This is a product intended for those of you guys that fly uh, dji camera drones like, for example, here ive got the uh, the air 2s and for those other type of drones that uses smartphones. This is a box style goggle that will let you put your smartphone in there and give you that sort of immersive fpv experience mainly. I think this is a good product for those of you that are using your controllers. You know with the phone up here. On top, for example, you know, for example, on this controller. You put the phone in here and i would typically use something like um this product here, like a sun shade, so on sunny days its a little bit harder to see the screen, even though on my phone, its a pretty bright screen on really bright sunny days, Its hard to see the screen, even with a sun, shade on something like this, so this product solves that problem. In addition to giving that immersive fpv experience, i think for those of you that want to fly without having to deal with. You know trying to find shade, for example, this is going to be really good for that, so drone mask they did send out an extra one here for a giveaway. So, thank you to join mask for sponsoring a giveaway here on this video therell, be more details on on instructions on how to uh enter the giveaway for this. If you want to win this as a prize a little bit later on in the video so make sure you dont miss that otherwise, if you just leave a random comment down in the video comment section, you probably wont win because youll miss some important instructions so Make sure you wait till the end of the video to get all the details on how to enter properly all right, so lets go ahead and uh open up this box and lets see what we got inside.

This is actually thats this product, designed in norway and uh. From what ive been told, this is a pretty uh nice product, so it comes in this bag. So this side here got this nice bag theres, some silica gel you dont, want to. You know throw that away. You get a little thank you card. It looks like a little story about the company. You get uh some instructions. A little instruction manual should be pretty straightforward, ill uh. If i, if i know anything that important ill, let you know and uh nothing else in the box, so this little bag here is like a canvas bag um its all right, its nothing like doesnt feel cheap or anything like that, but its nothing super nice either. All right so inside here we got some more of this silica gel to keep the goggle nice and dry, and so this is the goggle itself. Its got a typical head, strap here, a third strap at the top of the head and then obviously two on each side. Nothing too amazing. There was pretty typical. You get a little cleaning cloth for the lens and thats important, because this uses a special lens, and this is what makes this product kind of unique theres a lot of these vr style. Goggles theyll have two sets of lenses and then youll have to have a special app or something that will split the screen and actually reduce your resolution of your of your video in half.

But this doesnt do that uses a special lens that actually takes the whole screen and combines it in a way that um you dont, get like a headache. I guess its basically, it doesnt require you to split up the screen for each eye. You get to see the whole image um and i heard it actually really. It looks really huge. So i guess ill see. Youll see my first impressions a little bit later in the video, but yeah. This lens is uh, looks pretty hefty. I think its glass im not 100 sure it doesnt, it might be plastic im, not really sure ill. Look it up. If i, if i know what it is ill put up on the screen here, youve got a its a fixed angle for the face. So this is an adjustable um. Let me see if my glasses will fit in here, so my glasses will fit in into the openings its a pretty wide opening um through running. If glasses will work. I think itll probably work with for me for both classes and no glasses its a nice soft foam here, so its like a spongy material with a cloth cover for the um part. That touches your face and it looks like its held on with a little bit of velcro yeah, so theres a little bit of velcro here, holding it on so thats, pretty normal theres a little like a knob here in the bottom that locks and unlocks okay thats.

Just i think this uh locks the frame here so that you can expand it, and this is so that if youre using glasses, you can get proper focus its a bit stiff okay. So that is about the maximum level of extension. And then, of course, this goes all the way in this material that the is on the outside. The goggle is kind of a canvas type material cloth, pretty nice. I think something is going to last. Probably a long time really got a zipper here and with some nice plastic zipper pulls. This is to open up the front and heres the what it looks like. So this is your phone holder here, a couple straps and a little some elastic see this little stretch out and um. This will fit in most phones, even most really large ones. So heres. My this is my galaxy note, 20, ultra all right. So this is what it looks like here. I have a phone case on mine, so i might want to take that off, but i i think it barely fits in here – see if i can close this up all right, so it does close and you can kind of see my phone in there theres the Uh clock on the uh, lock screen looks nice and dark in there. Obviously, you need a little bit of a space here for the cord to come out and you need an extra long cord, so im just going to use my usb c to usb c cable that came with the phone, so your phone probably will come in something Similar that will connect to the controller.

So on this controller here, for example, itll be a usbc connection here at the top, so were going to unplug the uh existing cable plug in the extra long cable. So you can obviously have the controller in your hand, and then the goggle up on your head and youll need a probably something. This is, i think, about uh three foot cable, so that should do it. Something to note is that where these hooks are that are holding the phone in place, it happens to be on mine where the power button is so uh. Some phones might have some issues with the placement of the holding mechanism, so something you should be aware of. If your power button is kind of in the middle here, you may want to um look into whether or not this will work for you. So something i noticed here on this part is a piece of velcro and you can actually its like a window, so you can lets open this up here and then uh. I think for this window here is for where the camera goes. So on some phones, the camera will come out like this and im sure its probably for some kind of vr application. Augmented reality, i think, is what they call it. So you use the camera and then youll see your environment, and then you can interact with it through the phones camera. So i think thats why they have this on here, but i think for the purposes of the drone im not im going to keep this like this im, not going to let any light leak out like leak through the back end of the phone here.

With this lets, leave the cover on here with this little velcro patch, okay, but just looking at the inside here so inside here is like a black cloth, obviously to prevent any reflections or light to bounce around. But you have this plastic shell here that the lens is actually in the back part is actually being held on and lets see if we can get a good look at that, so thats all part of the um. I guess the focusing of the viewing mechanism for the lens that its all part of this uh uniqueness of this product and so lets see here, lets take this all out. It gets out of the way and then you can see from this side. This is what would look like, obviously, with just looking at the lenses no phone in the way. Okay, so i got the dji fly app on here with the air 2s uh broadcasting, some video – and i have it connected with this cable to the controller lets see. Obviously i have the phone out like this im gon na go ahead and zip this up and well see what this looks like and yeah its uh. You know its gon na be hard to tell what its gon na look like in the goggles, which kind of give you an idea. You know put the camera right up in here and its not really focusing that well um because of the lens Music lets see.

Go ahead lets go ahead and try it out real quick here, its just a quick uh test. Basically with the the goggle collapsed, basically not stretched out. I cant use my glasses, so i think you have to pull this apart, to use your glasses okay. So once ive stretched the goggle out like this, i can focus now with my glasses on and basically in a nutshell. It just looks like a giant tv screen. Um super sharp image, of course, because you know most, these smartphones have very high resolution screens. So its a quite a bit of a different experience compared to uh just flying it through the phone on top of the controller where you basically screens kind of small. So this experience is super large, so ill go ahead and ill. Take us out to the field and also give you my impressions actually flying this around. So one of the things ive just discovered in trying to set this up is putting your phone inside the goggle. You dont have access to the touchscreen, so i usually take off the drone with a button press on the screen and i tap and hold but im gon na this time. Im gon na have to use the sticks to actually take drone off and like, for example, certain things like camera settings, arent accessible unless youre using the touchscreen. So you have to set those up before you take off so something to keep in mind.

Another thing you need to do is turn on the maximum screen, brightness on your screen and turn off the adaptive brightness settings so that the screen doesnt go dark when its inside the goggle. All right so lets try and take it off with just the sticks and im getting a notification on the screen, and now i got to take the goggle off alright lets. Try that again, take off with the sticks throttle up all right. So just my impressions here, yeah, the screen is nice and huge of course looks actually pretty amazing and im out here under no shade whatsoever in the sun. You can see the all the details of the screen. Obviously, the the major downside is that i cant use the touchscreen im going to just record some video im recording on my screen as well. I just want to record some video. I just have some manual settings with with an nd filter here that i set up. Uh previously yeah, the screen is actually gigantic. You have to actually kind of look around with your eyes to see everything on the screen and everythings nice and clear. The lens is nice and sharp no blurriness. I do have the focus adjustment all the way out, but from – and i have my glasses on – and it is working great, no complaints just make sure you turn off your adaptive screen. Brightness all right so lets uh try to do a little bit of close flying here near me.

Bring it down. Okay, too close to me, but yeah. It feels uh like im flying with, like the dji fpv goggles. The super high resolution screen, of course, no issues whatsoever all right, well, thats, gon na do it for this video.