You know its the discovery, boss rush, so as you see in the title, its another drone video so were in the town of port royal and well be doing a drone. Video of the entire town showcasing the different areas: the cruise ship here, um, the beach area, the town area, the old military hospital, the jdf coast guard base the caribbean maritime universe, the campus uh, the gideos, which has you know some structures that are, you know deformed, Because of the earthquake that happened back in the day, so its a drone video so definitely stay tuned. Dont click away, stay on the channel, remember to like remember, to comment and remember to share as well and if you havent yet subscribe. Please do subscribe so its a drone, video of the town of port royal. They have a police station over here. They have a fire fire department over here, its a fishing village, its a tourist attraction so definitely stay tuned for the drone, video guys and remember to share as well. So persons can see the beauty of jamaica persons can see. You know these side of um of jamaica as well, so were gon na. Take this right turn here and show you guys a glimpse of the old navy hospital, and then we set up the drone and give you guys some. Some aerial views so well see this right turn right on love lane. I hope its a lot of love around this side, all right guys.

So, thanks for clicking on this video enjoy the drone shots and remember to comment leave your comment. Let me know what you think about port royal and remember to share as well, so this is the royal naval hospital its no longer in operation, its not a landmark, but you know back in the days um. I guess right here would have been buzzing with activity.