U, and i want to go over some more information about this awesome experience based training now this is just another mission exercise based training that were offering here at drone. U and frankly, its probably the last one for the year and its the first one that were doing outside of the fly in now. This training, yes, is focused around how to build resort marketing, videos, airbnb marketing videos, but the skills and the confidence that youll gain. Well, they kind of transpire to other industry verticals as well: commercial, construction, residential construction, corporate marketing, small business marketing and productions. I mean, frankly, the skills that youre going to learn here can really be used for all sorts of marketing media. Now i was a lot like you and that i love to go on adventures and live the drone life, but i kind of questioned it first if i would actually be able to get these resort marketing jobs in these beautiful destinations and through my failures, i learned Exactly what these marketing managers and resorts are looking for, frankly, its an easy formula who the right contacts are how to get your initial contact and then, through this entire course, im going to give you the confidence to acquire the shots in close proximity, deliver and automate. This way you can accurately scale your business to be conducting more and more drone jobs. Oftentimes people wonder well paul. Do i have the right equipment it doesnt matter what you have its, how you use it now.

You may have heard that before, but lets excuse the fluff and everything that you hear online and quit the hype of buy every brand new drone that has less features than the one before it were going to teach you exactly what you need to know in order To be able to fly these beautiful banking, smooth motions that are naturally curving with beautiful, smooth, tilts, well, teach you the right settings to set up your drone, build your confidence to fly in attitude mode, to avoid emergencies and to think of every single flight. As a constantly smooth, beautiful practice, bring it back, bring it back, bring it back, bring it back, yeah and since youre staying on site with the drone you flight crew, you get a lot of time with us. Call it coaching time. Call it question and answer time. Whatever you want to call it 45 yeah bring those extra drones ill help you set them up ill help. You get the smoothest motion out of the gimbal ill help. You eliminate all of the distractions to get exactly what you need and teach you. The seamless, succinct workflow of capturing the shots every single time, the right settings on the camera, the right settings on the gimbal, the right settings on your motors games and expos. Yes, that does matter through this entire course were going to teach you how to scale these jobs. Now new drone pilots, even intermediate drone pilots, they want to get into the drone business they get to be outside, they get to have fun and they get to be creative, sure, thats awesome, but most of them miss on the scaling aspect of their business.

Sometimes, behind the computer work can get a little bit mundane a little bit exhaustive, if not kind of depressing. So that said at the last two days of this course were going to teach you how you can scale your operations. I hear all the time paul. I want 300 drone jobs in a year fantastic. How are you going to be able to handle that volume? We are going to provide you with the solutions to actually handle that volume and do it well and do it better than the competition all the communications for filtering out their needs and deliverables. The location and scheduling is all automated were even going to automate the delivery for you that way, your clients know exactly how to get their media, how to use the user interface and then theyre getting more emails, because this automated system is going to help you scale Upsells its going to help you garnish referrals and hopefully maintain engagement and communication, so you can get more jobs. One of the questions i get all the time is paul. What kind of drone jobs can i do in the winter? You can go after mountain resorts in the winter time you can go down to puerto rico in january and its still 80 degrees. I mean there was one time in puerto rico that i was just down there for a few meetings made a quick phone call to a marketing manager and five grand later had actually completed two resort jobs.

I hope to see you at the experience training its only open to eight people and its already halfway sold out, but heres. The thing if you cant make it to the first five days of the training, the automation and business scaling course, is open to 20 pilots or an additional 12 pilots.