So this is the new bert’s, auto right here at 72, more lines road. I have a video on this new bert, auto it’s, probably open for a year now, so you guys can definitely check it out. Gon na put it in the comments and in in the comments, so you guys can check it out so it’s, relatively new it’s, the biggest birds very huge, auto parts, complex um when it was being built. Another person thought it was a call center based on the design and based on this size and speaking of car center that’s. What we’re going to look at today, it’s a new construction alert there’s a new car center just around the corner that we’re gon na get some glimpses off. So we know most carson to try to go into some urban areas, some town, but this one is in the community of my lines so it’s in a residential community um. They are pros to that their constitute as well. You know at least persons in this area. Don’T have to travel far for work, but it’s a little bit secluded, but it’s a big area, so the area needed some development and i guess what they chose to put there is the is the bpo. Is the car center so that’s? What we’re gon na take a look at today, guys so new construction alert? Now we have fast ridge electrical right here on the left, that’s uh electrical company – and now we take this left right here.

So this is chalmers avenue if you’re new to the channel. Remember to subscribe if you’ve watched a few videos and haven’t subscribed as yet remember to subscribe. Remember to like the video as well and definitely definitely leave some comments. So we’re approaching this site of the new car center that’s being built here right in the middle of my lines: community my lines garden right off my lines: road right on chalmers avenue so that’s. What we’re, taking a look on today, so it’s directly in front of us we’re going to try to get some shots for you guys so stay tuned. Chris and charles investment limited has partnered with the channel russia more reviews, so you guys definitely show them. Some support. You’Re also having a promotion right now, so this is the promotion is the feel free promotion. Um borrow up to one million dollar and pay less than twenty thousand dollars monthly, so the promotion runs until the end of april 2021. So you guys definitely check them out and you can even whatsapp them to 838 9028, so check them out guys chris and charles investment company limited partnered with the channel so show them some support all right guys. So there you saw some glimpses of the building, so we’re gon na get some drone footage. Now some eagle eye footage so stay tuned. For that remember to like comment. Share subscribe everything so we’re gon na go up into here.