This is criminal damage, let alone the offense of discharging an air weapon beyond the premises. Under section 21a of the firearms act 1968. now many people will think that shooting an air rifle up in the air above your own property, is going to be within your own premises and therefore legal but thats not the case, because a premises owner only controls the Airspace immediately above their property, so that it is enough to enjoy their property if it goes beyond that, it is outside of their premises and if it shoots a drone, irrespective of whether it was found to be within the premises its going to be criminal damage because Firing a drone out of the sky with an air rifle is going to be criminal damage now just to clear up one or two other questions that people have. It is not trespass for a drone to fly over your property and it is not nuisance. These were principles decided in more than one case and a long time ago, in the case of pickering and rudd from 1815, a balloon flying over someones property is not trespass, and in bernstein and sky views of 1978 a plane taking photographs with then the intention to Offer those to sail back to the owner was neither trespass nor nuisance. Many people also have questions about drones, flying over their property and recording video imagery as well. Well, in the vast majority of cases, this is going to be individual hobbyists and so for the most part, they are going to be exempt from the data protection act because its a holy household activity at best, if they are recording you and you are identifiable, you Could request a copy of the footage, but you cannot insist that they stop recording it.

You cannot insist that they delete it and, as i said in the broadest terms, this is not breaking the law. Of course, if the drone were hovering on a regular basis. Looking into your window, that might be a different story and a court might well have something to say about that, but that wont be the problem in the vast majority of cases. Many of you have also asked about cctv and relevant privacy issues. There too.