You know you could fly it pretty good, A little bit. We enjoyed it that we plugged it up last night. There was nothing around it that would cause it, it wasnt hot. We keep them in cool place, and next thing I know it was just it just like one of those uh fires that the emergency sticks you use on the side of the road. If you broke down how it went flame flame duck theres a lot of smoke, real quick when you first slide them thats what it looked like, feel the fill the room up with a lot of smoke, uh kind of freaked me out, I didnt know really what It was after the smoke was going, but thats kind of the first time the batterys ever blown up that I know of in front of me, but I dont know if its defect in it or what happened, but anyway thats what thats, what it looks like. Thank you, Music. Thank you.