We are kung fu fighting with me, Music and since the battle had passed, this factory we’ve worked against fenders and their poisonous influence. Then, a few weeks ago, tesla made contact with your father and offered to help end the saxonian occupation. How noble of him he offered support for the rebellion in exchange for oil, a mutual partnership. Unfortunately, your uncle apparently prefers to work for the six onions and they set up a trip for our delegation. I’M. Sorry, her fondue spork saxony intends to keep my uncle in power at all costs. Few are willing to keep up the fight. We are in no position to support such a pact with tesla. There is more at stake here. Evil is on the rise in saxony and there will be another war before long. Sectionary cannot control arabia’s oil when that war comes that’s, not for saxony, tesla or anyone else to decide. My people, my home, are not things to be traded or bargained with you’re right. They had a problem with this, where i was born too, but i’ve seen saxony’s armies. You have nothing to stop them. If you want them gone, you need allies, strong allies, a band of misfits hiding in the balkans, can’t fight the saxonian war machine, but america can can but won’t the union hit during the great war. Americans have no desire for european adventure. The alliance can’t expel sexually from arabia for you, but we can provide what you need to do it yourself.

If you manage to unite the tribes under your banner of course, that’s a big if the american public will care about arabia, if we give them something, they can believe in america used to be a colony itself. We have a soft spot for people fighting european imperialists. All we need is a visible victory, something big, a symbol that is all well and good, but i’m. Listening. Oh so tell me more about this fenris gunther just got shot out so hard. The camels are ridiculous. I love them. They do so much damage click on the train and move it back and forwards. It actually works like it like an rts unit. Oh my god. I just saw that new mech of ours. What the it’s got like a screwdriver. The it’s got a giant chisel it’s. The chisel mech and a flame thrower – oh my god, it’s a giant ball it’s it’s gone! Oh! That mech is so dumb. Well, no time for recon i’m doing some jaeger recon all right. One of the destroyer cannons getting up. Desert fox is standing by desert foxes. They just they gave them their own name, all right, awesome, the cavalry’s coming in the main gate. I want to see the chisel. Oh, my god it just like auto chisels the bunker knocky knocky knock knock knock, knock knock. Why is there a session buried alive up here? Yeah it is, it is, it definitely is we did it impressive work, people for weapons and anything else we can use – oh god, header, whoa, it’s prone to my uh frida’s back.

It i’ll give you an opportunity to apologize after. She helps us capture, acaba what’s. Next, for your freedom fighters, princess cetera, we finally have the equipment we need to take al aqaba and disrupt sucks in his war supplies in the region. This is only the first step, though we must drive saxony out of arabia entirely and regain our independence, Music and uh captain mason. Why should americans care about war in a distant place like arabia? America is a beacon for the oppressed. We will always be on the side of those who the american music, in the background, pursuit of happiness and justice for all. These are not slowly zooming in on him, inalienable human rights, and we should protect them throughout the world. Your highness independence might not be in the cards for arabia. Oil is increasingly valuable to the powerful nations of the world, including americans. What stops them from occupying arabia to protect it once saxony is gone. We’Re, not europa commander. America is not an imperialist nation. We are not the business of occupying countries for our own gain. There are american troops in alaska as we speak and it doesn’t look like they’re leaving anytime soon. Does it captain? It is true. We are weak today, but it wasn’t always like this. We once led the world in science. All the stars in the sky were arabic names from washington to dresden. You all use our numbers to count. Our history is the world’s history, but now our land is seen as nothing but a price to claim a stepping stone for the ambitions of others.

The world has passed us by. I want to change that. Saxony must be repelled, then we can build a society. No longer stifled by the old traditions, i believe the arrangement suggested by nikola tesla could help us stand on our own feet again. However, tesla can’t defeat the saxonians for us america could, but i won’t allow any foreign troops in arabia. Once saxony has been expelled. Can you promise me that arabia is not trading one occupier for another? When i ask america for help, i’ll make sure that union forces leave once the job is done? I know the sort of people his father works with. Maybe the captain thinks he can outsmart them or cut their strings once he’s in the white house, but he can’t he can’t beat them at their own game. If you become president with fenris’s help, they could destroy your presidency at any time. You’D be their puppet Music. You have my word. I trust you. We are not our families it’s our own actions that define who we are Music, but we have to deal with this first, an old fortress being used as a defensive position. Please quinta’s going to kill it in melee. At the start, oh, we got a hit and it didn’t count as a rare hit it’s on fire and it’s, not a rear, hurt. Oh that was interesting. Okay, the turret popped off. Like a bottle cap. There we go stay, distracted, stay distracted, good, good, uh, oh okay, what the that went through it what’s with this thing, i think it’s, just a real angle, yeah.

I think it’s a weird like angle in the rock and oh it’s, retreating. What was that a hit from oh from the machine gun in the sky? We can also build the samson, which is a flying carrier, launching autonomous drones. Oh my god. Drone strike. Yes, sorry, i’m building the drone strike vehicle right now. Damn i didn’t realize president obama was the final hero for usa. I think one of the funniest things to have ever happened in a call of duty game is the fact that the uh, the massive uh aircraft carrier that call of duty black ops 2 is set on. You know the big ending thing where all the drones go: wild and kill. Everyone is called the uss barack obama i’d. Never noticed that yeah it’s called the like. The aircraft carriers called the barack obama and, like the menendez, takes over the drones and kills the g20 conference, which is just a like. I like it. I like it’s, very on the nose captain. These airships are useful. Tesla could buy some just like anybody else with money. Surely your government would allow manufacturers to sell such weapons, not even the sky’s the limit when there’s money to be made. That is so aggressively american yep? Oh my god. I see they literally fly over and drop bombs, Laughter, precision, hellfire bombs. There we go incredible. Oh my god bruno can shoot down aircraft what building upgrade our defenses are let’s. Just oh that’s, just sad! Oh, you can spend resources to build the drones in the samson faster, so you just mash the button and more bombs come out doing that with only airships in 30 minutes that sounds ridic you’d have to just cheese.

It you’d have to like rush around the rear and just grab it using airships, only sort of thing: Applause, Music, a pilanian, a saxonian, an arabian look up to the sky. Maybe they are here to join us. Hmm, no that’s, my uncle’s back. We need to go now. Yeah just stand there, while the horses charge at you, no a light. Jog that’ll do what’s going on no idea, don’t tripod by decree of his majesty king khalid of arabia. I hereby declare princess zita rebels and her foreign co conspirators prisoners of his highness. You will be escorted to his excellency saxonian governor of arabia, general von schlondheim, captain mason and his men are free to go. Damn i didn’t well. This was my fault. I should have realized your judgment would be clouded by naive ideals and a pretty face. You lack focus. Our people talked to king khalid and made him a better offer than the saxonians in three days. He will officially ask america for military assistance and an ongoing presence to provide security and stability in the region. You’Ll lead our forces to free arabia from saxony and the princess center freedom fighters. These people are no freedom fighters, they’re criminals, saxony will execute them to uphold law and order, and king khalid will use the murder of his niece as reason to turn his back on the saxonians, but why we captured aqaba princess cedar would have united the people behind Her she could throw saxony out and become the rifle ruler of arabia and then what we leave and she sells us oil, at whatever price she sees fit.

You want to make the union dependent on them but it’s their country, and why wouldn’t they cooperate as allies. Once we’ve helped them when we show them what liberty is when we lead by example: okay, captain america, the world will benefit from our principles but standing on principle isn’t enough. Neither are the latest auto machines or all of arabia’s oil. More than anything, we need a president who will do what is required to build something greater a new world order. We’Ll make the 20th century america century. I see we want the same thing william, but i know what success requires. You will not disobey me again and you will forget about these. People dismiss you. Pinker gather our boys. I need to talk with everyone. Why not talk with them in the air captain? The ship is manned and ready. We don’t leave our friends behind right Music. I captain you to do something. This is treason, you know, that’s why? I need your help. Our princess is being held prisoner here on the mountain. Your friends are locked up down here in a saxonian base. They are to be executed. If i have anything to say about it, he is angry with us need our help, don’t, let them down damn that voice actor really got angry for that one huh all right, that’s, my man that’s my secret cap i’m, always angry all right. I wonder what sheena orcas wants they’re already running away into the corner.

Oh my god, look at the flamethrower. You can see the flamethrower as they build it. Did you see that no, i didn’t actually okay, so like when they’re building the bunker it like puts pieces on one by one and you can see the flamethrower like gun, it’s, actually modeled, um jesus whipped. Look at this me that’s a lot of gatling god. This thing is tough, it just ramped up and it healed. Oh, my god! There we go hell it’s still alive there we go and we’ve only got another like three quarters of the city. To do that’ll be much better she’s being held in the mountaintop palace gear. Up and get ready, there will be resistance. Oh it’s, is it auto building a base? Oh, it is all right, hilda’s back all right. What the are you guys seeing that the uh the bull is still like feeling itself and it’s like bugs yeah. I hit that right. I hit its repair right as it died interesting. I only just realized that the uh, the salem, looks like a t rex, and i really like that. He’S a little t rex mech, yes, both of the flamethrowers made it. Oh, my god, we did it. Oh my god, we got ta get her out of there. I wonder if we could have done that castle. Now, okay, where’d! She get a gun from no. They just give those to prisoners around here. Thank god, you’re all right arrest! Him i swear.

I knew nothing about my father’s deal with your uncle a liar like all westerners, i mean he just conquered an entire city. They rescued people by their actions. What do his actions tell you? He disobeys his own doesn’t, say man’s just spent all his time, breaking you out a prison defend my woman, oh sun, uh. Well, okay, the problem with doing this is: we now still have an enemy base. We just teleported all of our units into the base. It’S all good uh. I think it deleted all of the uh units enemy units – okay, but careful it hasn’t deleted the enemy air units, so yeah for the aaa posts to exist, paratroopers paratroopers, you can’t be hurt. No man can harm me. No, no. Those bombs can’t sit for the friendly fire yeah, oh the hush him lives and we will do it again and again, but this fight is far from over then to the wounded, then gather anything useful and prepare to leave. Why did you come back justice for all they’re, not just slogans? I swore an oath to defend america from her enemies, foreign and domestic and america’s enemies. Aren’T here they’ll throw you in prison or worse. I have to go back Music really, okay, my man about to make a uh a little air. How long before tesla’s mechs arrive soon. I’M sure that man is known for his miracles very good. While we fight saxony, i want to begin educating my people.

We can’t stand shoulder to shoulder with europa through warfare alone. That is true. We can recruit from the battle into a helper tesla’s factory, there’s much to learn there that they can take home. Do you think we’ll make it it’s going to be a long fight? But yes, i do fear. Can’T keep people down forever what’s going to happen. To will he’ll be hanged for treason most likely. Oh, he becomes president americans. They have tremendous affection for their heroes. Sometimes it just takes them a while to realize who their heroes are. Breaking news: wosu has just confirmed reports of a covert military expedition overseas, involving some of our nation’s most senior officials. Shocking revelations indicate that admiral mason and other washington power brokers, orchestrated the venture, all documented by photographs, telegrams and sworn testimony by none other than captain william mason, the admiral’s own son, our very own randolph wells was an eyewitness to the events. Tell us what you saw. Randolph, captain mason exposed a plot to use the union military to leverage lucrative business opportunities for washington insiders in what some have labeled a military industrial, complex, shocking news. Okay, in related news, the president will address the nation this evening and present his new stance on foreign policy in light of these revelations. Honestly, if anything, i think the funniest part about this dlc is: it has basically nothing to do with america. Yes, it’s, not the campaign is basically just arabia, it uh.

It has nothing to do with actually what’s going on in america. I did wish there was a bit more to the airship i’m also kind of sad.