This video includes some aerial shots. Some eagle eye views where we’re standing today is the university of the west. So what we’re going to do is uh a drone video showing the aerial view of the university. Just from you know, looking from above so we’ll highlight some of the key areas, the field, the ue pool, um. You know that some of the dorms so we’ll try and get as much video in as possible Music. So if you’re new to the channel guys remember to subscribe, subscribing is completely free. Remember to like the video and remember to share as well so stay tuned. Don’T go anywhere watch the video to the end and let’s have an awesome, aerial, video, all right so down. There is the uv bowl so that’s, like for football that’s for cricket and other sporting activities, but we know because the kovid most classes are no online and the university of the west indies has three campuses. This is the main one university of the west indies in jamaica. You have one in barbados and one in trinidad as well so we’ll be going up in the year shortly, just to show you guys what’s happening in terms of some aerial shots, so that’s what we’ve been doing next all right, then over this side is the easy Preston, all just showing you guys a little glimpse before we go up to get some eagle eyes view all right guys so stay tuned and again, thanks for clicking on this video it’s, a very bright sunshine in day, beautiful skies, let’s jump into the video Music.