You know its rush to discover boss here with another video all right guys. So today is another drone. Video so well be doing a drone video of this side of kingston so well capture some views of the root ventors uh, which is in front of me right now and then well fly through on our own auburn road, um theres, two construction around there. I think theyre commercial developments as well theyre, basically in front of each other, so ill, show you guys an update on those as well um. I did a previous video before the second construction started on auburn road, so ill put the link for that previous video. So you guys can see where its coming from so well start. The drone video here root, vent towers right here on roof and road, and then albertan road is literally behind this complex. So youll get to see two construction on that side as well. So stay tuned stay for the drone. Video remember to like comment share and subscribe, and its completely free so remember to subscribe as well so its another video back here in new kingston, jamaica and well be standing up the drone shortly to show you guys some aerial shots of this development. Thats almost finished root ventures being developed by nht and well also showcase two other developments on auburn road, so you guys definitely stay tuned for that all right guys. So thanks for watching thanks for the support, thanks for all the likes, all the comments, all the shears really appreciate it.

So stay tuned guys, while we send up the drone all right guys so, just before you set up the drone, this is alburn road um. This is where one of the construction is. They seem to be doing some concrete pouring today for the foundation um, so its going to be a multi level complex more than like the commercial, so they have gone on one to two floors on the ground already um. So i guess theyre doing some casting for the foundation today and that has been the norm where you know these commercial development are having even some residential, too, are putting underground parking in um and going down one to two floors so that they can get more in A more square feet, space percy, so this is one of them um. This was a big lot, probably a year or two ago, with a a motel, slash um. I think it was tropical inns. It was a short story, living complex and then came the pandemic and they developed the neighboring lot into like a restaurant with other office complex and then this lot now is gon na get some form of multi level commercial development so ill.