Two. It makes me money because a lot of the people who subscribe to this channel also love talking about it as they watch the videos and three. I have a special place in my heart for denigrating scams, especially when those scams are, i believe, in my personal opinion, willfully, negligent, malicious or dishonest earth. 2 has had quite a few updates over the past few weeks and i didnt choose to cover them because in a vacuum none of them really struck me as something i needed to weigh in on other creators have done so already. That was more than plenty, and i also had some different topics on my mind, but more recently there have been a couple more revelations that make it impossible not to talk about this, because what in the world is going on within that company for starters, earth 2 Has had its relative property value fall off of a cliff ive discussed this before so ill summarize quickly. The basic gist is that people realize that their property is a joke, but the entire marketplace is just one long form listing of. Please buy my useless and the only way to get noticed is to undercut everyone else. That means that the value started to crater and then honestly, it never stopped, but it wasnt just that the thing about earth 2 is that the marketplace they use has some sort of proprietary algorithmically driven pricing system. I dont know the exact formula im not privy to that sort of information, but for a long time the price of new tiles had progressively increased day after day after day this was catalyzed by new money flowing in, and there was a lot of new money flowing In because it kind of went viral about a year ago and whatever current marketplace transactions were being fulfilled, but when the price cratered tiles in the united states, for example, this was true across almost every country in the world began to sell for one tenth of their Purchase value well, when the new land value, the price that they put on the tiles is over 60 dollars per unit and the only reasonable sale price at that time is 90 discounted.

That means anyone who buys new tiles is looking at an immediate 90 loss that only got worse over time somewhere over the past month or two im, not sure exactly when i guess i could look at the wayback machine and find out precisely, but it doesnt really Matter somewhere over the past month or two earth 2 changed the pricing for new tiles, and now you can buy tiles for around five dollars per unit. That means that the previous marketplace cost of six dollars, which was ninety percent off compared to their claimed price by the way, is higher than the new tile price. And that means you guessed it further decline. If you look at the marketplace now, tiles are selling for less than a dollar. That means that, compared to new tile prices, to get yourself noticed, you need to discount property by roughly eighty percent off of its new price point, and if you go back even just a couple of months, anyone who bought tiles at the previous algorithmic price point has Lost roughly 98 of their initial investment just to get seen in the marketplace, let alone actually sell their tiles. My previous statements about how there actually is no floor, like the bottom, we dont even know where the bottom is in terms of price yeah. I was right and its probably still falling ill check back in in a couple weeks or months, but thats old news. The part about how anyone who bought fresh tiles over the past few months, probably lost 98 of their money, is new that part in particular.

But we knew that was coming so whatever what isnt old news is how the development team is basically falling apart, and i know some people will want to dispute that. So let me explain exactly how, for starters, one of their big brain partnerships which aimed at rebuilding their shattered reputation that collapsed at the end of october. I think it was vicarious. Pr was, in their mind, a strategic partnership, and they really liked those words, but in reality there was basically no actual value and its now fallen apart by itself no big deal. But when combined with everything else in context, youll see next was the departure of key development figures. Two of the people that earth two proponents would often cite as the guiding light for the project, wolfgang walk and nathaniel dolgerson. I think it is they left in the case of wolfgang walk. It seemed that he had disagreements about the direction and monetization of earth 2 and for nathaniel he was leaving to work on a different project. These werent, the only ones by the way the lead community manager, thomas marcon, also left, and there were a bunch of press releases and community posts to say in thousands of words its okay guys, things are fine, things are great, but things definitely didnt seem fine, also Kind of a shout out here to earth 2 news earth 2. news. Their website is a pretty good place to find info on the project, even if im using that info to say that the project is a ridiculous joke theyre on top of things, generally speaking, when it comes to honest reporting of events, even if they do put kind Of a spin on it – and i thought that was worth a mention – i do just want to say that theyre putting out a bunch of information and it helps me make content.

So i guess thank you to them. Okay, high profile developers left the team, including nathaniel, dolderson and thats important, because nathaniel dolderson is the co founder and previous lead designer for drone drone was a decently interesting action game on steam, and what some people might not know is that earth 2 effectively poached nathaniel From drone and the project kinda died right around the same time. If i remember correctly, he wasnt even the only dev that they acquired from that particular team, but he was obviously the most important well lo and behold in the pursuit of fulfilling their promises of creating the literal matrix earth 2 has now acquired drone its team and All of their assets, this is being heralded by some as a highly important acquisition, because it gives them the technology to deliver an actual game, but in reality it kind of makes no sense. First and foremost, the co founder and previous lead developer for a game leaves your team right before you acquire his old team of developers and all of his old work. Thats weird also drone is basically just using unity, plug ins, which means that they arent getting anything out of this that they couldnt already have gotten many many months ago in its rudimentary form. Also, very weird and most importantly, they plan to release a free to play version of drone. I guess next year with updated features and integrations on steam, which means that they arent actually creating the matrix theyre just buying an existing kind of low level action, fps game and retrofitting it so that they can monetize more people and say look we have gameplay also.

They are leaning into crypto and nft mechanics. This is demonstrated by their press releases and, most importantly, by their partnership, i mean they have tons of partnerships that fall apart. So, who knows how long this will last but theyre a partnership with a company called polygon which focuses on that particular technology? They want to go with blockchain, they want to ride the hype wave and when wolfgang walk was openly disagreeing about the monetization techniques of the game, its not a game. I need to stop calling it a game. Ugh thats a stupid error on my part, its not a game theyre, going to have drone at some point and theyre going to try and integrate whatever. Oh this project. But wolfgang walk was openly disagreeing about the monetization techniques of this project, notably that certain things should not yet be another profit mechanism for the company right. He was kind of trying to stop them from doing that with every single thing that they released and he leaves kind, maybe as a result of that. Well, what do we think is going to happen to drone? Are they just going to update it with tons of content, make it free to play and then say, youre welcome or are they going to bastardize it with nfts and cryptocurrency infrastructure, link it to their destabilized and free economy economy with air quotes and then disperse it? On steam, to hook in more players, you decide, but still we havent even gotten to my favorite part.

Shane isaac, the ceo of earth 2 in a conversation with sid alpha literally tried to get him to do paid content for the game, not just that, but he also offered privileged information on an investment platform because thats the closest thing to what earth 2 actually is. Despite how stupid the investment is itself and its future, he offered information on an investment platform and its future in return for promotion. I dont even know if thats legal youd have to ask hogue law hes another great youtube channel that has covered this before, but i am certain that the ceo of this project reaching out to sid alpha of all people, anyone whos familiar with him, will know why He has no interest, as far as i am aware, to engage with shady under the table deals with scam companies. Well, the entire thing is just patently absurd, except thats, not even the funniest thing. The funniest thing is that, in a lengthy exchange, shane alludes multiple times to some sort of shady nefarious entity that is coordinating and controlling all of the negative coverage of earth 2. and honestly, he sounds a little bit unhinged. He talks about how he thinks someone is behind the curtain, organizing it all from the corner and half of me kind of hopes. He thinks its me. Obviously, there is no shady puppeteer who has coordinated everyone against his innocent company, thats just hilarious, and i doubt that i would be the prime candidate anyway.

If someone were to assume who this speculative person is. But if shane isaac thinks that palpatine is back and secretly convening the empire against him, yeah its me buddy, you sound like you are out of your mind anyway, so you might actually believe it. You have to be kind of not fully with it to approach sid alpha for that kind of deal in the first place. Part of me thinks like anyone who watches his content, would immediately know that thats not gon na go well. Hes got morals subscribe to his channel its linked down below in the description he does excellent gaming coverage, so i dont really know what kind of headspace shane is in like what is he actually thinking right now? But this whole thing is hilarious. To say the very least. Earth 2 is a revolving door of concepts, personnel, partnerships and money. They onboard devs key devs from drone and then lose the co founder of the project right before actually getting the rest of the team. In the game itself, the most high profile dev, the community brags about leaves for over disagreements and monetization. I dont know if thats the direct cause, actually, i shouldnt say im speculating there, but its worth noting okay. He left after certain comments like what very little activity is available from him. Online shows that he was not a fan of their monetization decisions, so i dont know if thats a direct cause, but i i believe so my personal belief is that there was some kind of tie in there.

They try to integrate crypto or two does and nfts, and now they want to retrofit a vehicular fps action game, which is, i dont, know: okay, heres a comparison. This might not make sense, but bear with me imagine if respawn was making making titanfall 3 right like but its bigger than ever before, its like huge, ambitious thing, titanfall 3 and then like a year into it or two years into it. They buy mario party or, like an indie ripoff of mario party and theyre. Like hey, look at this great, we got its gon na make the project amazing. Look at the technology, no, no, its, not oh, and a good catch by bigfry in one of his recent videos subscribe to him too channel is linked down below in the description. It turns out that a profile named jasmine on discord when the developers left wolfgang and nathaniel jasmine banned them from the public discord server. That doesnt sound like an amicable parting of the ways that sounds like they disagreed and got kind of yeted or the company itself is just completely petty, which i guess we already knew. I mean they did hire a pretty well proven scammer, who then lied on tape about the ceo funding, a four million dollar lawsuit against youtubers, its its a ridiculous thing. I i dont even know whats going on there, because reputable developers arent banning their ex employees from the public discord. Server. Earth 2 really does seem like it just strings people along they do whatever little thing they can to get their community to keep paying.

And this time its crypto, its nfts and its acquiring drone right, so they can say, look we have a game. We have gameplay and access a new demographic through steam. They would have been better off just building their metaverse with unity, plug ins like raw unity, plug ins rather than buying the technology of drone, because the technology of drone is just unity plugins and now they have to shoehorn in action, fps, something thats unrelated. Really they have to shoehorn it into their google earth tile economy and vice versa. Im convinced that shane isaac and their entire team, their whole project, is just flying by the seat of their pants. They have no idea what is happening on a broader level and the resulting confusion over partnerships and direction and road map, and all this stuff is just hilarious. Earth 2 remains a joke, but thats it for today. If you want support, there are links down below, including patreon as i try to make the primary income stream for the channel something other than google adsense because or youtube adsense, whatever its unreliable, also odyssey a youtube platform alternative where you can watch all the content completely Ad free other gaming, youtubers to support merchandise, social media, etc, etc, a whole bunch of different links, standard stuff for youtubers, but ill cut it there and stop rambling. As always.