Tube cover must be taken out, and the frequency, compass and driver scope also need to be calibrated. Aircraft frequency matching place the aircraft on a horizontal surface press and hold for three seconds to turn on the fuselage power switch shall press the remote control switch again. The remote control will beep once meaning the successful frequency matching with the aircraft. At this time. The front indicator of the aircraft changes from flashing to steady and the rear indicator keeps flashing, compress calibration and satellite surge short press. The compost button on the remote control, the front and rear lights of the aircraft will flash entering the compass calibration, hold the aircraft horizontally and make sure it must be 0.5 to 1 meters above the ground, rotate it clockwise for 3 times when the remote controller beep. Once the rear light of the aircraft will light up regularly and the headlight will flash indicating that the calibration of the x axis is completed. Put the aircraft head down, rotate it clockwise for three circles. When the remote control beep twice the front lights of the aircraft will be normally on and the rear lights will flash, meaning successful. Campus calibration note: the calibration geomagnetism must be 0.5 to 1 meters above the ground so that it will not be easily disturbed place. The aircraft on horizontal plane again and the rear light will flash, meaning that the gps enters the satellite searching state. This stem needs to wait for a few minutes when the remote control beeps once and the front and rear lights of the aircraft become normally on again meaning successful surge.

The lcd screen of the remote control displays gps on and mode too gyroscope calibration push the left and right joysticks of the remote control to the lower right corner. At the same time, the front and rear lights change from fast flashing to normal and the driver scope is calibrated successfully. Note gyro calibration must be carried out on horizontal plane, otherwise the flight effect will be affected. Demonstration press the start key of the remote control. To start the aircraft push the left joystick up to take off and pull down the joystick until the motor stops rotating and complete the landing. You can also sharp press the one key up key for taking off press and hold the one key down button for three seconds to land during flight. The left joystick controls the uav to go up down: Music left Music and a right Music. The right joystick controls it to fly forward backward Music, left right, speed adjustment, press the speed key of the remote control to adjust the fly speed. When you hear a big, it means low speed. When you hear two beeps, it means medium speed.