Think of it like a mini fly in where youre going to have three days of hands on training and flying going over flight mastery. So you can fly in close proximity going over advanced aerial videography to get the smoothest, buttery motions so that you can get the shots. Your competition cant get on top of that. Youll join us for a photography, training as well, and then youll have two days to produce deliverables for the resort that you will be staying at thats right, the resort and your food is included with the ticket of your training heres the thing once you have completed Those deliverables, youre gon na have to present them in a shark tank style presentation in front of the resort owner. This way, you can get real time feedback on what you did well and maybe what you didnt do so well. This way, you can succeed in the real world now heres the beauty. This is a very small training, so you get a lot of one on one time with me with rob and with our other instructors. This way you can get your questions asked and answered, because this is gon na be one experience you will never forget in this training. Youre gon na end it with two days of automating your business scaling systems. This way you can focus more on the fun stuff. The creative aspects and youre not going to have to worry about being behind a computer were going to help.

You automate all of your emails, your onboarding, your delivery, everything that youre going to need to do to make your business easier to run with these business systems. You can easily scale your business and focus more time on what you love to do, which is flying drones right thats. Why youre not going to want to miss this experience? Training over seven days, youre going to produce beautiful media and youre going to be able to use that to market yourself and your business youre, going to automate your business systems and then guess what youre going to be able to create a lifelong, successful drone business to Create recurring revenue honestly: this is one drone training youre not going to want to miss 45 yeah its like a drone adventure, its training, youre, producing media, youre. Being graded on that media and oh yeah, you even have a chance to win a thousand dollars cash. If you produce the best media its only open to eight people, so i recommend that you sign up today because we wont be doing this again, probably until next year. My name is paul and i look forward to meeting you at the drone.