This is what it looks like go ahead and pull this out. I went ahead and took everything out of the plastic to make it a little bit of a quicker video, but the drone itself. This is how it comes Music, the batteries they give you the battery chargers. The controller flip this over and put your cell phone in here turn it on. This is a review on the drone 4d rc and the drone itself, like i said, um it’s, pretty durable. I mean it’s, you know it. Doesn’T feel cheap that’s for sure my son actually ran it into the house once already, so i guess it didn’t break. The controller is definitely something when you buy a rc car from like walgreens. It feels kind of lightweight kind of cheap plastic um the way they have it. Your phone you know fits in here. You hook it up to the app, but the drone itself, um yep we’re, returning both of them that we bought. So with that being said, amazon had pretty good reviews for it online, and it said it had a long flight time. I think it was settled like 45 minutes, i think the longest out of all the flights that we’ve had it in the air was maximum five, which my opinion sucks to get the drone going. What you got ta do is turn it on Applause, see the battery’s dead it’s been on a charger all night, so i’m going to swap that battery out with the other one and see if we can get it to work.

Changing the batteries out, it’s, pretty easy. Um it just slides into the back, pushes in push it down turn it on. We actually bought two drones. The other drone controller that i have when you turn it on the display wouldn’t work so we’re returning that one. So it kind of tells you how the review for that one’s going to be and what you got to do see the blinking light. Turn it up down and now it’s synced to the drone and what you got to do to get it to fly is push each one of these down into the corner. So we’ll do that real quick. So we got the drone up and ready Music, as you can see, we’re not using the phone as the app, so we can’t really watch the video of it or anything, but we can definitely fly it around all right. This is round two we got. The drone turned back on i’m gon na go ahead and turn the controller back on and, as you can see, the rx showing full, which is the controller, but now watch what happens when we go ahead and try to get it activated with the drone. The battery life just dropped down halfway and then we’ll just hover it around once. The drone is in the air it’s, actually pretty easy to fly um really when they say it’s for adults. I would say it’s really good for kids right now. I have no control over the drone other than turning it, but lifting it up and down.

Okay there it goes nope, i was gon na, say other than lifting it up or down it’s, not working um. If you look at the battery life, one bar that’s, the reason it’ll come home um. The a button right here is the home button. If the battery starts dying, then it automatically comes to where you’re supposed to left off at and i’m. Not a fan. Good thing is like i said: we bought two of them and we’re returning two of them, so we bought a dji. I believe and we’ll see how that one compares to this one we’ll do a review on that one when we get it, but as far as this one, this will be the last flight. If you like, the drone review on the 4drc that we got smash that, like button subscribe, we’re gon na have another video on the new drone that we’re getting in and we’ll get that out to you.