com. Today we got another unboxing for you. This is for our new latest and greatest drone were here at the helium house, comes to mb1 kind of like air force, one maybe moonboy one moonboy one there you go were already giving stuff names, so lets go ahead and jump right into this. This is the holy stone, hs, 720, 4k drone. So beautiful we have a second our third battery. Here we have our casing and please do not forget to buy extra batteries just in case yeah, for your remote go ahead and pop this puppy out. Look at that case thats, so clean Music thats. What it looks like on the inside all right. You have some extra things right here in this little compartment. This is going to be your cabling. You open it up right here: battery charger, yeah thats, the charger real, clean, real smooth there you go that uses usbc, as you can tell Music all right lets go ahead and open this part up there. We go well its not going to go the easy way. Well, just do it the good old fashioned way: oh our propellers! There we go some bolts. This is going to be the main battery, as you can see hefty smurf. This right here is the drone thats. What we all came here for it comes with a battery pre installed, be careful when taking out the packaging. Oh shoot wow! Oh, oh theyre, in the wrong order, like that there we go all right.

Im gon na take this little part off right here. There we go set this thing up and you guys can watch it take off. Hopefully it dont start up when you put that battery in shazam all right, so thats the drone itself and of course we have our controller. Now you do have to use a cell phone on this um as the controller, so were gon na go ahead and hook all this stuff up for you guys and were gon na show you guys the maiden voyage, the launch – oh moonboy, one, our official drone, and We gon na show you guys some drone footage whoo drone maiden voyage. No, no nb1 moonboy talk or moonboy one yeah, like the president, so theres a maiden voyage. We had to use the wi fi in the truck. Oh, we got liftoff lets. Take it up. Lets. Take it up Music, oh yeah, look at that fly out that way. There we go all right avoid the tree Applause. My phone ringing, i dont know who this is all right: bring it down son, break it down. Son dude, the down button. I did push the down button. This is the land button im pushing it push it. I know what it is: push the land button. I am pushing the land, but okay, i think you got to hold it im, not sure here it comes. The battery died lets even make it to the ground before it dies there we go Applause, he dead, yeah.

I dont think this is down thats. That is that i think thats down because thats what it says on the other, i know thats the take off thats. The lane, but all right were gon na figure. This out look were having a were having a disagreement here about how to land. This thing, however, it landed. I think it does have a safe landing protocol on it, not sure we got one more battery, though lets switch the other battery out and do it again. These drones are not cheap yall. We dont have a fully charged batteries because we just did the unboxing, as you guys saw so luckily, we got three batteries were going, were gon na fly it up again, uh and then next time, once we fully charge these were going to show you guys. Some footage – hopefully we can fly this with our wi fi connected because we dont have wi fi connected here at the uh helium house. Yet we had to use the wi fi in my truck. We got the denali model, so it has wi fi built in all right ill. Show you all the battery chains, real, quick there we go run terrible. All right, so now were gon na see. If this is how you land it dont, take it up so high. This time, because lets see if it starts, got to hold it. Okay, im going to repair them real, quick, want wow there we go lets see.

I dont know the person now thats the one you got ta hold. I think there we go. I was flashing flashing red for splashing green now. Is that the startup thing again real, quick, oh yeah, the rotator thingy, so you guys got to rotate this three times and you got ta turn it vertical after you rotate it three times horizontal. Now you got ta turn it vertical and do until it lights turn solid, hold that okay, one shoot right there. They turn boom boom. All right lets. Do this! Oh boy! There we go. Oh shoot like a little beef fly out over that one. I think hes lost control flies that way there we go. I think hes gon na get good with this. Eventually, oh shoot. Look im gon na figure out how to turn around back up. Oh yeah moonboy talk, drone mb1 were gon na, be filming with this. It has a 4k camera on it, Music, take it down and then go back up. All right go back up, go back up or is it dead? Oh, it has a landing sequence. There we go, we got drones. Yall were gon na be doing some sci fi stuff with this yall can expect some short films, sci, fi, short films, all kind of other short films – i dont know were just talking right now, but who knows we might drop a short film on yall. Oh, this one seemed like it got more battery than the other one, its supposed to have 26 minutes of battery Music yo.

We out here having fun at the moon boy talk headquarters. Well, no, this aint hq. You can feel the wind from that wow thats, crazy, thats, a whole lot of air. Coming from that Music did automatically land. All the batteries must be dying. All right, yall make sure you like make sure you subscribe, were gon na figure. This out were gon na charge. The batteries up were gon na, be bringing yall a lot more drone footage some overhead shots of the helium house d2. Anything else like share subscribe, dont forget stay tuned for many more installments in this amazing series.