Music, all right, theres, a lot of movies thats great screen is pretty big headphones here, get a little pillow see its pretty big privacy screen, not that big im not sure how far this thing links back. I guess ill figure that out on the flight, as well as what they have to eat but yeah this. This is it so we should have taken off by now.

Um. I think its gon na be delayed by an hour which cuts the istanbul lounge time by at least one hour so hopefully be able to spend some time there. Getting food strawberry juice, thats new just got the menu, so theyre serving a breakfast meal right after takeoff. So todays special homemade strawberry jam and countryside butter. That sounds good, so this seed actually goes back pretty far. The legs coming out, theres a little fist. Stool also youve got the travel kit socks mask. This is a really nice travel toothbrush, keeping this little sticker telling them whether you want to be working out for food or not, and some lotions breakfast is served first course veggies cheese. This is the local jam and butter, some olives, Music. This is good. I really want to try this local jam and butter thing, though that is the best jam and photo combo ever and its not overly sweet. The butter is so creamy. This is so very good. I wish i could buy this Music, not bad for a first course main course. The gaza made this is a traditional turkish bread and its usually only made with flour, salt or water. Sometimes olive oil, Music, Music, theres, so many food stations, its about 7am right now. So some of the cooking stations are not open but theres, just so much stuff, panna cotta, chocolate, mousse, theres, yogurt, different breads nuts. In this station here live cooking stations, soups eggs.

I mean it just extends as far as this lounge goes: theres, coffee and tea. Here a little miniature set, they make fresh turkish bagel here: salads appetizers, lentils, veg, cheese, sandwiches, olive ones, mango mousse, chocolate, mousse, all sorts of drinks. This is orange. Shoes, apple juice, tomato juice, milk, but now since the plane was delayed, only got about 20 minutes left in here. I love this lounge and also, if youre traveling here this is at least true a couple years ago. If your layover is over six hours, they give you a private suite for free. You can just hang out in, or sleep in if you can make it happen, try to have a layover during lunchtime or dinner time. The food is amazing. All live cooking stations, its just so good for now, freshly baked bagel theyre, making fresh glass lemonade. This is so good wow, sour cheese, a little herbs paper, thin pancakes, absolutely phenomenal chocolate and mango moose for breakfast. Why not? Oh wow? Oh yeah, with a little turkish tea, a little panna cotta too dessert and tea – and this is one of my favorite things – i purposely put this turkish airline just so we can come back to this lounge and hang out and eat its. So short, we got like five minutes left here, and this lounge is like my number one motivation for flying turkish airlines really its just so awesome. At least all the lounges ive been to this is the best in the world.

This is such an amazing place with just awesome food. I got ta finish my breakfast desserts Music, one last sandwich for the road hot cheesy, fresh, im gon na miss a special Music. This flight is going to be over 10 hours. Let me show you around big screen. I think its gon na be the same movie selection as last time. Nice flip flops, a little storage here for your shoes hold out table seat adjusting panel, a little storage space down here. Remote control. Light bathroom here is very, very spacious. Its huge theres lotion, theres air freshener little fake windows feel like you got a view, while youre doing your business. Speaking of doing your business, somebody already done their business before boardings. Even complete god appreciate their speed. Headrest is pretty comfy like an air pillow hello. Thank you. Thank thats, pretty cool the shot brought over the menu lets. Take a look, so breakfast is going to be similar to the items we just had on our last flight bags just fell from the overhead. Pretty sure would have killed someone, because that is a heavy bag. Ooh versace travel bag. All right in here, socks, versace, lip balm body lotion, padded, really nice quality eye mask to brush to paste, and this is really cool earbuds, but theres a little case for it. All right taking off now so breakfast is pretty much the same item as last time differences i get a honeycomb and a spicy, pepper and tomato spread.

The tomato and pepper spread is very good, especially when the bread is nice and toasty uh spread a little honeycomb, not as good as the jam and butter from the last pipe still excellent whoa. Mr clotted cream, its amazing about this on the bread with a little bit of honeycomb, oh so good, very, very flaky, pastry way better than the last part. Whatever you want to say about turkish airline foods, one thing is for certain: they have the cutest salt and pepper shakers like seriously about to land in a couple hours um. This is the final meal on this flight. This looks really good, so its sweet, pumpkin soup, then theres uh salmon tartare today, im dining by candlelight all right, thats good. The pumpkin soup is so creamy a little sweet little savory mmm crunchy brings inside. I absolutely love this dunk some bread in here even better. Then got a plate of salad smoked salmon, its delicious, i dont know what armstrong sauce is, but creamy sauce with mushroom inside source to smoke salmon flavor wise that tastes like it came through a restaurant. Despite all the juice leaking, the fish is slightly dry, but it is still very tender, my god, the flavor is so delicious, also got liam sealed inside oh wow. I did not need a knife to cut this, that meat just pretended like a mashed potato and got all sorts of soft holy moly. That flavor is delicious. They give you some additional seasoning to add.

If you choose to all right, this lamb is soft. As the eggplant no turkish airline food. Would they serve you most of the time so freaking good dessert is brioche and custard. I think, and also a slice of what looks like chocolate, mousse cake whoa. Those grills are so good piping, hot little raisins and spices inside oh thats, so good, and also look at how beautiful this cake looks once it tastes like its fresh out of the oven.