Um i’ve never done reviews before, but uh so happy with this that i figured he deserved a uh, a review um talking about the drone trigger system, it’s, a the optical hi hat controller, now mine’s for an 85 atv module, and this thing just rocks it. It’S it’s dynamite uh. What you’ll get you’ll get this little box here uh it does require power, but this is an optical sensor uh. It also gives you this reflection plate right here that attaches to the bottom of your pedal. I have it attached with the gorilla tape. Uh he’ll give you velcro to attach this to your pedal, because this is a permanent installation. For me, i opted to put gorilla tape there and it’s it’s mounted there solid that’ll never fall off, so it does require power to power up the optical sensor now. The reason i went with this is that i use a yamaha hi hat rh135. I believe, or rh 135 anybody that knows: yamaha hi hats, they’re not compatible with roland uh, mostly other manufacturers out there they are compatible. But the drawback of the hat from yamaha is that it’s it’s more of a switch setup for the controller and what it does it gives you, i think, it’s four, it might be five, but it’ll give you let’s, say four uh incremental stages of your hi hat. You got fully closed, you got quarter open, you got half open and all the way open um.

You have nothing in between uh. So for me it was tough uh. You know either had very tightly closed or too washy for the song. You had nothing in between what this optical sensor allows me to do. Uh, because it’s variable now it uh it’ll, give me that full spread right from tightly closed to fully open and everything in between and it’s just a joy to play some applications for this. Certainly in this regard, if you have the yamaha hi hat with any other module, this optical sensor is going to is going to work. This one is specific to the atv 85 Music, but he does make ones for the rolling modules as well. One drawback i’ll point out: you’ll notice. This is attached to the pedal so it’s dependent on the position of the pedal to give you your your open and closed uh, because of that you can’t just drop the top symbol for like for a double bass, setup where you want to drop the top cymbal And have a closed hi hat you actually can’t do that that’s, because the controller is at the pedal and the pedal has to be down as opposed to the symbol, with the cymbal being down. One thing he has done here to overcome: that is, there is a knob here, and this knob can be turned all the way back and that’ll give you your closed, sound um, which is good. If you have a song, you got to play and the the hi hat is locked down for the whole song, but there’s no reaching down under your pedal to turn that uh mid song and to turn it back up.

Just one thing to be mindful: i’m, a single single pedal player, so this has absolutely no effect for me um, but hey this thing. This thing is just awesome Music and i i felt he deserved the shadow i’m going to move over now to the module. I’Ll show you what i’m talking about between the two controllers, to show you the results standby. So this is uh set up and plugged into the controller for the yamaha rh 135 uh there’s, your hi hat, spread there. You see that there so here’s what i’m talking about all the way closed. I let up on the pedal, and the very first step is half open next step. You can see that it’s jerky there you get three or four steps there from half open to fully open and then from half half open to close like it. It operates as a switch it’s, not variable so there’s there’s a good example there. So what this does is i can’t get anything i can’t get anything in between these two, for you know very just for a slightly loose hi hat, full wash or completely closed uh, and neither one may be acceptable for whatever song i’m doing. So i really wasn’t happy with that, but didn’t want to spend the uh 800 canadian dollars for the atv hi hat so that’s the yamaha controller and give me a minute here: i’ll be back i’ll set up for the uh for the new drone trigger optical sensor.

So here we are back at the kit: i’ve unplugged, the controller from the yamaha hi hat and plugged it into the drone trigger optical sensor and i’ve reset up the hi hat to coincide with that within the module. You’Ll see the same graph. There now it’s completely variable right from close to open. You watch the full sweep of motion. Nice and gradual everything is full of motion actually it’s. I can’t get my foot to move smoothly, so i’ll show you how good it is um but yeah that that allows me to have this much open this much open this much open this much open! You know my first step of openness was halfway with the yamaha and just not acceptable. So anyway, there you go. This thing, absolutely rocks it’s a great buy for any atv module owner that doesn’t already own the atv hats. The thing works dynamite in my case i’m. Using it with the yamaha hi hat rh 135, but with this setup you can use any any symbol, you want, you can dy diy low volume symbols. You know, as he has on his site and i think that’s his main purpose, but i i just wanted to give him a shout out.