You know it’s rush to discover boss. Today we are in saint anne’s, the white river valley area, so that’s what we’re? Taking a look on today, if you’re new to the channel remember to subscribe completely free, remember to like the video leave a comment and share as well. So this is a mega construction. It has been on the construction for a while right here in scent and close lotuarius white river area who’s the prospect as well um in saint mary, so we’re, just taking our first look and we’re. Also gon na set up the drone, so stay tuned. For that Applause all right, so i was told that this is a bpo, a car center being constructed constructed um that’s, not confirmed based on the person that told me um. So if you guys know any other details on this construction or what is coming over here, let me know i know you guys. Always you know, provide information, because each of each person knows somebody um. So if you know what’s coming over here, let me know um. As i said, i was going with a bpo but let’s see if we can confirm that i would almost be here in kingston, no kingston or montego bay, so they’re also trying to spread them out. Just to give you know everyone, every young people from every parish, you know more opportunity to to have a job rather than in some case they have to travel very long distances as well, so stay tuned for the joint video and again this is a first look.

All right, i’m gon na get closer, give you a front view and again you know, it’s a discover boss, always bringing you guys, the new construction and the latest updates as well Applause all right. So there’s not a lot of details posted on the perimeter, but it is a massive, complex, uh lots of glasses, that’s, a glass using the construction uh. Let me know what you guys think about the design um it’s a big building, very big and again, if you guys have any details on it. Let me know as well so work is still ongoing and as soon as they’re making a multi level parking garage. But i wouldn’t assume one section of the drone will be able to see some aerial shots of the property as well. Music construction. All right guys remember to leave your comments like subscribe and remember to share so we’re going up with the drone shortly. So i guess this will be the main entrance right here: um. It looks like one two three floors and then they may have another rooftop area Applause, so in total, it’s gon na be four floors and then parking Applause, all right guys.