However, first, to show you what this thing can do, lets go somewhere a little more scenic, whats up guys and welcome to monument valley here in utah, usa, slash arizona, so im, currently standing in utah, but those mountains in the background is actually arizona and im driving Around here, decompressing from city life and exploring the incredible landscapes around here and today, unfortunately, the park here is closed. So i thought id talk to you guys about why i think the mavic mini is a great drone for architects and also a incredible companion as youre traveling around the world. All right guys lets take a look at the maverick mini. What you get inside the case and what it kind of looks like uh for those of you who are unfamiliar with uh dji and what the mavic is dji is a company that produces drones, theyre based in shenzhen super interesting company. I definitely look them up. Theyre going to be the future of this industry, the mavic is a series of drones that they produce, and that is known because theyre compactable, so i think theres the mavic 2. Now the mavic mini and possibly a mavic air and whats really unique about them. Is they kind of fold up into quite a small uh into a small profile? Um ive got the uh the mavic package, so the mavic comes in the mavic mini comes in two packages. One is just you can buy the drone itself two is you can get the package its a hundred dollars extra? I would definitely uh advise to go for that.

One, because you get the case. You get an extra battery pack and a bunch of stuff. The battery packs alone is worth around 100, so its definitely worth it and youre gon na want the extra batteries when youre traveling around and using the drone, so lets just jump into it and show you the drone itself, because i think that is what you want To see so this is the mavic mini, as you can see its pretty small um, and this is whats unique to the mavic – is its completely folded up its not like a drone that has its wings or arms constantly out. If you can see here, i have a iphone 10. You can see when folded up its about the same size as an iphone 10.. If we hold it up, you can see its pretty small right um, and this is one of the things its also super light. Its 249 grams. The reason for that being is that uh, once a drone gets to 250 grams, it triggers a few more kind of rules and regulations, particularly here in the us but heres. The really cool thing is when youre ready to fly, you simply just unfold. The drones arms out, i dont know what the technical term for that is, lets go with arms and then your drone is ready to rock and roll. So lets have a look at what else comes in the case. All right guys lets take a look at what comes in the box.

As you can see, the mavic is folded back. The drone is folded back into place. This is kind of what it looks like. As you can see its a super nice case. You can just throw that in your bag, wherever it is youre going or if youre traveling really easy to kind of take with you lets say you youre ready to go and you want to get the the drone out ready to fly. All you do is uh unfold. The drone like we did before uh front uh, two wings. First then back two wings after that and then uh the mavic does come with a protective case, whilst youre traveling with it. So to remove that you just unclip it here. Its a little bit delicate, but and at that point the drone is ready to uh fly. So the other parts that come in uh with the case is uh the controller itself which well get into in a second and then the battery pack, so uh the battery pack. It comes with three batteries in it. The third one is actually in the drone. The other great thing about traveling with this is this is a huge uh battery pack for charging your phone or any kind of stuff that youre traveling with so its pretty useful for that. Otherwise you get a bunch of cables and then also some spare propellers and things like that. The only other thing you need to fly.

The drone is some kind of smartphone im using an iphone 10 uh, but its compatible with most iphones most androids. You can check on the website to see if your phone is compatible with the mini um, otherwise, lets look at the controller, so the drones ready. The next thing i need to do is get the controller ready, and this is a really cool piece of design. Actually so like the mavic, its all kind of folded into place – and you basically start unfolding it, so you have these two kind of winglets here i dont know what the technical term is for these guys inside you have the two joysticks or thumb sticks for the Joysticks which just pop out and you screw them into place, and then the antennas just fold out like that. So the only other piece is missing is the phone and the phone. Basically, clips in you get the appropriate adapter for your particular type of phone, and then it kind of you have to jimmy into place, clamp these down, and you now have uh the controller ready to go. So this is your screen that youll see uh through the camera through the dji app and youre, basically ready to go so you can see within a couple minutes. You can unpack the drone unpack the controller and youre ready to fly. The only thing i need to do now is turn on the headset, which is one click and two clicks to hold down.

The controller is up and running, then the drone just has a button on the underside of it, which again you click once and hold down and thats. It were set up ready to go. We can take her out for a spin. Now we have the drone set up ready to go, were gon na, go, take it for a little test flight somewhere around here before you go out and buy yourself a drone and unpack it, and you know just take it for a spin. Please do not do that. You need to spend some time to learn how to actually fly this thing, and you can do that through the dji website. You can download their simulator training whats really cool about. This is its a wicked environment where you can go and you can go and fly any one of the dji drones. You can test them all out. You can also go and find the specific one that youre going to buy or that you have bought. You can use your controller to actually control it, so you can set up your preferred, joystick layout and all that kind of stuff, and you can get to grips and go through the training program. You can also fly through a whole bunch of cool environments, so like theres, a futuristic cities theres these amazing landscapes and its all based on the unreal game. Engine uh, which is super interesting to kind of play around with so go, and do that before you ever take this out into the real world.

The second thing you need to do is to make sure that your what the rules and regulations are about flying a drone in your country, in your city, in your state, wherever it is, you are to make sure that its okay to fly and uh. Lastly, avoid flying these things anywhere near an airport at all costs all right. So if theres, that the app will, let you know what the kind of rules and regulations are in your in your area or it will let you know if youre near airport, you want to avoid airports at all costs. So those are the three things make sure you spend some time. Training check your rules and regulations where youre going to fly it and avoid airports at all costs, so otherwise lets go ahead and get started and lets take this for a little test, whats up guys. So i found a super quiet little spot with this unbelievable backdrop, it looks like im on mars or something like that. The van is parked up. We have this epic backdrop for 360 degrees, its nice and quiet theres. No one around so lets go ahead and have a little test flight with the mavic. Okay guys. So i checked the area i set. The drone up. Ive got the uh controller set up. As you can see, the drone uh, which you can just see down there, is im setting it on the case itself because it uh its quite dusty here.

So i dont want it to get like all stuck into the uh drone, which ive already found out the hard way um and, as you can see its just a little drone pad there. So uh yeah ive checked the area. Ive checked that we can fly so without any further ado lets. Take it for a spin okay. So now weve got the drone set up. All we have to do is go to the dji fly, app open it up. This is how you connect your phone and the controller to the drone access the camera and all the features that come with it. Most importantly, you can hit the map at the top left hand corner, and it will show you places that you cant fly youll also get a warning if youre inside an area that you should be flying in uh, it takes a second, but once youve connected you Can go and hit go fly youll, see on the bottom right hand screen there. You are now connected to the drone and ready to fly, youll, see the camera and various controls around the screen. Music. So first thing i want to check is the warnings and settings at the top here it gives you critical messages or warnings before during or after flying. You can see here whilst im, certainly not on top of a mountain or anything where im flying is quite high. Up in terms of altitude, so it means the air is thinner, so stopping takes longer flight time is less etc, etc.

Otherwise, you can see it can set certain parameters like maximum flight, height, maximum distance, etc, etc. So to go back to the screen not to go over all of these uh icons around the screen, but just a quick overview top right. We have a few critical things like how much battery is left, which is obviously super important. The mavic has about a 30 minute flight time give or take depending on where youre flying uh. We also have the signal strength, which is kind of interesting youll, see the controller actually connects to various satellites on the top right hand corner once you have enough connected youre good to go so thats. Another critical thing you need to wait for before you actually fly to the right hand: side you have the controls for taking videos or still images. These are controlled by the triggers on the controller whilst youre flying so you dont have to like touch the screen, but these should be pretty familiar. Uh like taking a photo on your iphone bottom right, youll have to do with the memory and the current settings for your video. How much video time you have left how many images you can take! You can see here im filming at 1080p at 30 frames. A second uh bottom left youve then got your flying speed altitude, which is super important to keep an eye on theres, also a little map there, which you can expand to see where you are.

If you ever kind of lose sight of the drone, this little icon is to automatically take off. It will show you uh, which ill show you that in a second top left, then youve got your three flight modes: okay, so theres three modes, sport which is really fun super fast and not so great for making videos, because its obviously very quick and jittery. Then you have cine mode, which is uh. The drone mode is a little bit slower. The movements are slower, so much more cinematic uh for video making and p mode, which stands for positioning mode, which is your standard flying mode. All the sensors are on and theyre helping you out with flying, so this is the best setting to typically fly with, especially if youre, just starting so thats. The basic overview of the controls and heads up display now lets go back and hit that take off button and get going. If you hit this take off button and then you got ta hold down on the screen for a few seconds. The drone will take off and just hover by itself about a meter off the ground, and now we are flying so now the drones up. It will just sit there by itself. The drone is controlled through kind of different vectors, which you can kind of see at the bottom there and just to illustrate how they work so uh. The first one is just simply up and down.

You can move the drone up and down or ascend or descend. The drone uh you can move it forwards and backwards. The drone just tilts slightly forwards or backwards to move it same kind of thing for left and right, and then once i bring the drone back into the center screen, the last one is to simply rotate the drone around the axis and thats. Essentially, the kind of four you know different ways that you can control the drone through the joysticks. If i just hit simply hit forwards there, you go im off im flying the drone off into the distance uh, as you can see, im literally just holding forwards here, and a lot of the software in the drone is doing that. If i take your finger off the drone, it just hovers there, i dont need to do anything. I can rotate it and come back now. Whats important here is im. Also now, im gon na fly back to the van im, keeping an eye on this visually. I can still see the drone from where im sitting, but i can also see you know this view is what i can see on my phone. So its a bit of a combination of keeping, you always have to keep a visual connection to the drone. But of course you can also use the camera and fly by that, as you get closer now, im kind of shimmying the drone into position using a lot of you know the controls.

At the same time – and here i dont really want to land the drone on the floor, because its super dusty, so whats cool, is underneath the drone. You have a sensor that detects the floor. If you just put your hand under the drone and simply hit down the drone will detect it go into landing mode, and if youre super careful with your fingers, you can land the drone and catch it once youve got a handle of all these kind of controls. You can start to develop these kind of cinematic uh flying styles, so you know you can simply fly the drone away, this ones a great one where youre kind of ascending, but also flying away. At the same time, you get this kind of epic view backwards. Um flyover: this is a great one, where youre just simply kind of flying over an object or over something, and then, of course, youve got the ascending aerial. This is a great one for architecture. You know you can really kind of view your site from above, or you know, a city or something. Of course you can add um. You know if youre doing a video, you can add a pan or or a 360 degree rotation, and then to give you a little bit of a view of how the catching it works. You can see im just holding my hand out the drone kind of sits there. Of course, it looks kind of epic and its as simple as that, so whether youre using this just to travel around or you want to take it on site and use it kind of in a professional capacity uh its so easy to kind of take it out.

Take it for a spin and, as you can see, you can get some amazing shots, whether youre on site or just simply on holiday, okay, so im back in new york city and in all honesty, this was my first attempt at making any youtube video. I decided to give a go whilst on holiday, and i didnt quite get all the footage i wanted. But one thing i learned over the years is that, even though things dont quite pan out as expected, you can pivot and make the best out of it. So, unfortunately, being ocd about perfectionism can stop you from ever getting things out there. So, in the spirit of sharing knowledge im back here in the studio, to finish the video and talk to you about why the mavic mini is great specifically for acting so one. I think this has been demonstrated already, but how easy it is to pack this thing up and take it with you. You can have this thing packed up and thrown in your bag within a few minutes and ready to take with you on holiday or go off site, which i think is a super nice feature two. It really gives you an amazing perspective on your site, so this can be used at a number of different stages for exploration of your site or taking photos. Of course, this can then be used in visuals or animations, etc, which is really nice to have three drones.

Can also be used to make 3d mappings of your site or your building now its not going to be 100 accurate in terms of uh using it. But potentially you can use it as a context model or for visualization purposes, and you can check out a bunch of really interesting videos online. For this kind of thing, for the mavic is a great entry level drone its fairly simple to get a handle of. As a new drone pilot, if you can use those terms, it even comes at a great price point. I think here in the us its around 400, which is at the lower end of the current foreign market. Lastly, i think its a super interesting technology, which is only going to grow and integrate into the cities of our future and by owning one and playing around with its capabilities. Its really made me think about how this might affect the built environment like what will a drone airport of the future might look like? Will we see drone landing pads incorporated onto our rooftops or even outside of your window? Will this be a new transport typology added to our major cities, with the introduction of uber getting into this space so uh? These are all the reasons why i got myself a mavic mini and why i think its a great entry level drone for architects interest in this kind of thing, whether it be for just fun or to a visualization.

I think its a super interesting technology which well see develop significantly in the future before rushing out and buying a drone, be sure to one spend some significant time on the simulator to get to the grips with the controls and, most importantly, what to do when things Go wrong, two check your local rules and regulations both for where you are based and where you actually intend to fly your drone three build up. Slowly, take it out to a nice field, get to grips of the controls before going out into any populated areas and always be sure to avoid flying over above highly populated places. And lastly, i am no drone expert, so go seek professional advice or even take a course in it before hitting the skies with your new drone.