My drone, i ordered this from the shopping shop is very cool. You can buy something there. You can buy toy boats, there’s. Also, big boats that you can ride no cargo boats, it’s, okay, you can still fly there’s, also jet boats with no controllers, and this is my remote controller. So you just press this thing, so it will on that thing. So you just do this. Just you just make a up, so you know if you want to laugh there but don’t eat, but don’t crash it everything. So you can watch my videos so here’s, my drone, if you want to on these just press this there’s one batteries here i mean there’s. Two batteries so here’s these two batteries from the drone. Let me teach you how to put it. You put this thing right over here or if this thing is slow back, you can charge it or if this thing you’re already finished to charge, you want to fly it again and you put it inside. We also need these, so you can fly the drone. The sum of four because there’s four legs, so you can fly, it, also got these or if these things are broken, look they’re the same, let’s see they’re broke or if they’re broken you can put them again. So if you can just screw it or something look, you just need to press this thing if you want to because it likes everything, watch press it because the battery is not there so guys.

I hope you subscribe my channel, and this is how you keep your drone, this bad it’s, like that. I mean this black bag, so bye guys. I hope you but wait. You need to subscribe. My channel or frogs will get in your house. They can open your doors and you’ll, be scared of them, so make sure to subscribe. My channel and and click the notifications and thumbs up click mine bell. If you’re watching tv, you can just press, three lines, saw the tree lines and you press okay, and you see the thumbs up and you see the subscribe. I hope you guys love me and i’ll see you in the next video or if you crash your drone. I’M, not gon na video, every time or if i’m or if i have a lot of videos, i am not getting able to vlog now i’m, not able to vlog, but a video tomorrow, bye, guys, peace. I hope you get my red merch. This is sponsored by sm andrew robinsons, Music. I don’t know different kind of mouse. Bye, guys see you.