I know the wind noise is heavy, so i wont talk for too long um. So this is the boardwalk for dragging for running. So its an aerial video, so you guys stay tuned for the drone video um. So we see some green bricks, yellow bricks, some black bricks as well and theres, also designs of the jamaica flag. Hey rush fam welcome back to the channel, so there you have it another update video of the port royal street coastal revetment project being developed at the cost of 950 million jamaican dollars so well be taking an update. I will be doing an update on this project. Um theyre theyre, moving pretty fast in my eyes, sidewalks are in the boardwalk is in parking its been worked on, so i think theyre moving pretty fast um theyre also, you know doing some unique design, so even in the brick theres a design of the the jamaica Flag that youd have seen in the brick as well, so its mainly a drone video that were doing just wanted to show you guys uh a little. You know walk around before we set up the drone, so i guess this year well be like for parking before you. You know you go and chill before you probably do some jogging. If thats the purpose youre you come down here, um, i think they may have a its a restroom area as well. So lets set up the drone and you know take a look at the entire length of the project which goes back down to very close to you know.

Waterfront our you know, victoria appear whichever names you want to use, so it stops right. Beside the irise buildings, um dont think i can see them clearly yeah those high rise buildings, so another update for you guys. This is probably tent update on this project, so you guys have seen it from start and well continue. You know showcasing until its finished and – and you know its officially – you know open for the public purpose so remember to like remember, to comment, remember to share and were on our way to 10 000. Subscribers so definitely subscribe. If you havent yet done so and join the rush from more reviews, family, so thats, the sidewalk in we have the boardwalk over there. So yeah work is going on so its the port royal street coastal reven project. All right lets switch back to some drone views.