So weve got the dji air 2s that im going to be comparing to the e99 drone pro 2. Music, one which is very cheap and the other which is quite expensive to find out. If these drones are worth the money, we will subject them to three quality tests. The first is about portability. The second is about maneuverability, and the third is about the quality of the footage. The e99 drone pro 2 feels a little bit more like a toy. In terms of the halftime weight its extremely light, whereas this dji product feels quite robust and solid, so the dji air 2s has a listed weight of 793 grams, and within that you include the battery weight, which is 200 grams. Now, in the promotional material for the n99 drone pro 2, its listing the weight at 368 grams, but in practice i think its much less and bear in mind that the federal aviation administration mandates that for drones above 250 grams, you do have to register them again. Going to the 99 remote control uh its pretty basic and simple, you have like a gamepad esque controller. Dji control actually has this built in stand, so this pops out – and this is where you can plop in your mobile device options here – you have this dial that controls the gimbal to control the angle of the camera. And finally, you have a usbc charging port on the bottom, so for the dji air 2s.

It actually has these hot swappable batteries, and these have a capacity of around 3500 milliamps. So this will get you fly time around 31 minutes when it comes to the e99 drone pro 2 in their advertising material. They say its powered by three double a batteries, but thats actually not the case. It has some sort of proprietary battery unit uh, so were actually not sure how long this will fly for, but this is enough. Talking lets go out on the field test out these two drones and see what happens so this is the e99 uh were gon na. Take it up for a test flight, i dont know if you guys are ready for this here we go Music, so the first one did not work very well were hoping fingers crossed that the second one does so now i want to show you guys the process For pairing, your phone with the drone do hd 4k. We go into the app of the fpv camera and it says please connect the device, so i dont think its yet realized that i am can im already connected hey there. We go the display on my phone here and then you can see you got this great signal on my face round. Two new product hope we can fly. Oh this is much more successful than last one. So im pretty happy it could fly so now were going to be testing out. The dji air 2s so were going to take this up now and see how we go uh, huh Music, so now were back in the studio.

Music lets talk about the maneuverability of the drone pro 2. for our test. We had a little bit of an idea that it might be unreliable, so we actually decided to purchase two separate units of the drone pro 2 just in case one of them had a problem. Our second drone pro 2 was able to actually successfully lift off from the ground and flew pretty well as far as specific metrics for losing connection or how far away we could fly before we lost connection its a little hard to say i would guesstimate we got Around 100 meters, away from where we were filming in terms of you, know, horizontal distance and maybe 50 meters high. Another key aspect to consider when it comes to drones is about crash tests. So if the drone falls out of the sky or, for instance, bumps into an object, will it survive and the drone pro 2 did pretty well in terms of the control interface and responding to directions? I think the drone pro 2 doesnt do great. The drone pro 2 was constantly sort of listing to one side a little bit like a drunk person trying to ride a skateboard. In other words, it definitely doesnt stay in place. If i dont touch the controller so from a battery life perspective, the e99 promises about 20 minutes of flight in their promotional materials. In our experience, it worked for about 15 minutes before recharge was necessary, so thats enough about maneuverability when it comes to the drone pro 2, but lets talk about the dji air 2s.

So in terms of how easy it was to get the drone flying, it was extremely easy. Dji has a really cool function, which is the take off tool, so you can just long press the take off button on screen and it will fly to 1.2 meters and basically be fixed in that position. Just flying in the air in front of you. In terms of how long it flies and distance away from you, they advertise up to around 10 to 12 kilometers. We didnt test it that far away, but we did go probably around a kilometer away with no latency issues in shanghai were unable to exceed 120 meters. It seems like in shanghai, there is some sort of cap as far as how high you can fly, so we were unable to exceed that as far as crash tests and durability. We did rent this drone for the shoot. So we definitely didnt put this to the test as far as crashing it to see how it would perform from a control perspective and responsiveness. The control system works extremely well and even if theres wind, so as we flew higher up the wind doesnt seem to affect it. It seems to be able to natively, detect the wind and then counteract any wind and stay in one place in terms of battery life. We actually didnt make it through one entire battery. We would say the 30 minutes they advertise is definitely accurate, if not longer so.

In this perspective, the air 2s takes the cake. But how do you actually start using these two devices, so both the drone pro 2 and the dji air 2s rely on a proprietary app in order for you to control the drone, the dji app interface is user friendly and looks like a typical camera from your Phone with similar functions with additional controls for drone specific functions and the e99 pro has some other app, which is called the ky fpv, which is a little bit of a bootleg app. So the e99 pro app doesnt necessarily give you a feeling of reassurance when you open the app, you see a picture of a boat, and this boat has some english text on the side that is actually flipped from left to right. So youd assume that a camera app company would prioritize making promotional materials and designing the app thats correct. However, they didnt even bother to check the copy, so lets take a look at the footage that we got recorded from the drone pro 2.. Now. The first very strange thing ill say about the drone pro 2 is that the footage is only able to stream from the device to your phone via wi fi. It seems like theres a major issue when it comes to latency. So if you hold your phone directly next to the drone pro 2 youre able to get a somewhat consistent, decent frame rate, video feed, but the moment you start flying the drone pro 2 and theres distance between your phone and the drone pro 2.

The footage quality drops off dramatically so youre, going to start to see from the footage were looking at here that this is a major issue because its not even laggy its completely unusable. So when we purchased this phone, the manufacturer advertised that its actually a 4k recording interface, but when we look at the footage that we actually get on our mobile device, its more like 480p, we have noticed theres folks online, who say you could, for instance, strap a Gopro to the drone pro 2, if you wanted to actually sort of create your own bootleg solution and record footage using the same device. But if youre trying to use the inbuilt camera, which only streams the footage back to your phone through wifi. It is not a workable solution, so lets talk about the footage quality from the dji air 2s. So, unlike with the e99, the footage quality on the dji air 2s is excellent. Youre able to choose in the recording settings what sort of resolution you want to get and frame rate. The only small complaint i might have is about the dynamic range of the camera. So if i pivoted between dark and light areas of the screen, i would notice that if i focus on light areas, i would lose detail in the dark areas or, if i pivoted towards the dark areas, the light areas would be completely blown out. So, of course, this is a small sensor and you cant have everything, but this is a small issue when it comes to the quality of the footage.

So in summary, when it comes to the footage, the dji air 2s is the absolute winner. Theres no contest here. So, in summary, where do we end up when it comes to the comparison between these two products? So, first, when it comes to the e99 drone pro 2., i would say for 20 bucks. This thing is a lot of fun. As i said, we got two units. The second unit we had was able to fly and take off. It was able to fly around. It attracted a lot of attention from the local uh, aunties and grandparents in the local shanghai neighborhood, where we were flying. So if you just want something to play with for 20 bucks id say you can consider buying this, but dont rely on it. If you want to shoot high quality footage now lets talk about the dji air 2s, which retails for around a thousand dollars, depending on the different specifications you have for it. This is an excellent piece of technology and, frankly, i was blown away by the footage i got from it and the overall experience dji has designed when it comes to this drone. In fact, i rented this just for a few days for this shoot, but im actually extremely tempted to purchase one of these for myself after having done this review and the simplicity of this overall experience is remarkable, so even for someone like myself, whod, never flown a Drone within two to three days, i was actually able to record cinematic footage that was good enough to put in this video or even in a fancy, promotional, video, so thats our summary today of these two products.

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