It looks way harder than it is to control. Well, like not really it’s way harder to control than it looks this one’s, i think it’s broken i’m, just gon na use it to show you so some reason these two propellers are stronger than these because it was damaged during a fight. So when we put it on it’s gon na move Music like this, so it doesn’t work. If you’re watching on samuel pro, you can see the death drone lifting off before it’s broken so here’s the remote control. This is to go up and down i’m, pretty sure. It’S to go left and dry, oh it’s, the other way around this is to maneuver forward backwards left with right, and this is to increase the speed. This is a rotator round. If you push this one or this one left or right rotates. This is the status to on it. You press this button. This is to start and stop. If you press it, it should turn on and if you this process, you need to be 10 meters up in the sky. Then you press this clips. Certainly, i can’t show you because, as i told you before, it’s broken, it can only do this. I have tried to repair it before, but yeah um. If you buy the drone version, it comes with these propellers. Let me show you: it comes with these repair propellers. Although these ones are dirty, you can, but you can buy them, usually a lidl or maybe some other places.

Now let me go straight. This red light is to go backwards. This is the back end. So if you push the remote back, it should do something like this. If you push it forward, it should do something like this so yeah. It also comes with a manual which is pretty good but it’s hard to control, and i would not recommend doing it in a garden around this big. Since it went into our neighbor’s house, i was recommending it in a nice wide area in the park because it can break easily if it gets damaged with the propellers. Once you get some use to it, it is easy to control so yeah. I would recommend to buy this drone as long as you are okay at flying, and you know some basic controls so yeah here you go the whole during the picture and the box yeah. I don’t think it comes with a usb, but it comes with this charger.