I know we can stands for west indies. Um contractor home contractor is limited. We can so it’s a development which includes a children play area. The house will have a gym it’s designed probably like a tone house, and you can probably see glimpses right there to the right of my screen so that’s. What we’re checking out today guys so welcome back to the channel, and you know it’s rush, the discover boss, just here with another review, for you guys so stay tuned, all right, guys so seascape tone hoses 24 hour security, children play area, gym security entrance gated, so Arbor view weekend construction again guys if you’re new to the channel definitely subscribe, subscribe and it’s free, remember to leave a video remember to comment and share as well. So today will be mainly a drone. Video today will be mainly a drone shot of this complex, so we’ll be going up in the air shortly up in the air. Sorry shortly to show you guys some june views of this property. So this is the first video i’m doing of the sea.