So it comes in a handy case like this, and it is very lightweight actually and if you just open it up and zip it, and here we are heres. The drone itself very lightweight – it is very lightweight optical sensor on the bottom and youve also got a camera here and theres a battery already slotted into it. There so, and you get a spare battery and heres the the controls, some instructions and spare blades. In case you have a few accidents, i might be needing these actually so four spare blades and a screwdriver so that you can attach the blades onto the drone. So if we unfold the everything and heres the camera and theres a little bit of, i put that protective tape on it, so ah thats how you switch it on so there you go thats in the on mode now i think its time to test it out. Hi so were going to test it out in in my garage just just to get it just to hover, because we had an epic fail earlier in the park because of all the wind and so and it just went uh right into the into the into the Woods so luckily it didnt hit anybody, so thats great, so were gon na just get it to hover and weve been watching some reviews on how to fly it because im a complete beginner, and so we need to calibrate it thats. The first thing we need to do and when you calibrate it, you should then be a lot more stable, so im going to calibrate it thats it and then take off Music thats it.

If your drone is flying anywhere in a dangerous manner towards people or animals or whatever or ornaments, tap this, and it will just shut it down so, okay, Music, welcome to total state reviews – and i dont know what im doing. Okay, here we are in the local park, testing testing it out and just need to switch it on Music. Until now, if you can see the eyes flickering and theres a a lead at the back figuring, so put it on somewhere flat were just using some mats dinner mats, okay and then we just need to switch the controller on, and then we need to connect it By going up and then down like that, and then we need to club calibrate it by pressing the holding this button down until it starts blinking they are so it should be ready to fly now. So here we go.