5 00 am seagulls screaming like today is today. It was my first flight with that drone. During that flight. I captured some photos that made me somewhat recognizable among latvians all over the world, using the drone that changed everything mavic pro Music Music. It was announced in 2016 and released later that year. It was first of its kind, a truly portable 4k drone that folded into a very small package. It had a very strong flight time that allowed you to get immersed in the flying experience. It was truly amazing, i remember it like it was yesterday. Maybe it was yesterday wait what year the size of this drone is what made it my workhorse. I do not have a car or drivers license so size matters when it comes to filming gear and the mavic pro was the first drone that i was able to bring along with me anywhere. I went. It was such a great feeling to be able to have the drone with you at all times, a feeling that was very new to me, a feeling that turned into an obsession obsession with flight and capturing. I was tempted to capture beauty in places where people couldnt find it themselves. I loved to share my captures with everyone online, as they hadnt seen those places from such angles. It brought happiness to them, and that is what made me happy, knowing that i could make someone smile with something that i had captured with a flying camera, and that is what pushed me forward to keep on capturing more and more beautiful shots and share them with Everyone my favorite feature for this drone was the fact that you were able to turn the camera vertically.

So you could capture vertical videos that was perfect for instagram stories or other phone consumed content. I wish they would bring that back, but, as we can see, they still havent. The design was truly genius, as they are still making drones that look very similar to the original mavic pro. And if you create something truly great, there will be followers and companies followed. Everybody was starting to create these foldable drones that looked like mavics. Everyone was copying dji, but just like with everything that is copied, none could bring the same quality as dji did. Mavic pro really changed everything. For me, it was the drone that i was able to take everywhere, and i think that is the most important thing. As we know, theres this saying the best camera is the camera that is always with you and mavic pro was the drone that was always with me Music. Thank you for watching. Hopefully you were able to enjoy this documentary style type of interview, storytelling video, i dont know i. I thought i will experiment in such a way.