So today, id like to answer a few common questions that i often see floating around in the comments of my videos as well as some things that i read on the forums now fair warning. This video today is going to be mostly just my face on the screen, so feel free to accomplish something else. While you listen to this, for instance, maybe its a good time to finally put away that christmas tree Music. So first lets talk about drone registration in the united states and what could happen if you dont do it all drones that weigh more than 250 grams are required by law to be registered with the faa, the federal aviation administration and its not just a regulation, as Some people suggest i see that all the time, its actually a law and if you get caught and the faa is having a bad day, they can stick you with a fine of up to 27 000. Now. Has that ever happened not to my knowledge, but just know that is the potential fine, so heres a scenario lets say someone lets call him. Luca gets a brand new skydio, two plus, and he decides that hes gon na have a track. His bicycle as him and his friends drive down a crowded downtown street, and this drone is really good at tracking, as well as avoiding obstacles, but then, for some reason. The drone decides to take a turn into a bus station and as good as it is at avoiding things, it happens to collide into someone sending them to the er with severe lacerations.

The husband of that victim picks up the drone and he calls the faa. The faa takes the drone and they find no registration number, so they simply give skydio a phone call and within a matter of minutes using the serial number of the drone they found out. Who owns that drone? A week later, luca gets a letter from the faa? Not only does he need to be ready to pay legal fees for the injuries that that drone caused, but he also needs to worry about that. Twenty seven thousand dollar fine, and i think that may be an instance where they would actually enforce the fine. Now dont, you think, paying that five dollar registration fee would have been a better decision. Drone registration, you guys, is not a money grab and its also not a way to track. You trust me. The faa does not care about you. The purpose of drone registration is so that the faa can aggregate drone ownership and usage in the u.s and its also an easier way to find the owner of a drone if its ever lost or anything bad happens. Just know this, whether you register your drone or not, and you lose your drone or something bad happens with todays drones. Unless you build it yourself, the faa can easily find out who owns it with the serial number with the flight data with the memory card data. The bottom line is, if you own a drone today, its impossible to remain anonymous, so spend that five dollars its really cheap insurance, a related topic about drone registration.

What if you registered as a recreational drone pilot when you first got your drone, you paid that five dollars and you put your number on the outside of your drone. But then, a year later you decided that you want to start earning some money with that drone and you get your part 107 remote pilot certificate. Do you need to then register as a commercial drone pilot, and the answer is yes, you would need to hop onto the faa drone zone website and pay another five dollars and get a new registration number for that drone and as a commercial drone pilot. Each of your drones needs to have their own registration number as a recreational pilot. You have one number for all of your drones. Oh and if you do have your part, 107 just know that you can still fly recreationally. You just have to determine that before you launch your drone and its also a good idea to document that now real briefly talking about remote id a little bit a very common question i get, and i see a lot of as well is how do i enable Or disable remote id on my drone. Well, as of now, you dont, although most drones now have the capability to transmit remote id information, theres nothing to receive that data thats being sent out remote id is still many, many months away from being finalized and active. So its useless to have that feature toggled on just leave it disabled, oh and if youre not already subscribed to the channel to stay updated on all things related to remote id next lets talk about a topic.

Thats come up lately and i spoke about it earlier. Like a few years ago, but a question that im seeing often now is, can i fly my drone over national parks and its a little bit confusing about what you legally can and cant do and its also a matter of what you should and shouldnt do. So? Can you fly from a national park in the united states and no, you cannot its a very clear cut and you can find it easily on the national park service website and also, if you travel to any of the national parks, they have signs everywhere. Launching a drone from within the national park boundaries is prohibited now just know that this may not show up on the before you fly app because flight restrictions only apply to the airspace above a property. It is not ground based, it doesnt show any ground based restrictions. So that means technically, there are no laws prohibiting you from flying over a national park. Technically, you can fly over national parks as long as you launch and land from beyond the boundaries, and you maintain visual line of sight and ill talk more about that here. In just a minute, the park service, just like everybody else, does not regulate the airspace. The faa does the park service only regulates the ground below now. The real question here is: should you fly your drone over a national park and the answer is no – and i know some of the most beautiful places on earth to be viewed from above exist within our national parks, but the reason that they remain beautiful is because They have, for the most part, avoided the corruption of technology.

Can you imagine if there are constant drones flying over our national parks? And i know some people dont care and they wont care and theyll say its a stupid rule, because they have that attitude of well its just one drone nobodys, even going to notice. If i just pop it up snap a few photographs or capture a little bit of video, but i think the majority of people understand that this is something that would ruin the majesty of our national parks. Now, what if you do decide to fly from outside the boundaries you launch and land legally from outside the boundaries? And you want to get some footage above the park now? I dont know if you noticed, but most national parks have very large boundaries for the most part, theres. Nothing really interesting to see until you get at least a couple of miles into the park, and this means that, even if you decide to remain legal and launch from outside the park that you really wont find anything interesting. Unless you fly well beyond visual line of sight – and yes, i know there are many of you that arent concerned about that either. But in my opinion, drone rules are not a la carte. You either follow them or you dont, and i know im going to get some comments about this saying that a lot of these drone rules are overreaching and theyre unreasonable, thats. Not my argument. You guys my argument, isnt that the rules are too strict.

My argument is if too many people are breaking the rules that were going to get more rules and restrictions. So call me a karen if you want to for saying, follow the rules but im looking into the future. You guys i want this hobby to stick around. I want us to be able to fly freely for as long as possible and do as much as we can and if theres too many rules being broken, then thats going to bring attention more attention to the hobby and thats going to bring them down harder on Us so thats, why im such a stickler to advising you guys to stick to the rules as they exist? I hope that makes sense hey and by the way you should comment below what other drone rules questions do you have and if i get more and if i get some good ones ill make more videos like this one because theres a lot of people, especially this Time of year, getting a drone for the very first time and im sure they have a lot of questions just like i did when i first started. If i do make more videos like this and if i use your question, i certainly will give you credit in that video now. If you want to learn how to pass your part, 107 exam thats, one thing that im really going to encourage this year over 2022. Its a goal that i have i want to help people reach that goal.

I want to help people learn and study and pass their part 107 remote pilot certificate, because i think its really important and those people that have that part 107 are going to be able to do more in the future. So heres. What im going to do? Im going to start posting 60 second, educational videos on my tick tock, i have a tick tock account its at 51 drones and im, going to be posting, regular short videos on there teaching people how to pass their exam and before you get triggered like the old Man sitting in the rocking chair on the porch about tick tock. Do you know what the fastest growing demographic is on there right now, its 38 to 55 year old demographic two years ago? Yes, it was pretty much a kids app or a young persons app, but its changing and its becoming mainstream. Look at air photography hes another great drone, youtuber hes about to hit 1 million followers on there and thats in less than a years time. So im going to be posting, more educational and entertaining content on there. Trust me, you guys give it a try. You will love it and for those of you that are about to unsubscribe, because i use tik tok, it was nice having you here. I really appreciate your support and if you want to unsubscribe because im using a different app, then its your prerogative, i i dont understand it, but i respect your decision.

I think the biggest issue is people. Just dont really understand tick. Tock. They see whats on the media and they see kids, dancing and all kinds of stuff like that. But what i see on tik tok are drone videos, cooking videos and how to build an off grid bug out cabin. Those are the kind of things that i like. So those are the kinds of things that i see on my tech talk anyway bottom line. If you want to learn how to pass your 107, follow me on there hit that thumbs up. If i helped you out in any way today also id love to have you join the community by clicking on the subscribe button as well. I want to thank you for watching this entire video today. I really appreciate that. I hope you have a wonderful day and, as always, fly safe and fly smart okay. So what do you think no b roll throughout the video? It was just me on the screen talking the entire time.