So if you watched my last video um, we took the dji spark and scouted out cedar stone, ballpark and found all the high points and low points. How far we could fly away from the controller just to see kind of measure. The ball field and see if there were any hazards that we could possibly run into so we could go back in the studio and create a drone link mission. So what this video is today is the actual mission from start to finish, so were going to split this video into two parts, the first part is going to be. What you came to see was the mission itself and then, if youre interested in watching the play by play of the actual mission itself, if youre interested in a drone link, then you can watch. The second part therell be chapters on the video and links in the description to bounce to different parts of the video, so without further ado lets get into it guys, Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music is Music. I wan na stay here with you Music. I want to say Music, how Music dont, let me hold you now. I here Music stay here with you: Music, oh Music. I just wan na hear you say that you want me to. I told you Music, i wan na stay with you, Music. I follow you. So, Music, give me a hard trip exclusively take one step like this in my head.

It makes sense in your smile. I got ta swim to the i love you. We dont wan na spend this night alone messed up. Im gon na walk you home, youd, feel the gravity of my heart Music. If i could, i would give you the moon say: stop it for coming in too soon collided like celestial bodies, Music id call. You venus cause thats. How i feel take one step like this: it makes sense if you jump in my Music im gon na walk you home youd, feel the gravity of my heart. If i could ever give you, the moon say, stop it for coming in too soon collided like celestial bodies, oh Music, celestial bodies, celestial bodies, Music, celestial bodies, Music, you you just need Music Music, do just leave it up for me: Music, Music and a bunch of Books in my lab now, all up in your face like a front page going through your place like a front gate gatorade, i ship it to the fade away mix. We can go through Music, you just leave it up for me. I can show you my world. We can go through it all dont, nobody know, while im on a roll all up in japan, running it on my own, i pop off that phone get it while i can picking up all them riches. I be digging for that. Gold 24 yeah, now im ready for it drop. That thing like i went smoking on the corner.

All my homies, they dont told me im a stoner thats, some jelly ish, but i dont look like homer you. You just need this up to me. I can show you my world: we can go through it all you, you just leave it up to me, Music. I can show you Music me, Music, Music. My time, i hope that it aint so theres, no taking back all the things that weve done theres a lot that we did wrong. Looking back on all of the weve done. I cannot believe that its been so long that were in the eye of the needle when you dont like Music, that we are the eye of the breathe Music. I know the way this goes. I try to stand tall with nothing to lean on all quiet and still an echo that goes on and im, not taking back all the things that ive done theres a lot that we did Music Applause – i breathe it all out, then i breathe when there is Music, i breathe it all out, then i breathe Music. I breathe Music just breathe it out, then breathe in Music. All right yall so were in drone link. Um and ive got everything set up now it looks like we dont have any rc connection. If you look at my gauges, we have the no smoking sign over the remote control, but we have. We have hd signal, though, so it might just be an issue with drone link and not having those capabilities, since this is an older drone, but it should be using the mobile, sdk and im literally right next to the drone, so so theres that, but lets get Her up in the air Music were going to take her up to 100 feet.

Ken herons messing up my video, so im going to go ahead and put this in airplane mode. If i didnt like that, all right, so how high are we were 113 feet, were gon na go ahead and hit play three two one starting mission, all right, so im. Looking at my drone its flying over to the approach, i want to go ahead and pull up the mission just so we can watch whats going on im going to go ahead and zoom out a little bit, so we can watch it on the map Music there. It goes um, it says the altitudes 100 feet so lets hope its 100 feet from where i actually took off from. Hopefully it was measuring that i did a manual takeoff so how you do a manual takeoff? Is you point your your joysticks uh towards the center and down, and that turns it on and then you just bump up the altitude hit the throttle. So i see it, i still see the drone a bird just flew next to it. Now it should be banking. Around so far so good um, one thing that i didnt account for whenever we were scouting yesterday is there is a third pole up there, so um the drones so far away. I can see where its at i can see where the pole is. It looks like i cleared it. Fine but theres no way to gauge how far i am away from things when youre this far away from it im going to kind of walk towards the middle kind of where i wanted to to fly from just so that theres no interference there shouldnt be any Interference out here, there might be one wi fi signal coming from the snack bar if they have wi fi out here at the park, but i dont think this is a heavy wi, fi saturated area um.

You can see on the screen that were going over the ballpark right now so thats a nice shot. You can tell that we got the angle right. Um, oh wait! No! This is the point of view, point of interest, so this is where its going to actually point at the snack bar the whole time. Thats, a cool shot, yall im, anxious to see what that looks like once. We get back into the studio um because its hard to tell you cant really see like if the gimbal, sometimes the gimbal, when its turning will kind of jerk like every every second or every half. Second, or whatever, and youll see these like jitters when youre flying sideways and pointing at something um, since this only has a two axis, gimbal id be surprised to see. Now the drones turning around and pointing at the park so thats good. How much battery got we got left? We got 10 minutes left on the battery and weve got 10 minutes left on the mission. Um so well see how it goes. Theres some people working out at the park, so i hope theyre not thinking, im creeping on them, but where we decided to walk to fly through the wires its between the poles, so uh thats good its flying over those trees over there. So now were flying kind of over the trees and pointing back at the ballpark Music hows it going. Music got some walkers walking around.

I dont know if you guys can see me or not. No you cant youre, looking at the trees, so now were going to fly back towards the Music ballpark. So youre about to see me im gon na wave at yall, nope youre, not gon na, see me all right! Well, im right! Underneath you right now, you can probably hear the drone buzzing over my head. This little spark is just im so amazed at how i forgot how amazing this little drone is um and ive flown a lot of drones yall. So if you want to hate on the comments and say i dont know what im talking about just watch my channel for a little while and youll, see that i know what im talking about so now were flying over the ballpark thats kind of a cool shot. Um and since my mission has blue lines everywhere, i thought we were about to do the orbit, but i think were still going to do a pass through the middle of the ballpark thats kind of a nice reveal. So, as you can see, that is the angle. Were flying at 15 degrees or negative 15 degrees as far as the gimbal orientation and i think thats a really really good angle: um theres, just enough in this of the sky to see whats going on, but theres more of the ground. More of the subject that youre looking at so i think, thats, really good good angle and uh im, not sure if i want to try it yet, but im thinking about putting the ins 360 go 2 on top of the spark.

While i fly this mission and that might be a complete failure, because gps is really really important when it comes to this uh, you know using the flight plan now right, there were looking straight into the sun, so the ground almost went black. So that is something to take into account whenever youre youre dealing with you know, auto white balance and auto exposure and stuff like that, we might need to adjust that if we do this again so it looks like we are going to come back around point at The ballpark and kind of fly into it now you can see. I can already tell that its kind of jerking a little bit um hitting those curves im, not sure what to do about that um. You might just need to use your curves to get into position with this drone and from where im at it its clearing the wires really really well. So that was the only real hazard up in the sky that we were gon na have to deal with. Besides birds and stuff um Music and were approaching the return to home, but i think i might cancel the return to home, i dont know we still have six minutes on our mission. We dont have enough battery to do the orbit, so i think im going to pause it once we get close to the approach of the orbit and then im going to bring it back to me, change out the battery and then finish it off.

But if we had, you know about a drone that could stay up in the air a little bit longer, then we wouldnt have to do that at all. So i can tell on the screen where i am in the mission and it looks like were coming around coming back around, were about to fly right over me. I wonder if we should pause it here since its coming right at me. I think ill get over these wires and then ill pause. It thats kind of a cool shot, though so Music yeah, i think, were gon na pause it i dont know i like that shot though i want to keep doing that shot. So i might um pause it on the turn Music or on the straightaway. That way, i can pick up right where i left off. Oh its pointing out there in the thats positive mission, stopped all right im, looking right at the sun, so im going to switch over to this view and im going to whoa im gon na point over at me, Music and im gon na fly over towards me. A little bit Music – oh, i think i have my gimbal still set to fpv all right. Wheres it at the sun is right. In my eyes i saw it right before it went across the sun. Now i can see it again were gon na bring it over to me just gon na drop it in the parking lot.

Music were gon na spiral it so it comes down a little faster Music. All right all right come over to me: Music and drop it like its hot. All right were going to go in and get another battery were going to give that a couple seconds to reconnect all right looks like were all connected now. The last time we took off, we were on the sidewalk, so all of my measurements are from the sidewalk, so were gon na take off from the sidewalk Music. All right engines engaged were going to get up in the air and get up to about 100 feet. All right and then were just going to hit, play three confirming the takeaway starting mission. All right so now were going to go back here and basically, what its doing is its going to that pause point. So theres a close up, so you guys can see that Music and now all right we got the orientation it started. Recording so were good, so now were going to break it up into two video files, but in editing we should be able to um. It might be a little second couple seconds off when ive done this in the past um. The drone has to speed up um, so thats kind of affected the transition, because if the drones moving, you know 10 miles an hour and then it stops its got us and it goes to that point to start again, its got to ramp up to that 10 Miles an hour again, but i wanted to do it before the orbit, because i wanted to get a really good orbit.

I didnt want to pause the mission in the middle of the orbit. So now we just got in position for the orbit were moving close to it. 120 feet up in the air were pointing at the park and pointing down at the park. Centering ourselves up and now were going to orbit the park and thatll be a really cool, shot, yall um and were going around the pole. Even though were 120 feet up in the air were high enough not to hit the pole, but this is gon na. Be a beautiful shot Music, so i think im just gon na lean back on the renegade um and at some point i got. I havent been watching my instruments that closely ive been watching the mission more. But it looks like at my instruments that we got radio control at some point. Maybe that was when we switched the batteries out. Um ill have to go back and look at the video and see like exactly when we got radio control. That might have just been something that takes a while to warm up its been a long time since ive flown the spark. So i dont remember all the down all the negatives about the spark. But i will say if you dont care about all that stuff which most beginners dont unless youre, unless youre wanting to learn. Dji spark is a perfect little beginner drone and i think its a great professional tool as well, especially if youre doing just doing stuff.

For the internet, like um, you know recording real estate, like just looking at a house from from 60 feet up in the air like this. Drone is more than capable of all of that. It only has a 1080p image, but um most websites dont want 4k anyway. Music, so were orbiting around its a beautiful orbit. Yall i love orbits. I think everybody should incorporate orbits, not you. Dont have to necessarily put the entire orbit in your video but um its just a nice little parallax, video style that works out really well theres airplane flying over, but its pretty high up itd be stupid to fly this close to a ballpark all right. It looks like that is over now, Music looks like that ended the mission yall Music, so return back here mission accomplished mission accomplished yall i like to see that all right yall that was it that was a completed mission with drone link with the dji spark. Everything went really really well, i split it in half where i wanted to split it in half it took two batteries to get through the mission, but overall it was a pretty good flight.