Drone who owns the land youre on or checking in advance, whether or not the dji geo restrictions are going to kick in the drone scene. App literally does it all, for you add a load more, and that is what im talking about today: Music, hello, im ian and i play with drones and today im talking about what i think is easily the most useful and completely free website that works perfectly. On phones, as well as a desktop pc or a laptop, i called it an app, but it is just a website said it works perfectly on your phone and it will literally give you all the information that you need for getting up in the air. Its called drone scene and it has been completely developed by those friendly but extremely talented, guys who run the grey arrows drone club, based here in the uk, now ive been an active member on their forum for a good few years and over the last year, theyve Been working hard on their interactive website called drone scene to help their members find good places to fly more easily. Now many of you will know that ive often recommended the nats drone assist app powered by altitude angel thats because you are getting the air restriction info. Direct from the horses mouth so to say, as its all run by the uk national air traffic control. That is one of the reasons ive taken to drone scene, because it is it directly links with the same data used by nats drone assist so youre.

Getting precisely the same air restriction, information plus truckloads, more of additional layers and functionality which im going to go through now, it works best. If you already have an account with the greyhours drone club, its a free club again, there is no money anywhere for any functionality. In this website, its a free club that revolves uh very much around its forum, but it also has loads of regional meetups around the country. So if you want to meet other flyers, you can take advantage of that. So, first off click the top right layers button here, youre going to choose your map style, whether its rode satellite, hybrid or dark mode. Then you can choose your overlays. These are the various layers of information that you can lay out over the map. Theres two sets showing the ground and the airspace info. The ground based overlays include locations showing good sites to take off and fly from. These have been uploaded by other members and its obviously easily one of the most useful overlays that pretty much makes this site truly unique, with over a thousand tried and tested takeoff locations throughout the uk or automatically displaying the what three words location as well. Next up, you have got the foreshores and estuaries showing where the crown estate own and uh own, the land and the crown state normally permit drone flying as long as theres, no crowd so very useful layer. There theres also the national trust land who usually have a blanket ban on taking off or controlling a drone from their land.

Of course, they cannot stop you flying over it from adjacent land, but again its a useful overlay to know when youre standing on land owned by the national trust airspace overlays are airports, airspace restrictions, uh flight restrictions, showing the airports, runway protection zones and generally uh general Airspace restrictions using the same data, as i said, as the national air traffic control nat app. These layers are critical. I think to ensure that youre not flying in a restricted airspace and therefore risking a hefty fine, so youre always going to want to have that on. But there are more layers, including the incredibly useful dji geo zone, which is unique to drone scene. It shows where all the dji drones will be restricted and it is particularly useful as the dji geo zones dont always resemble actual uk airspace restricted zones. So this way youre at least not going to waste a journey. Finding out that you cant fly once you actually get there. There are a few other useful layers too, including the ground hazards and the other risks layer which highlight things like schools, power lines, railways, whilst the no tams layer will show up any no tams the notice to airmen that are going to be that are posted in That particular area, but anyway, look thats the list of layers that you get from the top right drop down below that you have got a list of buttons. These are layout and functional buttons to add additional information or change.

The look and feel of your screen ill. Go through that quickly, first off youve got the plus and minus the simple zoom feature. You can also pinch or spread directly on the screen to zoom in and out pretty much like any other app. Next is the search feature where you can search pretty much for any town, postcode or map coordinates, and it will then take you directly to that specific location below that is the zoom to my location feature. So you can simply click that once you have the car and you can see exactly what the situation is around your current location and below that youve got a full screen mode to maximize the amount of map that youre going to see on your screen, which obviously Is very useful when youre viewing it on your phone. Now, when youre planning your flight, you sometimes need to know how far youre going to be from certain specific features or buildings so below that there is a measure tool which will outline the specific distance on screen for you. Likewise, if youre flying near hills, the elevation tool will actually show you the ground elevation at any specific point again really useful, especially if youre flying uphill or downhill from your your takeoff point. So another really really useful little tool there below that youve got a button which shows which local authority is covering the particular area youre in and thats useful in case theres, any generic bylaws, if you like, for where youre flying and finally youve got the direct share Button that will send the exact location, layout and layers that youve selected to somebody else.

So they can literally click that link and they will see exactly the same view that you have got, which i think is pretty smart, so thats pretty much everything to do with the layout and the look of feel of things on your phone on your desktop or On your laptop, there are also some good function. Functional features uh along the top, which ill very quickly run through now, as well up in the top left. Youve got the about menu option, and this is literally the expanded help for all the features that ive been talking about in this video. It is all on one page, so you can check it out to get more details on any of the points or the layers or the meanings of the layers and the functional buttons that ive been speaking about. Next up youve got a direct shortcut to the official drone code, as outlined by the civil aviation authority, so useful. If you need to check any rules or back up the fact that you can fly where youre flying over the next one youve got drone insurance. Now this is a real comparison style page on insurance, covering all the different types of cover with the typical costs and direct links to them. Uh literally compare the meerkat eat your heart out, because its got all the information and insurance that you need good to go is a great new tool, its a very, very new tool. They brought it in this year to try and work out exactly what you can fly and where, as all the rules that came into force at the beginning of 2021, of course, were quite confusing for a lot of people.

What youre going to do is answer some questions on the model and the location, and it will tell you exactly where you can and cant fly and what you can and cant do so again. Another really useful little function over on the right youve got the flight reports upload feature that lets. You link your nats account with drone scene to upload your own flight reports directly from within the drone scene, rather than having to hop over to the nets app. If youre wanting to upload a planned flight and then finally, youve got the ad location, which is how you upload your perfect flying location – and this is its the upload part of the most useful part of drone scene. Uh, sharing good flight locations for others to use. Youve got a number of fields to upload the info and once youve confirmed those details, the location, the location is automatically geo coded and gets the what free words label as well all automatically again incredibly useful, but, as i said, thats pretty much all i wanted to Go through today it is a brilliant site, its useful and its free. So if you didnt know about it now you do stick a shortcut on your homes on your phones, home screen and its just like having an app to use each time you go flying.