Now this drone right here, the dji phantom 4. This is the drone. I started filming its going to film 4k to fly very far. It is very stable, ive been flying with it for the past three years. I started flying with this drone Music, but it has become very outdated, so we believe in modern solutions. So this is the mavic air 2s, its gon na film 5.4k at 30 frames per second. This is the drone. I use now much better quality, a lot of smartphones, much faster, less steady, better quality. This is the dji mavic air 2s extremely exported solutions. So were going to use this. It has two top sensors, two back sensors, two front sensors. It has three 20 minute batteries, a 5.4 k camera. You can film 30 fps for all doors, of course, and it is very high. Quality of video has a lot of smart modes, but it is not as stable as the phantom in stronghold now were. Gon na fly him. So, if youre, looking for a very stable high quality drone, take this this dji5, but i recommend the dji phase 4 pro version 2.. Now, if stability, strong wind is the most important thing for your drones, get the dji mavic air dji, mavic air, its just not as stable strong with wind as the dji phantom, but it has better quality. It has more smart modes and it is possible. Music.