Thanks to these guys, paul and chris have been out to go to the game could have been gutted if i wasnt able to, and god its been a brilliant day with these boys driven us down. Weve had sandwiches weve had teas weve had goals and weve got three points, but what a strange game it was unbelievable, ive, never known so much action and moments. When you think whats going on referee had a nightmare. He didnt, like that referee. I knew he was gon na be bad before he kicked off and you might recognize paul whos. A regular pundit on extra time well be on extra time will be uh sunday night today paul your thoughts on the game. Not much happened in the first half really. I know there was the drone incident where there was a big delay. There was a big bang of heads for two breakthrough players, but in terms of goal mouth action there was next to nothing in the first half – and i said at half time its going to be some brilliance or a mistake. That changes the course of this match and thats what turned out to happen with moutinhos brilliant goal with the outside of his foot and also their goal. You have to say tony was a great great strike. Just after a rent card and a var decision overturned, he was going epileptic about that red card. In the stands. Werent you you just didnt, see didnt see as a red card.

No one thought oh hes in trouble here, type thing: yeah, okay, it looked like a foul, but the referee whos hungry, for it wanting to put that right now it seemed like he didnt give himself any time to think about. The situation made the wrong choice and, as soon as someone gets sent to the uh monitor to look, you know that theyve been told to change nine times out of ten theyre gon na change. The line. To be fair, i mean the the story of the game. We started quite slow to be fair and then, as you say, there was that drone break. I mean 19 minutes of any time its like it was like the nfl with four quarters in the game. It was like crazy, 19 minutes of adding time in the first half seven minutes of adding time in the second half we we did do better in the second quarter. I thought and then that goal from moutinho the lincoln player, the outside of his foot, hes, saying its half time, touchy, brilliant, absolutely brilliant strike um and to be fair, i mean tonys goal for brentford was a great strike as well yeah yeah, but we dont. Normally. We dont normally concede goals like that, after whether the concentration had slipped a little bit after that red card. This is now back into it, the brentford fans off for about five minute period. After that, we were kind of a little bit under the cost, and then that goal from nevis um saying he was due one brilliant strike wasnt.

It reminded me of his goal at sheffield wednesday, where he just lined it up on the edge of the box and passed it into the bottom left hand, corner and then troy all right comes on. He scores what we think is an absolute brilliant goal. Second, game running hes like discovered how to score score goals disallowed for var um, but seven minutes have added time and the ref didnt seem to want to blow no um. Is it the longest matching premier league history, its going to be? It really has got a great it had so much happen. I mean the drone break and then the referee came out at half time. The linesmen are out, the teams are out, the referee comes out, and then he goes off to have a cup of tea comes back five minutes later. Chris heres, your man in the match and whats your performance rating, none of the match, was definitely daniel pedence. I think i thought he was everywhere every time he got the ball. There was nobody within 10 yards of him. He was all over the pitch playing it all over every position from the right wing to left wing down the middle, and no one could get near him um out of ten seven and a half out of ten, i think seven and a half paul your performance Right yeah give it a seven. I think well play better than that. Still this season, but in the second half i do think we would turn the screw up on them a bit um.

So id probably give it a seven, and my man of the match is probably metino, because hes got a goal and an assist, and i think, as the game went on, it became more and more influential. So i think hes a big reason why weve won the match today. To be honest, ive got to concur with paul on moutinho sorry, i i do like daniel bonanza for me as well, but moutinho um for that touch of quality. Of the one two, the outside of his foot, i mean hes, unbelievable player. Weve got to give him an extension on his contract, got it and he got the assist as well for the neves goal as well. So for that reason, im going to give it to sherry moutinho. I know im going to give it a 7.75 just because just because i can um just for the second half performance really and coming away from home uh having a setback uh with the goal and coming back and then still managing to win a game. Thats. A good point: the side of a good team is when you can do that, and wolves are now playing four games. I think its the first time i dont know someone will tell me in the comments section below weve won uh three games on the bounce. At the start of the season in the league for a while at the start of a new calendar year with the new currency, yeah thats right, someone will put down a leave.

Your thoughts in the comment section below please smash a like on the video. Do you agree with that analysis of the game? Uh look out for extra time as well, and there might be a couple of sneaky goals from the moutinho and nevis we might put them up because they were special special goals. Yeah, i want to say a big shout out to the brentford fans as well, because weve come to the stadium theyve been so friendly, really welcoming, theyre a lovely club im so happy theyre in the premier league and uh its great to see. After all, the efforts that theyre coming so you know brentford fan watching this. Thank you. Youve been absolutely brilliant with us welcoming us all the way through and its just a really lovely club and uh. You know we hope you dont have any struggles. I know youve not won in a while, but youll.