Yes, you can actually do that using your smartphone. The dji fly app drone mask and, of course, your drone. This lets get this thing opened up here. Im gon na be flying this at the park with my mini two uh. So in the box you get their manual shows you how to use it, but it is pretty simple: you get. The drone mask itself made of cloth, but its very well designed well be taking a look at that in a second. You get this bag to store. It in so you dont have to carry the box around with you, although im probably going to continue to use the box and you get a cleaning cloth. So lets get that out of the stuff out of the way, its all nice stuff to have now. The one thing that youre going to need to do is youre going to need to buy a cable and, for example, this cable. Here i purchased from amazon. It was like six bucks, its a usbc connector to a lightning apple, lightning, connector, im using an iphone, so youll use this to connect this into your controller. This side goes into your rc, and this side goes into your phone. So youll need to get this. You cant use the short cable that comes because youre going to have to have some space between the remote control and the headset here. So this is a three foot cable. I found that to be plenty of space, so youre gon na need to get yourself.

One of these all right so lets take a look at the unit itself. Its very well constructed the whole technology here. Are these lenses right? So what happens is when you unzip this here? Okay, but you place your your phone in here in case. In my case, im using an iphone 10r okay and then you can see theyve got these lenses in here and what happens is once you put your phone in. You know you place your phone in here. You connect it up to uh your rc with that cable and what happens? Is this basically projects your phone to a much larger image so almost like youre, looking at it on a big screen in a theater, its pretty wild, all right so, and that you have this adjustment here so, depending on how how far apart your your eyes? Are you can adjust this if i unlock this here, you can see this thing slides in and out, okay, so you can adjust the the focus once you have it on, so it is adjustable all right, so thats. The drone mask itself, like i said its very well made so in addition to flying in fpv mode with your dji mini 2 or ar2s, or even the mavic 3. You can use this to view movies. So if you dial up your load up your favorite streaming app like netflix or hulu, you can bring up a movie or a show put on a heads, uh some headphones and you can watch it that show or movie like, as if its on a big screen, Which is pretty cool, i did try that its pretty cool to do, but in my case, were gon na, take this out to the park and try to fly some fpvs as im flying it.

I wanted to describe to you what its like, so i havent tried this everything all the reviews that ive seen say its pretty amazing, and it gives you that fpv feel even in a drone like the dji mini 2, which isnt really designed to be an fpv Drone so anyway, lets take this out to the park and give it a shot all right guys so were out here at the local park. I got plenty of space here to fly. An fpv ive got my drone mask gear and ive got my son whos spotting for me, say hello, hello, so we got ta, be uh faa compliant. You dont wan na fly with a uh fpv mask on without a spotter to make sure that you can see stuff around so im gon na get this set up and uh give it a shot here, all right, guys so heres what im going to be doing. Im going to be flying the mini 2 with the drone mask here, thanks to drone master, sending this to me to check out and to review im going to be giving you my impressions of this as im flying its going to be my first time actually uh. Trying this so im really looking forward to it all right guys so im in the headset ill tell you that, basically, i feel like im im looking at the dji fly up on a big screen, its actually pretty cool its like a big screen tv.

It makes it a lot easier to see telemetry information and also the image. You want to make sure that you set your screen, visibility on or your your screen light on high, so that you get the most uh visibility, but were going to just take off here and follow mode. So ive got my function. Button set up to switch from follow mode to uh fpv, so well. Try both of that here and well turn on our video recording, so recording here we go take off Music. The home point has been updated. Please check it out. This is pretty wild wow. This is wild holy crap. This is wild wow, its really its a pretty cool experience, youre, basically seeing things a lot clearer now you can adjust this headset so that you can move it away from your eye so that its better in focus Music, thats, pretty cool. So were flying 30 feet here up to 35, just flying around the park im in normal mode here lets see if we can go up a little bit: wow thats, pretty cool, definitely a different perspective. Music wow pretty awesome all right im going to double click here and go into into fpv mode lets see if that works. Alright, i should be into fpv mode now. Here we go thats awesome, wow, pretty cool Music, see if we can go over here behind this backstop over here Music. You know for me for fpv. I just basically make sure that that x, in the middle is always in the center of the frame, and i should be okay, Music, little cautious, Music thats, a lot of fun, definitely a different perspective and you know whats, i think whats really cool about this.

Is you know for a photography because youre blocked, you know its a very sunny day today, youre blocking that all the light, i can see the colors on the screen very, very well. So if i was to take a picture here, you know i would be able to get a very good understanding of what im actually photographing, because ive got all the light. The ambient light blocked out because of the headset, which is pretty cool. But i love this idea of like this fpv thats, really cool lets see if i can get through the uh Music want to turn it like. This make sure theres no bars around well go back out the way we came. I guess Music, pretty cool, so precision flying because youve got a really good perspective of where you are Music. A little breezy today about 18 mile, an hour gusts, so the minis handling it just fine all right back into uh follow mode Music gimbal follow mode. So you see im not getting that Music lets get up over these trees and have plenty of signal strength, which is good so head out over the baseball field, a little bit Music, nice, Music, heres, the pack Music look down here – make sure Music. I would imagine this would help you with precise cinematography as well. You know, with with drone movements, doing some video filming because you can really get a good sense of you know how youre capturing in your your whats in frame and stuff, because youre again youre.

You have a focused view of the fly app, which is really really cool, all right guys. So this is the fpv mode or fpb. Flying with the drone mask lets, go back into my office here and ill. Give you my impressions. Well, that was a lot of fun guys. Some final thoughts on the drone mask. First, the mask itself: the straps zippers, the phone holder, the lenses theyre all very well built and well thought out its a comfortable, well balanced device to wear. I didnt feel fatigued at all wearing it on my head for about 20 minutes, and i was wearing this, so i felt comfortable the whole time drone mask gives you a very immersive fpv experience, its literally like looking at your drones control app on a high definition. Big screen, it makes it very easy to see telemetry information and, more importantly, the objects that youre filming. So you can make really good filming decisions so, whether its the dji fly app and the mini 2 like im using or other drone phone combinations. The drone mask fits most phones, so work with many combinations and provide an immersive fpv experience. Since your phone and your eyes are inside the drone mask and its dark inside the drum mask this eliminates the problem not being able to see your screen in bright. Sunlight gives you a much clearer view, as i mentioned, of the objects when filming them. So if youre thinking about getting into fpv flying drone mask is a great way to try it with a drone that you already own, i own, a mini 2.

I was able to use this with that, which is pretty cool if you own a mavic, 3 or air 2s, or if you order altel drone. Any drone thats got a phone app youre able to use a drone mask with if youre interested in getting one of these ill put a affiliate link in the description. It will generate a small commission which will help out my channel, and i appreciate that this headset has opened up a whole new world for me, with my mini 2. In fact, im starting to look at fpv drones, potentially to get into as a hobby, which is kind of cool, hey guys, thanks for watching again.