I already have a drone that i had bought a month ago or so. Ive had multiple drones. Prior to this, some were the basic when you could buy them for 60 or 70 dollars pretty cheap. You didnt have to it wasnt gps, it was just you start it and youre gone and not very far. It was only line of sight. What what you might be able to see – and sometimes you could lose track of what direction youre going and, of course it ends up in a tree, so ive lost a few of them. Then then i got uh. I bought one. It was around 150 dollars a couple years ago and uh. It worked really well the the drawback was it didnt have like a follow me mode or a circle where you could pinpoint a spot and the the drone would fly around it and the camera would not angle down. It was fixed, so it was really kind of hard to use it for for doing uh, carpentry garage videos so uh i went to i wan. I wanted to upgrade so i found one for around dollars. It was a nightmare to try to get that to even fly uh. I downloaded the software. I read the directions which i dont enjoy doing, but i read the directions and it just i i could not get it to fly. I had other people um try to help me same thing. It was just its not user friendly.

I sent it back so uh holy stone contacted me want to know. If i wanted to do an unboxing, i thought well sure its a its a beginner uh type, drone, 250 or so ill put a link down uh on the bottom here, theres also a coupon code that youll be able to use. If you think you want to buy one, you can get a discount on it. Apparently so thats pretty cool so were going to unbox. This thing i also have another drone. Thats uh was around six hundred dollars that had the features i wanted. It had. The angle camera it had the following mode: it had the point of interest where you could set a point and it would fly around. Ive actually had uh. My friend steve, who is a commercial 107 part 107 pilots licensed person, fly that so im going to use some of that footage because theyre pretty similar as far as the camera and how it operates. The functions are pretty pretty similar, um ive already unboxed. This ive already tried it out to make sure it works, and i really like it, especially for a 250 dollar drone um. It has some of the features of the more expensive ones that i really like so lets. Get this puppy out of here see what what we can do. It has a nice carrying case Applause. It really protects parts so that they dont get damaged, comes with a screwdriver extra set of blades directions, some foam to help protect the contents.

So this is the drone i want to take it out carefully. I dont want to break it. Okay comes with a battery two batteries actually uh one. So the case one battery has its own storage compartment, the other one you store it inside the drone. It has a gasket so that you cant plug it in so it wont inadvertently, get plugged in and short out or or burn out for or whatever, so it slips right in there snap it in then you unfold this. You can see how that just unfolds. The propellers are made to theyre loose like that theyll straighten out when, when uh, when it starts up and starts flying im going to skip through a lot of the the directions, you can read the directions and figure that all out yourself, the controller its a really It feels substantial i like that it feels pretty good, has uh fold out arms and you pull this part out and theres a little part that folds down to set your phone in there. I have a. I have a phone somewhere lets see this one. I already downloaded the software into this. It just snaps in there and holds it in place really well the uh thats the particular app thats from a previous thats a i had it up at the shop um. There wasnt very good reception there, its a cloudy day. So its hard to, i think you need to have about 11 satellites to tie this in you can see you can see the camera there thats.

Let me get it turned on and ill demonstrate that so uh theres an on button and a lock you hit them. Both at the same time, Music, you can see it searching for satellites, has zero satellites right now, Music, so it will be hard to fly it by gps. Okay, then, for the drone you snap, the battery in you can see it just snaps. It goes right in there presses a little bit hard. I just kind of tap it sd card right there to turn it on. You turn it on by the button on the battery Music. So that starts it. Okay, it says not connected, oh okay, so i just got a mail uh message you can see. If i pick that up lets see, this is tricky so im turning it. You can see the camera camera against camera yeah. There we go okay, so im going to calibrate it, what they re. So you hit the uh the message button and it wants you to calibrate it. Okay, uh whoops place the drone horizontally and rotate it 360 degrees about three circles. Sometimes it only takes one or two, so theres, one: okay, theres, almost three, now its saying place, the drones head up rotate it 360 degrees vertically about three circles. So heads up turning it. Okay, so it says its all calibrated, so you can see the picture there on the side. Is the camera tilt right here, just move it back and forth? Whichever way you want to go so if i youll see that the camera move pointing down, lets, stick it out a little bit and then back up lets, take a look ill move the camera down.

You can stop it wherever you want. Okay, if you want to so it has the sd card in there already uh, i only it varies between. Currently it has six satellites, so you wont get a a steady float. Uh, it wont stay there lets just just go over here, a little bit like that ill stay right here with it. Okay, so it should be. You just hit the lock button and it will activate. It says please note that the minimum satellites for takeoff is seven satellites. Oh just hit, all right were going to try it. I have nine. Oh, we have 10.. That should give a good oops. I took a picture. Uh should give a good flight. It should be good and balanced lets see if it is theres kind of a wind, maybe five to ten miles an hour. Music yeah thats, hovering much better. Okay, so im recording now see if you can see that so we turn it lets see: Music, Music Applause, the winds making it bounce around a little bit, unfortunately, Music. So im changing the angle down, see the plywood down there on the ground, osb Music. It responds really well when theres satellites so Music. So again you can set a point and it will hover around that. I havent read in the directions how to do that yet, but it should be pretty straightforward from what ive from what ive heard. Theres. Also, a follow me mode, it will follow you anyway.

I think i think, for a beginner drone. This is really a good one. Its easy to control the controls are the same as some of the the more expensive models, even so its just oh ive got 12. thats. Another thing i like is the drone that i had before it. Wouldnt pick up a signal, no matter if it was a clear day or not all right hope you enjoy this again theres a coupon.