He is excited and cannot wait for me to give it to him so lets check it out. First, take a look at it. It comes with a nice little case. He can keep it in. So he doesnt lose any parts. Then inside weve got extra pieces. Weve got extra little wings. We have the charger. A little fly base little tools, everything we need in there weve got some instructions on that side. On this side, we have the actual drone, which is nice, that it folds in and can fold open for easier keeping it right. In the case, i love the black and gold that looks really classy and nice for our drone got. The battery looks like it has two batteries, then you have the actual remote control, which you can connect to your cell phone, so that you have vision of where youre flying easy maneuverability up down got the power button got great antenna signals, and that is it for That package so im going to give it to him and let him get started its a great starter drone for him to learn on, and it comes in a really nice case. If you can keep this one, nice, maybe well go up a little higher in drones, but this is a really great starter.