So today what i wanted to review was this drone mask now. What looks really cool about this is this is a purposeful sort of mask that you can wear for your drone for that immersive experience and you dont need any sort of other technology. I will just um show you later that to connect to your drones controller, to your phone, you will need an additional cable, but otherwise everythings in this box to have a much more immersive experience with your drone, while flying so lets have a quick little look at The box itself so weve got this really nice picture of the front, which obviously will get to see the product inside soon. On this side, weve got the name. Drone mask immersive, flying experience comfortable face padding, no need for any third party apps. It blocks out the sun while flying, which obviously is a great benefit because those of you who are drone flyers, you know that sometimes using your phone, you cannot see easy to use no splitting of the screen. So basically, the isnt two screens like a lot of kind of um. You know like youve, got these google goggles and stuff like that. This is one whole screen, so you know it doesnt split the image and reduce the resolution. It keeps the resolution full. It works with most smartphones and its compatible with most camera drones. So in the box it says, weve got the drone mask itself. The goggles weve got a pouch a manual and a little thank you card and then weve got some logos on the side.

So on the back, weve got how it works. Connect your drone controller to your smartphone, with a long cable which we will have from whatever cable you use to recharge your phone with launch your usual app for your drone ill, be using the dji. Go app insert your smartphone into the drone, mask zip, it short and adjust the head, strap and the focal length wear the mask and enjoy so it sounds really simple. So lets get it open and have a look so first thing before i even start to look inside of here. What i thought was really really cool is on this side without letting any of that fall out. Hopefully the camera picks it up, but what it says is it says the magi mask team and weve got a signature here from each of the team members and their title within the business is a really nice touch, something that i have never seen ill. Do a close up of that something ive never seen on a product before, and i love that little personal touch, i think thats really nice. It shows theyre, very passionate and very proud of their product so thumbs up on that. One lets just put the caseload to the side so inside we have a nice pouch, so lets take the pouch out and inside so we have a little. I think this is the thank you card again. This is a really nice touch, so in here, weve got a little story here, so the story of drone last starting in 2016.

After a trip to a cinema in san francisco, where its done upon us that what we have gained in mobility and smartphones, we have lost in viewing experience and it goes on ill show like a little close up of this. And you know you can have a little read of it yourself, but thats, a really nice little touch so put that to the side. So inside weve got the little instruction manual, which i am one of these people who dont really look at instruction manuals. I like to just sort of figure out myself, but you know if you do. Obviously this is the first time youve used one of these or you know watching this video for the first time, then, hopefully, you wont need to look at this instruction manual. How to set it up because ill be showing that, for you, so lets, take the box out of the way so weve got a nice bag, but obviously im guessing. We can reuse this, which is nice, and here we have it ah theres a little cloth there, which obviously would be good for cleaning the lens lets just put that over there so straight off the bat. This feels really really nice weve got that nice, supportive padding. All around the inside, where obviously itll be against your face. Its really nice to sponge youve got like over half an inch there of padding its really nice and soft. This. This feels really good quality.

I, like the materials its like a fabric, but it looks really hard wearing the zip is protected, so youre not going to catch it on anything, and i love this like its like a matte sort of really soft plastics. So again, a nice nice of high quality. No shiny scratchy plastics, its all matte – that is really really nice and weve got a lock and unlock here as well. Okay, so now what i thought id do is i just lay out everything that youre gon na need to be able to get up flying and enjoy the drone mask. So first weve obviously got the drone mask itself. Weve got our drone. Weve got our controller, and this is the dji mavic 2 weve got our phone, which obviously is very important because thats the thing that youre going to be using as the actual screen itself weve got our phone charger. So whatever you know, phone charger youve got ideally as long as its got the usb at the end, and then what youll need is an adapter. Now this is something thats advised to get. Is an on the go usb and just make sure you get the type of sort of connection for your drone controller in order for this to work, so the first thing you need to do is to connect the usb of your phone charger to the on the On the go adapter and then what that will do is, if i open up my dji mavic 2 controller well, take out the standard charging cable put that to the side, and then this is what you will use to control the drone.

So just connect that and ill just put the sticks in place. So youve got your drone. The controller is now ready. So then, what you need to do is to connect your phone to your original charger and basically get that inside. The actual new drone mask itself. Now, in order to actually fit this into the drone mask what you do is open up as such, and then what youve got is like a little kind of adaptable. You know elasticated connection there. So what youll do is youll put your phone inside and just click. It into place, and that basically will be it youll, just zip up and whats good, is because youve got the two zips, for example, if i zip up around this side and zip up around this side, as you can see now, that is really nicely and enclosed, But what you will need to make sure you obviously do is to connect your drone first to obviously access the screen, because then, once youve closed and zipped up, you can no longer touch the screen itself. Youre. Just using this as like a monitor like an fpv monitor, so what ill do now is ill set up the drone and the next shot will be showing me actually having the mask on my head itself and giving you a review of what i can see right. Okay, so ive got the drone, its turned on turned under a controller which is actually on the floor, so its good.

That youve got a really good long, cable, because, just if you can see on camera there, so ive just got my phone set up now. What i was going to do is just a little bit of extra fun is. I know this isnt an fpv drone, but what ill do is ill? Do a screen recording just to show you, obviously what i can see and but also im going to set the drone to do like its a left pv where the camera, the gimbal stays static with the drones. Obviously, when im going left to right, it will have that little fpv view okay. So now, hopefully, you should be able to see exactly what im seeing on my screen and what im gon na do is click the little buttons at the top right go down to the gimbal. I will do so currently on follow so at the top right ill. Do fpv so just cancel that so now, obviously the drone should be a little bit more like fpv, just for a bit of fun. So now what i can do is close up. The actual drone mask now itself and ill see. If i can show you. Oh, this looks cool im, not sure how well youll get to see this maybe ill. Try and do some better footage afterwards. But if i try and get the camera up its hard to show you, but basically the you get a full resolution of the screen through the goggles.

It doesnt like split it and do half resolution, which is much more of an advantage compared to some goggles that you can get out there and then, when ive got this on, you can actually adjust it as well. So lets put it on now: im hoping you can see me im just going to look up so actually, first off the bat, its actually very, very comfortable, the sponge around the edge is really really good. Now what you can do is, hopefully you can see this. I can adjust the focus by pulling this out and there ive got it set and that is so cool its actually a little bit disorientating the fact that im using the controller and sort of not actually physically looking. But oh my god. This is going to be really really cool. Okay, so lets get started and get flying. Oh wow, oh my god. This is honestly so cool to have this perspective. It was a little disorientated just getting up and flying so so, if im moving left to right, whoa, thats cool so lets just do a little flight lets, get it higher lets get away from all my neighbors, oh my gosh. I actually wanted. I just panned my head left to right, then that was subconscious. Oh my gosh. This is a fantastic experience, so im just gon na look down. I keep twisting my head, and i dont know why, because i dont need to because im going to have to use the drone to look around which subconsciously – oh, my gosh, that is that is so good.

The resolution is fantastic. If i took off the kind of focus that ive got on the screen, because, obviously, when im filming cinematic videos, i like to make sure that everythings in focus, which is why the screen recording, will be picking up all the little red dots. But i think to just have a bit of fun and fly around with this. Then ill probably turn that off. Oh, my god, im tilting my head to the right again. Oh wow, that is so cool. Do you know what it doesnt even feel heavy either doesnt feel heavy on my head im perfectly fine. Obviously, if you do have maybe like an old, a really heavy heavy sort of phone – and i could see that you might find it a little bit heavy. Oh my gosh, this is so so so cool. It gives me a glimpse of what it would be like to fly with an fpv drone, its so cool, because when youre normally looking at the screen, its actually quite small, but to have this clarity so close that, like you, know its like a huge screen in My vision is just brilliant for you watching this video you dont get the full effect of what it is that im kind of experiencing, but it is, i suppose, like having that birds eye view. What would be cool is to take all the information. All the details off the screen and just purely have the view from the drone itself.

I would ah that would be really really cool right. Well, i think ill do ill bring the drone down lets do a quick summary that was brilliant. I love that its a little bit disorientating when you very first put it on to get used to you know not looking down a screen and my vision was the drone itself and then so, when i was taking off subconsciously, i suppose its like, if you wear Like a vr headset, i could feel my body and my head like swaying a little bit and instead of just looking at the screen and just turning left and right like in your ring, i found myself like looking left and right. It was a really cool experience for the summary brilliant. I think it is such a good thing to have you know if you like just flying the drone, it actually could be advantageous for actually flying and recording, because, like i think i mentioned its much more immersive youve got a much bigger vision of what youre seeing In the screen, sometimes when youre looking at a little screen, youll miss details and you wont see things but having that full vision like a cinema screen in in your eyesight, was just so cool. The only thing i would say as a disadvantage is the fact that, as i mentioned before, youve got to set the drone up put this your phone, your screen into the mask and then when youve zipped it up, you cant obviously adjust anything afterwards.

You could try but um, for example, if i was just to put my controller down. Hopefully you can see this. So if i had this on and then i want to do something quickly to adjust, what ive got to do is unzip it and then it doesnt feel safe to do so. Youd have to open up the screen like this, and obviously your phone feels a little bit dodgy like you dont, you wont want it to fall out, but thats not the end of the world. You know as long as youre careful you could do this and now like i can adjust things on on him. You know perfectly fine, but maybe what i probably feel safer with is if the zip opened from the top. So then, if i was holding this, i could just have it that way and that way id feel sort of less unsecure about opening it up. But i think that is a small small drawback, but the actual product itself feels really really nice the adjustable lens. So again, if i can show you see, if you can see, if you can see how it sort of goes in and comes out, that is so, you can adjust to your sort of to make sure that youve got in focus. Obviously i had it like a centimeter or so away, and that was perfect. The clarity was completely clear. I couldnt see the pixels on the screen. It was fantastic, so one thing i wanted to mention – i just got my phone here just to have the details.

Is that the company who produced this mask for the drone also have something called the movie mask go, and for the first 450 people who purchased this via the link that ive got below will get themselves. A free version of the movie mask so thats something thats. Really cool to own, because basically its like a slightly smaller version of this, but it works just in the same way. You can fold it away to something, probably a third of this size, so itd be great to like have on holiday. You know you could imagine just sitting back on some lounge or lounging put this on. You could watch a movie, not this im, sorry, but the movie master, the smaller one. You know you might use your phone to watch things even like youtube videos. You could just pop it into the movie mask and watch something as if its like in the cinema, its really cool right, so i think ill leave the video there. Everyone really hope youve enjoyed this. Hopefully, its been of some sort of insight and youre excited to get your hands on one of these, as i just mentioned before. If you go ahead and purchase one of these with the link below in my description, so thats, where you can get hold of one, then you could be one of the first people, one of the first 450 people to get themselves the free movie mask when they Purchase this, that is free, so definitely dont, hang around get clicking on that link and make sure you get yourself one of these, as well as the movie mask.

So thanks everyone for watching, hopefully see you soon.